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  1. RESEt Balance the jaw - Balance the body 50 Testimonials

  2. RESET • A 3 hour workshop • A book with over 80 photos • Two 45 minute sessions • A TMJ (jaw) balance • A structural balance • An energy balance

  3. RESET • Attended by over 20,000 students • Taught in over 20 countries • Available in 5 languages

  4. RESET RESET is a simple, painless and effective technique that can be used to heal yourself and others. RESET directs this healing energy through the muscles, nerves and ligaments in the jaw to achieve a state of balance quickly and easily. Even though RESET is extremely powerful, it is so simple that it can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime!

  5. RESET The jaw muscles hold tension and stress. This is known to adversely affect learning, posture, digestion and chronic pain. When jaw muscles are deeply relaxed, the tension and stress is released.

  6. RESET Empirical kinesiology testing shows that relaxing the jaw muscles also balances over 90% of the muscles in the body. As the muscles relax, stress and toxins are released, restoring natural harmony to the body.

  7. RESET The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) influences the body as a whole, including the body’s skeletal, muscular, nervous and meridian systems and the body's ability to utilise water. Hydration influences nerve impulse conduction, biochemical reactions, and the body as a whole, as water is the medium in which our bodies operate.

  8. RESET The following 50 testimonials have been edited for easy viewing. Originals are on the website Many more were left out because they were too long.

  9. RESETALLERGIES After attending a RESET workshop I treated a friend who had an allergic reaction to sunscreen on her upper and lower eyelids. The eyes were red raw, swollen, sagging and sore. Shortly after completing a RESET 30 minute correction I observed her eyes visibly reducing in redness. The swelling was going down and there was no soreness. All this took place within 15 minutes of completing the procedure. LW Dec 96.

  10. RESETARTHRITIS Chronic Arthritis for 30 years. Last time (five months) very strong pains and weak muscles under the right knee. For several days I couldn't jump without heavy pains - after RESET I could. H Oct 99.

  11. RESET ARTHRITIS I am 85 and have had trouble with my right knee and feet due to arthritis and poor circulation. I attended Deirdre Palmer's RESET Workshop and immediately felt some relief. Since then I have been doing RESET exercises daily and I am delighted to be able to report that there is now no pain and very little stiffness. VB Jul 2000.

  12. RESETARTHRITIS A woman in her middle fifties had arthritis in her right hip. After the RESET workshop she has not had the pain and is now doing RESET on herself weekly. NO’N Sept 98.

  13. RESETARTHRITIS/RHEUMATISM RESET has had some beneficial result on every client on whom I have practiced. Even to the extent that a few have been able to accept manipulations which would have been painful to attempt, and in some cases the need for physical correction has resolved upon adopting the corrective position. This is fantastic particularly with chronic Arthritis & Rheumatism. DS Nov 99.

  14. RESETCHRONIC FATIGUE Client has chronic fatigue and TMJ problems. Has had RESET done and felt relief in her jaws and felt more relaxed, but not feeling 'drained and tired.' Client has frozen shoulder and suffers from headaches. Has been having RESET and has eased the headaches to being less frequent and her shoulder has felt much better and has been able to have more mobility in her arm and shoulder. DD Dec 99.

  15. RESETMENIERE’S SYNDROME After suffering with TMJ and Meniere's syndrome for several years the application of Kinergetics and RESET has relieved pain and dizziness for my client. AOB Nov 1999

  16. RESETFIBROMYALGIA I did RESET eyes open/eyes closed on an elderly lady with fibromyalgia. I had to be very gentle as she was very tender. After the corrections she told me it was the first time in 2 years that she had felt no pain. JB Sep 99.

  17. RESETHEARING After doing RESET on a friend with very severe TMJ problems we had a surprising outcome. Her TMJ was greatly improved, pain gone and teeth met much better. The surprise was that her hearing which had greatly deteriorated over the last decade was almost normal. She did not expect it to last but to our pleasant surprise, she could still hear well the next day. Two months later it remained the same. NGN Oct 99.

  18. RESETEYESIGHT - VISION My 9-year-old grandson's parents noticed that his eyesight was not all that it should have been after he had a fall from his bike. An optometrist advised that he could not help with the problem and an appointment should be made to see an eye specialist. Before the RESET, one of the boy's eyes would follow my moving finger while the other eye would not. After the RESET to his jaw, both eyes could follow my moving finger. The appointment with the eye specialist was kept. It was discovered that both eyes were normal and that spectacles would not be needed. EJT Dec 2000.

