ottoman safavid and mughal empires n.
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Ottoman, safavid , and Mughal Empires PowerPoint Presentation
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Ottoman, safavid , and Mughal Empires

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Ottoman, safavid , and Mughal Empires - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ottoman, safavid , and Mughal Empires. Ottoman Empire.

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ottoman empire
Ottoman Empire

The Ottomans started on the Anatolian peninsula. The Seljuk Turks gave them land. When the Seljuk Turks began to decline the Ottoman Turks expanded their territory and then the Ottoman empire began. the 14th century the Ottomans relocated to the Balkans. Suleiman I came and ruled in 1520. he also expanded the Ottoman empire to Europe and to the Mediterranean sea. He ruled for 46 years. His son selim took power in 1566 when Suleiman died. The Ottomans were Sunni Muslim.


The Janissary was the army of the Ottomans. It was mostly made up of Christians that were converted into Muslim. In 1253 the Ottomans attacked Constantinople and did for three days. They conquered it and turned their sacred church (The Hagia Sophia) into a mosque. They also renamed it Istanbul. They had the aid of gunpowder.

safavid empire
Safavid Empire

This empire started with Shah Ismail. He was kin to Safi al-Din. With Ismail as there leader the Safavid too control of much of Iran and Iraq. Ismail was a Shiite Muslim. He lost a major to the Sunni Muslims because of religious difference. Shah Abbas ruled from 1588-1612. There empire went from Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea east to India, along the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea north to the southern border of Russia. They love to weave carpets and they are still prized today.

moghal empire
Moghal Empire

The Moghal empire was located in India East of the Safavid Empire. They had united a large and diverse empire. The Mughals were a Turkish Muslims from Central Asia. Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire, had tried for several years to create an empire in Central Asia, After he didn’t succeed he tried to create an empire in Northern India. Banur had created the Mughal Empire There.

  • The TajMahal was created by Shah Jahan . It was built as a tomb for his favorite wife, MumatzMahal. A conflict o Cultures had led to the end of the Empire, Although Muslims and Hindus had lived peacefully together. The Empire was know for it’s Monumental Architecture. The TajMahal was built between 1631 & 1647, for Shah Jahan’s Wife. The building had a main gateway and a Mosque.