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Proposition Z

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Proposition Z. San Diego Neighborhood Schools Classroom Safety & Repair Measure. 9/4/12. Key Features. Alignment with strategic process to create a quality school in every neighborhood N eeded repairs and renovations to aging schools Student health, safety and security

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Proposition Z

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proposition z

Proposition Z

San Diego Neighborhood Schools

Classroom Safety & Repair Measure


key features
Key Features
  • Alignment with strategic process to create a quality school in every neighborhood
  • Needed repairs and renovations to aging schools
  • Student health, safety and security
  • Energy efficiency
  • Equitable share of funding for charter schools
  • Local Job Creation – Architects, Engineers, CMs, Skilled Trades, Contractors and Sub-Contractors
quality neighborhood schools
Quality Neighborhood Schools

Impediments to quality neighborhood schools

  • Some neighborhood, resident student populations exceed classroom capacity
  • Schools lack sufficient facilities such as gymnasiums, theatres, physical education facilities and athletic fields
  • Excess older portables left over from the last baby boom that need to be removed
  • Old portables need to be replaced with permanent bldgs.
  • Inadequate parking at schools
  • Need for joint-use facilities to meet community needs
  • Condition of school facilities and lack of parity
quality neighborhood schools1
Quality Neighborhood Schools

$561.6 million to address deficiencies and create parity

  • Construct new capacity to enable students to attend quality schools in their neighborhoods
  • Build visual and performing arts facilities
  • Renovate and construct physical education

facilities and athletic fields

  • Develop joint-use fields and facilities
  • Turf fields at elementary and middle schools
  • Remove/replace aging portable classrooms

$25.8 million

  • School and classroom resources $200 per student
repairs to schools and facilities 574 6 million
Repairs to Schools and Facilities: $574.6 million

Building systems repair and replacement at 228 schools and educational facilities across the district

  • Most built 30-50 years ago; average building age is 43 years
  • 14.9 million square feet of buildings
  • State budget cuts forced San Diego Unified School District to defer all but the most critical, immediate repairs
  • The pace of Prop. S slowed due to declined property values
  • Lack of facility parity is an impediment to strategic process school alignment and marketing
2012 bond and prop s combine to eliminate deficiencies
2012 Bond and Prop. S Combine to Eliminate Deficiencies

15-year plan to reduce Facility Condition Index from 18% to 4%

FCI = Cost of repairs divided by value of facilities

  • 14.9 million square feet of buildings (average age is 43 years)
  • Current replacement cost is approximately $347 per square foot
  • 1.5% per year deterioration, 2% inflation, 15-year implementation schedule
student health safety security 427 6 million
Student Health, Safety & Security: $427.6 million
  • Install/replace air-conditioning and heating (Climate Zone 2)
  • Fire alarm systems, smoke and heat detectors
  • Seismic structural safety
  • Asbestos removal
  • Site security (lighting, fencing, etc.)
  • Food service area and prep kitchen renovation

Kitchen upgrades

Site security

Seismic upgrades

classroom and student technology 355 1 million
Classroom and Student Technology: $355.1 million

i21 classroomtechnology: $135 million

  • Student computing device replacement
  • Interactive whiteboard & projector sustainability
  • Teacher tablet replacement
  • Potential $12M per year General Fund savings

Technology infrastructure: $163 million

  • Network infrastructure, wired & wireless
  • High speed backbone
  • Voice over internet protocol phones
  • Bond enables district to obtain federal technology matching funds (E-rate)
  • Computing backup systems

Student and business database system upgrades: $57 million

  • Upgrading district’s enterprise software systems (Oracle PeopleSoft, student information systems, parent engagement/outreach systems)
  • Potential $3.7M per year General Fund savings

i21 interactive classroom

charter schools 350 million
Charter Schools:$350 million

Pro-rata share of bond proceeds based on enrollment

  • Facility improvements

(Major Repair & Replacement,

Americans with Disability Act, etc.)

  • Development of new equitable


  • New classroom capacity
    • Land acquisition
    • Expansion
  • Site reconfiguration to better accommodate co-location
  • Technology
  • Sustainable projects that reduce operating costs
accessibility code compliance 208 9 million
Accessibility & Code Compliance: $208.9 million
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • Provides equal access
    • Reduces potential for legal liability
  • Portable access and certification
  • Title IX gender equity (athletic facilities)

$20.1M facility improvements to meet the

needs of Special Education students

energy efficiency sustainability 210 million
Energy Efficiency & Sustainability: $210 million
  • Energy efficient air-conditioning and heating
  • Solar panels, solar lighting
  • Recycled water for irrigation
  • Efficient toilets and fixtures
  • High efficiency lighting


  • Building insulation and

dual-pane windows

  • Replacement of inefficient

mechanical systems

  • Potential utility savings: $5M-$8M
college career and technical education 66 3 million
College, Career, and Technical Education: $66.3 million

Classrooms, labs and specialized facilities

  • Sustainable/green technologies
  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Biotech
  • Computer
  • Culinary
  • Multimedia/ Broadcast Journalism

Career Technical Education

capital improvements that reduce general fund costs
Capital Improvements that Reduce General Fund Costs

Reduce district utility bills: $5-$8 million/year

  • Energy efficient buildings
    • Lighting / Solar lighting
    • Mechanical systems
    • Insulation / windows
  • Solar energy
    • New solar panels
    • Existing contact buyout
  • Water savings
    • Recycled water for irrigation
    • Water saving plumbing fixtures

Major renovation: $8-15 million/year

  • State funds for district’s ongoing repair/replacement will end in 2014
  • Without new funds, General Fund would need to assume this cost
bond allocation summary
Bond Allocation Summary

Building Systems Repair & Replacement $574.6 million

Quality Neighborhood Schools $561.6 million

Student Health, Safety and Security $427.6 million

Classroom and Student Technology $355.1 million

Charter School Projects $350 million

Accessibility and Code Compliance $208.9 million

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability $210 million

College, Career, and Technical Education $66.3 million

School and Classroom Resources $25.8 million

Special Education Facilities $20.1 million

Total Bond $2.8 billion

bond finances timeline
Bond Finances & Timeline
  • $2.8 billion
    • $60 per $100,000 of assessed valuation tax rate increase
  • 15-year Design and Construction Implementation
  • Local Job Creation - Over 30,000 job-years (based on Federal metrics for job creation)

Point Loma HS Two-story Classroom Building

Morse HS Child Development Center Building

accountability oversight
Accountability & Oversight
  • Independent Citizens’

Oversight Committee

  • Annual financial and

performance audits

  • No bond funds for teachers’

or administrators’ salaries

  • A source of funding that Sacramento can’t take away
viability timing
Viability & Timing

Presidential election opportunity

  • Offers largest most diverse electorate

Community support

  • Polling indicates bond

can be approved

consequences of inaction
Consequences of Inaction
  • Growing unfunded backlog of deferred maintenance
    • Leaking roofs
    • Plumbing and electrical problems
    • Unprotected assets
  • Classrooms with depleted/

obsolete technology

  • Unmet need for classrooms and

schools in underserved areas

  • Higher utility bills