  19. RESETDYSLEXIA TRIAL Recently I have been working with 48 children ages from 6 to 14 with dyslexic tendencies. I use a combination of Kinergetics, Edu-K and Applied Physiology for corrections with profound results. Before commencing any corrections I always test for TMJ (jaw) imbalance. Out of 48 of the children tested, 29 had an imbalance. I balance the jaw using the RESET technique. On 5 of the children I purposely did not correct the jaw, and the dyslexic corrections did not hold. I then corrected the jaw using RESET and got the results I always get. DE Jan 1997

  20. RESETLEARNING PROBLEMS This knowledge is extraordinary. At night, after RESET and K1 and K2 workshops (now Unit 1) I went back to my anatomy books to study and absorbed and understood the information in a manner I was blocked from accessing before. Philip Rafferty has developed a technique that addresses the source of dis-ease. SD Oct 1999.

  21. RESETLEARNING PROBLEMS I used RESET on a 23 year old client. Her jaw was completely out, her TMJ's were clicking. She had been taking panadol pain-killers regularly. She has been amazed with the results of RESET and has had no pain since then. I have also used RESET with 10 other people successfully. Five of these are teenagers with learning difficulties. It has made a huge difference to neck and back problems and helped with concentration. JM Feb 00.

  22. RESETMERCURY TOXICITY Apart from using RESET very effectively in my clinic, I personally have used it a number of times, from being unable to settle down and sleep at night to sore neck and back problems, and especially recently after dental work. I had a molar on the bottom right side of my mouth, which needed repairing after a piece had fallen out. During the 45 minutes of work the dentist also drilled out the existing amalgam filling. For the next day or so I was feeling quite sore and unwell. After using RESET my jaw felt back to normal and I'm sure that it played a major part in helping my body remove the mercury that had been released by the drilling. SL 99.

  23. RESETPAIN Client had severe discomfort on the right side of the jaw for several weeks due to an inflammation of the nerves. She had been to a MD who prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, which did not bring any relief. After one RESET session she already felt improvement. After one week the pain eventually subsided. SK May 2002.

  24. RESETPAIN A nine year old boy came to see me with strong pain after an adjustment of his braces. After RESET the pain was gone immediately. DK 2002.

  25. RESETPAIN Client had difficulty in moving neck, dull low level pain in neck, and shoulder pain like pins and needles. Pain level in neck was 3 and in shoulder 7/8. After RESET pain level in neck was negligible and shoulder pain went down to 3. Head movement left, right, up and down was much more flexible. Client was satisfied with result. SM Mar 99.

  26. RESETHEADACHE It is wonderful to see the look of amazement on people's faces at the end of RESET. They are amazed at how different their jaw feels, how much freer movement is. The relief someone feels when a severe headache is relieved after RESET - truly amazing.AA Nov 99.

  27. RESETMIGRAINES I suffer periodically from migraines, which I have hardly been able to control, even with large amounts of painkillers. With RESET both the frequency and prevalence of my migraines was reduced and usually the migraine symptoms disappear after a RESET session. DP July 2000.

  28. RESETMIGRAINES After more then fifteen years of constant migraines, the reset workshop with Sharon's guidance had created a new life style without constant pain or sick days from work, I highly recommend this workshop to anybody with the symptoms of migraines. CAH April 2006.

  29. RESETPELVIC CARTILAGES RESETTING One client I worked on of the many, many clients who have had RESET corrections from me was experiencing audible resets of pelvic cartilages. When I asked if he'd ever experienced anything like it before - he was as amazed as I was that something so tangible and physical could happen in the lower half of his body while I held his head. LW Nov 99

  30. RESETPRACTITIONER I am a nurse and do massage therapy. I have used RESET on most of my clients seeing wonderful results. D 1999.

  31. RESETPRACTITIONER I have been using RESET in my clinic over the last few years and found it particularly useful on clients who are otherwise 'untestable' and have not responded to other methods for obtaining a clear muscle. OP Dec 99.

  32. RESETPRACTITIONER In the last 6 months I have taught Reset and gave the treatment to about 100 people. It was obvious that all persons had a great benefit. First one can see directly after the workshop that they are more at ease, the lines in the face get clearer (some look 10 years younger). What Reset does definitely is that tension and stress are released so much that it happens often that people sleep for 1 or 2 days and state after they feel like new born. Others cannot sleep the first night after the treatment but they feel very fresh the next morning. PB, France, March 2006

  33. RESET PELVICPAIN After one session client had pain in pelvic area-now gone. Tried other treatments, only RESET could help. JB Jan 2000.

  34. RESETSINUS After suffering headache and sinus pain for several days and attempting several remedies without results I tried the RESET and after 20 minutes I felt everything shifting and complete release. AOB Nov 99.

  35. RESETRELAXATION Since completing the RESET and RESET Instructor workshops I do the technique on every client. I have found it to be so relaxing for my clients that their massage is of greater benefit and I get deeper information when used before a kinesiology/Kinergetics session. They love it, so it works for me. KO'N Feb 00.

