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Water Works. “Ugly Bags of Mostly Water". That’s what an alien, made up of inorganic material, calls humans in a Star Trek The Next Generation episode. The Alien Was Correct. Your body is mostly (50 to 70 percent water)

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ugly bags of mostly water
“Ugly Bags of Mostly Water"

That’s what an alien, made up of inorganic material, calls humans in a Star Trek The Next Generation episode.

the alien was correct
The Alien Was Correct
  • Your body is mostly (50 to 70 percent water)
  • How much water depends on how old you are and how much muscle and fat your have.
  • Muscle tissue has more water than fat.
  • Men tend to have more water than woman.
  • A young body tends to have more water than an old body.
why we need water
Why We Need Water

If we had to, we could go for weeks at a time without food.

But in a matter of days (more quickly in warm weather) you would die without water.

water is a solvent

It dissolves other substances and carries nutrients and other materials (such as blood cells) around the body making it possible for every organ to do its job.

Water is a Solvent
you need water to
You need water to:

DIGEST FOOD: dissolving nutrients so that they can pass through the intestinal cell walls into your bloodstream and move food along through your intestinal tract.

we also need water to
We also need water to:
  • Provide a medium in which biochemical reactions such as metabolism (digesting food, producing energy, and building tissue) can occur.
  • Send electrical messages between cells so we can think, move, etc.
  • Regulate your body temperature.
where does all that water go
Where does all that water go?

About 75% of the water in your body is Intracellular fluid (the water inside body cells).

The other 25% is:

  • The fluid between cells (extracellular)
  • Blood plasma
  • Lymph
  • Sweat and other bodily secretions
  • Urine
i seem to remember something about electrolytes
I seem to remember something about Electrolytes

That’s right! Electrolytes are salts (trace minerals) that keep the balance between the water in your cells and the water outside your cells.

If you drink WAY TOO MUCH WATER you can die from water intoxication. This is because by drinking so much water you are throwing off the electrolyte balance.

sad but true
Sad but true…
  • In 2007, Sacramento radio station KDND-FM held a contest called "Hold Your Wee For a Wii," in which contestants were asked to see how long they could go without urinating while drinking constant water, and the winner would receive a then-hard-to-find Nintendo Wii. 28-year-old Jennifer Strange, mother of three, entered the contest in an attempt to win the console for her children.
  • After drinking two gallons (7.5 liters) of water, Strange placed second in the competition. She went home from work early complaining about a headache, and was later found dead in her home, a death that was attributed to water intoxication.
  • Her family was awarded $16 million in compensation.
who is at risk for dehydration
Who is at risk for dehydration?
  • You are sick – repeatedly vomiting or having diarrhea. You need to replace both water and electrolytes.
  • You are exercising or working hard in a hot environment.
  • You are on a high protein diet, taking certain medications, or have high blood pressure.
what happens when you don t get enough water
What happens when you don’t get ENOUGH WATER?

Every day you lose an amount of water equal to about 4% of your total weight. If you don’t take in enough water to replace what you lose naturally, warning signals go off.

Lose about 1% of your body weight—you get really, really thirsty.

still not drinking
Still not drinking?

When water loss rises to about 2% of your weight, your appetite fades.

Your circulation slows as water seeps out of blood cells and blood plasma.

You experience a sense of emotional discomfort, a perception that things are, well, not right.

please drink some water now
Please…drink some water…NOW

When water loss equals 4% of your body weight you’re:

Slightly nauseated, your skin is flushed, and you’re very, very tired.

Your hands and feet tingle, your head aches, your temperature rises, you breathe more quickly, and your pulse quickens.

extreme dehydration death
Extreme dehydration = Death

Without water all your organs and body systems fail.

Ahhh…that’s better…I WILL drink some nice cool water right now.