sleep disorders n.
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Sleep Disorders PowerPoint Presentation
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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

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Sleep Disorders

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  1. Sleep Disorders Basics of Sleep Stages REM and NREM Sleep

  2. Sleep Disorders Two Major Categories Dyssomnias Problems with Amount, Quality, or Timing of Sleep Parasomnias Abnormal Behavior During Sleep

  3. Insomnia Persistent inability to fall or stay asleep Trouble Initiating Sleep Trouble Maintaining Sleep Have Nonrestorative Sleep Most Common Sleep Disorder Primary vs. Secondary

  4. Insomnia Causes? Medical Problems Stress and Trying to Sleep Unrealistic Views About Sleep Drug Use and Poor Sleep Hygiene Use of Sleep Medications Circadian Rhythm Disruption

  5. Hypersomnia Sleeping Too Much Excessive Sleepiness Appear to Have Enough Sleep Person Experiences It as a Problem Little Is Known about Causes Appears to Run in Families Connection to Depression

  6. Narcolepsy “Sleep Attack” Excessive Sleepiness & Cataplexy Go Right into REM Triggered by Strong Emotion

  7. Sleep Apnea Repeatedly Stop Breathing While Asleep Evidenced by Snoring and Night Sweats Person Often Unaware of Problem Types of Sleep Apnea Obstructive Central Mixed

  8. Medical Interventions for Dyssomnias Insomnia Benzodiazepines and over-the-counter sleep medications Prolonged use can cause rebound insomnia, dependence Best as short-term solution Hypersomnia and Narcolepsy Stimulants (i.e., Ritalin) Cataplexy is usually treated with antidepressants Breathing-Related Sleep Disorders May include medications, weight loss, or mechanical devices

  9. Psychological Interventions for Dyssomnias Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments Modifying Timing of Sleep Phase Advances and Delays Improving Sleep Hygiene Bedroom for sleep Regular bedtime routine Address Beliefs About Sleep Stress and Relaxation Training

  10. Parasomnias Problem not with sleep, but events during sleep During REM Nightmare Disorder During NREM Sleep Terror Disorder Somnabulism Nocturnal eating syndrome

  11. Other Sleep Related Problems Hypnagogic Hallucinations Sleep Paralysis Periodic Limb Movement Disorder Restless Leg Syndrome