  36. RESETRELAXATION Since I was taught to teach RESET I have held over 40 workshops with a total of 136 students. I have found the workshops to be fun yet very powerful with all sorts of things happening to people. Everyone feels a change of some sort. They all feel relaxed with most falling asleep. I have also had private sessions with people, also with great results. JB Jan 2000.

  37. RESETTENSION Using RESET regularly has enabled me to reeducate my jaw not to hold all my tension, leading me to be more spontaneous and present. AL Nov 99.

  38. RESETRELAXATION I have done RESET on over 100 massage clients. All experienced a deepening of relaxation combined with more strength and 'in their body' feeling after the massages. I have taught three RESET classes - participants experienced strengthening in lower half (of the body) muscles-loosening of jaw muscles. OW June 99.

  39. RESETSTORED TRAUMA This women was able to experience a massive clearance of stored trauma in her legs, both of us being surprised by both of her legs 'leaping' up off the table, in unison! She had had both legs in irons as a child, for 3 years, due to some abnormality, and the release seemed to let go of the last cellular memory of this traumatic time in her legs. This was such a positive result, and as the method is so very gentle, and also nurturing, it is a delight to give and a delight to receive. So, all in all, I am delighted with RESET. P 99.

  40. RESETMOOD One particular client does not express or release emotionally. During RESET sessions the releases via the nerves and muscles is enormous and very kinetic and the effect on his mood and emotions at the end of he session marked. The results for him have been so far reaching he has a session every three months. JL March 2000.

  41. RESETRELAXATION I use RESET at the beginning of every healing session on clients. I find it helps to relax them and it is easier to then follow on with muscle testing in a kinesiology / Kinergetics balance. I find it also helps to identify for the client that they have locked in emotions in the jaw. The client is more willing to clear these emotions. KW Feb 00.

  42. RESETTENSION I have taught close to 50 people and most of them felt some kind of relief, either pain or tension anywhere in the body after using RESET. IJ, RN, Dec 99.

  43. RESETRELAXATION Having taught RESET since 1996 to more than 150 people, I am still delighted with its simplicity and benefits of deep relaxation and self-administration. Particularly after dental procedures I have found RESET valuable for myself, and my clients, to restore integrity and lower muscular-skeletal balance. KF Dec 99.

  44. RESETTUMMY ACHES I have a daughter who will only tolerate short periods of muscle testing, even a Fast Fix is too long. RESET has been wonderful for her in dealing with pain, stress, tummy aches and when she can't sleep. RESET was the first step towards Kinergetics balances. AC Nov 1999.

  45. RESET PRACTITIONER I use RESET before or at the end of most healing/Kinesiology/Bowen and relaxation sessions and have found clients respond well. AC Dec 99.

  46. RESET INSTRUCTOR I have taught RESET to a lot of people and everyone always feels better after. It is the easiest workshop to fill as the world is full of people with jaw problems. NO Dec 99.

  47. RESET DENTAL HYGIENIST In our dental office, I often have the opportunity to use at least parts of RESET to bring relief to clients. Often people who receive dental treatment experience discomfort holding their mouths open for long, and sometimes even short, periods of time. Other areas that have responded to this approach include post operative discomfort from extensive dental reconstruction - multiple crowns and/or bridges, surgeries, periodontal therapies, orthodontic adjustment soreness, anxiety, head and neck pain. Relief generally occurs, in various degrees, within 5-10 minutes and for most clients lasts for a significant amount of time. CH Idaho USA.

  48. RESETTMJ Over 5 years ago I went for the first time to a jaw surgeon. My jaw was hurting all the time and clicking on both sides. There were a lot of things I wasn't allowed to do and I had to wear a plastic plate in my mouth to keep the jaws together. If it didn't improve in 3-5 years they were going to put the upper and lower jaw together with metal, so I couldn't move at all. I had two sessions with Philip Rafferty. After the first the results were amazing. After the second the pain was and still is gone! Kyra Nov 1994. Still good 1996.

  49. RESETTMJ and TINNITUS For several months I had been using cranial-sacral and visceral work on myself extensively. I had reached a plateau and needed something else to get me through. I took RESET from Ron and it became a milestone for me. With RESET I have moved mountains of TMJ and tinnitus problems. They are clearing up quite nicely. TE March 99.

  50. RESETJAW CLICKING For many years I have had problems with my jaw (TMJ) constantly clicking, in pain and with restricted movement. I had a very powerful healing in Melbourne with Philip for about two minutes. A three day healing and releasing of emotions followed. My jaw has been the best it has been for years and has held and maintained its balance. JL.