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Australia. The flag is the British flag with stars.

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the flag is the british flag with stars
The flag is the British flag with stars
  • Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Australia continent has got both Australia and Oceania. The name is Commonwealth of Australia. The name comes from the latin terra dustralis incognita expression. That means unknown south earth in English.
outback and koala
Outback and Koala
  • 85 per cent of its territory is coverd by red rocks. The most important animals are: koala, kangoroo, kiwi, emu, snake, crocodile and water animals.
English is the national language. The original population is aboriginal, The climate is hot tropic on one-third territory and continental on two-third territory. There is very often hurican between November and March.
Sydney is one of the most beutiful town of Australia. It lies on the coast of Pacific. A lot of people have holiday there every year. The most famous building is the Sydney Operahouse. It was built on the base of plans of Danish architect. The construction began in 1954 and finished in1973.
  • This building reminds us to a yacht. It has got outstanding acoustic.
  • The town has got a big harbor. All the season of the year a lot of ships, yachts and boats stand there.
  • Sydney has got a wounderful ZOO where a lot of special animal can be seen.
The biggest festivals in Australia is the Australian National Flag Day, in Mikronezia in the Yap-Day, in Marshall Islands in The Monumental Day of Nuclear Tolls, in Tonga is the King’s Birthday and in New-Zeland is the Quen’s Birthday.
  • Australian National Flag Day is celebrated on 3rd September in each year. On 28th August 1996 the Governar-General of the Commonwealth of Australia Sir William Dean declared that +rd September would be observed as Australian National Flag Day. Yap-Day is state holiday. That day the people commemorate their ancestors, On this day the people dance, organise contests and races and people wear traditional cloth.
  • On 1st of March the Nuclear survivors Remembrance is celebrated in Marshall Islands.
  • Besides these festivals the Australian people celebrate the Christmas and New Year Eve.