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Strategic Commissioning Support Unit

Strategic Commissioning Support Unit. Strategic Commissioning. Context - Smarter Government and Freedom to Lead How Strategic Commissioning will operate in Leicestershire Establishing Leicestershire’s new approach to Strategic Commissioning The role/priorities of the group in 2010/11.

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Strategic Commissioning Support Unit

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  1. Strategic Commissioning Support Unit

  2. Strategic Commissioning • Context - Smarter Government and Freedom to Lead • How Strategic Commissioning will operate in Leicestershire • Establishing Leicestershire’s new approach to Strategic Commissioning • The role/priorities of the group in 2010/11.

  3. Strategic Commissioning Support Unit The Big Picture Context How Smarter Government, Freedom to Lead and Total Place may change the way we work

  4. Total Place – the count’s key findings • The cost of being in business (corporate management and support services) ranges from 3% to 11% for the limited organisations analysed. Average = 5% • Applying this % to local delivery organisations spend in Leicestershire = c£200m is spent on being in business • Long, complicated and expensive delivery and funding chains • Audit Commission estimates that every time funding moves through an organisation 20% of funding can be lost in that layer

  5. Total Place – commissioning as a solution • Rationalise geographic & organisational boundaries • Alcohol to have its ‘place’ around the table • Pooled budget & resources at the table • Whole Systems approach – client journey • Review balance between prevention Vs specialist treatment • Widen ring fencing around existing drugs pooled treatment budget • Review performance frameworks & targets • Are they shared across the ‘place’, are they the right ones, • Perverse incentives? duplicate reporting mechanisms?

  6. Strategic Commissioning Support Unit How Strategic Commissioning will work in Leicestershire

  7. Structure The Board - meet quarterly, provides political leadership The Executive– meets quarterly, provides strategic leadership Strategic Commissioning Group– meets bi-monthly to provide strategic steer to the Board and Executive. Supporting Partnerships City County County wide District wide Leicester/Shire Board Blaby Together Charnwood Together Harborough District LSP Hinckley and Bosworth Borough LSP Melton Community Partnership Improving North West Leicestershire Oadby and Wigston LSP Climate Change Cleaner and Greener Business & Enterprise Older People Children Young People Skills & Employment Vulnerable People Access to Services Transport Safer Communities Stronger Communities Housing & Planning Efficiencies Health & Well Being Rural Sport and Culture Working Groups Yet to be established Sub Regional Support Unit Strategic Research Finance & Efficiency Performance Group Asset Mgmt Group Strategic Communication Commissioners Network

  8. Strategic Commissioning Group (SCG)

  9. Commissioning Support Unit

  10. Strategic Commissioning Support Unit Leicestershire’s new approach to Strategic Commissioning

  11. Strategic Commissioning in Leicestershire • Between November 2008 and December 2009, Leicestershire Together reviewed its commissioning arrangements and developed a new Strategic Commissioning Handbook. • The Handbook will form the basis of partnership commissioning arrangements in Leicestershire. • It has the potential to be the process through which the aspirations of the Total Place agenda will become reality.

  12. 1 2 3 Strategic Commissioning: Analyse

  13. Strategic Commissioning: Plan 4 5 6 • Existing services • Financial / resource analysis • Market review • Commissioning planning workshop • Ideas shortlist • User testing • SWOT analysis and business cases • Develop and finalise commissioning plans

  14. Strategic Commissioning: Do 7 8 9

  15. Strategic Commissioning: Review 11 10 12

  16. Strategic Commissioning: Decommission

  17. Strategic Commissioning Support Unit The role Strategic Commissioning: from now until April 2011

  18. SCG: Our role in 2010/11 • Embed Strategic Commissioning process across the Partnership and among partners – decisions on key stages. • To help challenge delivery of LAA2/outcomes – to allocate any additional resource to get us over the line on delivering agreed strategic priorities/CAA improvements. • To prepare for April 2011 – post LAA2/LAA3 to consider priorities and non-priorities, financial arrangements and commissioning/ decommissioning in light of available resources. • To position the LSP to be ready to take on more resources and greater responsibility should pooled budgets receive backing or legislation from the new government - i.e., the lessons of the Total Place Programme are mainstreamed. • To respond to CAA and agree changes/streamlining in performance framework.

  19. 2 1 3 10 11 12 10 4-6 7-9 Jan 10 Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan 11 Feb Mar Apr Board SCG SCG: A timeline Analyse Stakeholder Mapping Needs Analysis Places in Leics This is Leics refresh Plan Project Prioritisation Test Market; Planning Workshops; Project Prioritisation End of year Budget Report LCC & PCT budget finalised SCS Refresh LCC & PCT budget drafted and agreed Do Service Acquisition – Contract Agreed Decommission Operational Review Operational Review Strategic Review Review Finalise service plans for 10/11 CAA Inspections Executive

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