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This presentation will take you to the year 723, the age of the Vikings. Vikings were incredible fighters that were trained to loot coastal villages and come victorious carrying with them precious metals. Some of the things that help this warriors win almost every battle were the weapons they had. That´s why I am going to talk about their weapons in this presentation. I am going to have a brief description of all the weapons this great ancient looters had , this presentation will also tell you about Vikings raids, how they used their weapons in the fighting fields, what were their transportation systems and how does this Viking age affected the world.



  • Viking raids were mostly made against coastal villages because they rarely went inland.

  • The first Viking raid registered was in the year of 723 against Lindisfarne on England´s East coast, the artifacts left from the people that were raided tells that the main reason for raiding was actually looting.

  • What made this raids very effective and destructive was that they used a great surprise technique, so people didn’t knew how, where or when did the Vikings were going to attack next.

  • Viking didn’t believe in the after life, therefore they wanted to rise up in the social ladder and to have their names and reputation to be remembered .

  • They also believe that their day of death was chosen by the gods in their birthday so they couldn't loose anything raiding. But what they did in their life was up to them.

  • This Viking raid continue until the year 1066 when King Haraldr of Norway died trying to conquer England, some people say that the rise of Christianity in Scandinavia was what really finish the Viking Ages.


  • Vikings had very powerful and heavy weapons, all free Norse-men were required to have them and they where also free to carry them to any place at all times.

  • War was the most important activity in the Vikings age in Scandinavia, therefore Vikings weapons were one of the symbols that indicate their social statue.

  • A good class Viking could carry with him a ensemble of a spear, one or two javelins, a great wooden shied and a battle axe or a sword.

  • Very rich Vikings might have a helmet. A normal farmer Vikingwas limited to a spear, a shied and a common axe or a large knife.


  • the most common one was the one edge knife with a normal construction. It was called a knifr. This weapon was the only weapon that all kind of social classes could use, even slaves.


  • The Vikings sword was to be used as a single-hand sword use with a shield. This weapon was made with a double-edged blade

    measuring approximately 90 centimeters.

  • The shape of the weapons was like the one on the period of the Dark Ages and Roman- Spartha. Tight grip, long deep fuller

  • and nopronounced cross-guard.

  • These are the characteristics of the sword. In that times this type and design of sword was the most widespread.

  • The buying of swords was very expensive therefore they symbolize high class Vikings. This weapon wore

  • leather-boundwoodenscabbards.


  • This weapon was the most common hand use for Vikings.

  • The axe was not only used as a weapon for battle, it was also used as acommon tool. The lager axe was used for battle, it was as large as a person, this axes had larger heads and longer shafts.

  • They were to be used with both hands, this class of swords were called Daneaxe. Vikings most commonly used the short axes which were possible to be thrown while the large one weren’t.


  • These Vikings helmets were made of iron, they had the shape of a rouded cap with four plates.

    The images below shows how Vikings helmets looked like: