ricky rat 2 by ryan n.
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Ricky Rat 2 by Ryan PowerPoint Presentation
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Ricky Rat 2 by Ryan

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Ricky Rat 2 by Ryan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ricky Rat 2 by Ryan
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  1. Ricky Rat 2 by Ryan Rick Rat ran to a rocket. He had some pants with some pockets. He used them to eat corn dogs but he always wears clogs. He even had an oversized mug but everyone thinks he’s a thug but he is lucky enough for someone to tell him he was tough. Everyone thought he was a bird of prey so Rick Rat jumped and said hooray! Every one clapped and shouted for him until he met Old Man Grim so he was thrilled with thunder and lighting until Big Slim was fighting and that is the end of Ricky C. Rat. Only if he had not been near that mouse trap!

  2. BIG BOOK By Ryan I have a big book that is a million pounds, Every time I close it, it makes a funny sound and every time I drop it, it goes right on my foot and every time I have that book I would say no and use a Nook and I did not know I was a bug.

  3. Rick Rat 1 by Ryan Rick Rat ran to the store he bought some buns of bread and he’s never been out the door he heard a clack! And a BOOM! Until rick rat was looking for some mats then he heard some thing that was causing all this trouble it was a mouse trap