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Gatekeeper state-wide expansion and implementation PowerPoint Presentation
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Gatekeeper state-wide expansion and implementation

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Gatekeeper state-wide expansion and implementation
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Gatekeeper state-wide expansion and implementation

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  1. Gatekeeper state-wide expansion and implementation SESSION III: Sustainability You’ve got your Gatekeeper Program up and running… now how do you keep it going?

  2. Your presenters today • Paul Iarrobino Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services • Lynn Schemmer-Valleau Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services

  3. Vision  • Results  • Adaptability  • Community Support  • Champions • Internal Systems  • Sustainability Plan Does your Gatekeeper Program have the right stuff for the long haul?

  4. Keeping the program going… Think about it from all the different perspectives… Using Plan Do Study Act as your mantra… • Revisit MOU’s and consider new partners that may need to be at the table • Review your policies and procedures and your operating assumptions • Think about how the program is evolving • ACT– keep your program fresh, evolving and relevant!

  5. Identify current resources and gaps. • Determine additional human and financial resources needed to implement and sustain your Gatekeeper Program. • Think about resources and expertise that can be shared in organization and in your community. • Discuss potential changes in your community– needs, population served, demographics, etc. • Identify a core and broad base of community supporters including Gatekeeper Champions • Clearly define how the Gatekeeper Program benefits each supporter and champion. • Develop an outreach plan to build community awareness and support. Key factors to consider when planning for program sustainability

  6. Developing your “Champion” Gatekeeper Businesses A “Champion” Gatekeeper business is one that fully embraces the Gatekeeper Program by: • making referrals • incorporating the principles of the program in new employee orientation • discussing Gatekeeper Program in staff meetings • Having refresher training from the Gatekeeper Coordinator A critical element is having a solid point person at the Champion business to drive the mission of the Gatekeeper Program

  7. Recognition Keeping Gatekeeper Businesses “in the loop” of the Gatekeeper Program in-between their trainings is important… recognition is one way to do this: • Annual letter to Gatekeeper businesses thanking them for their referrals • Highlighting an individual Gatekeeper or business in your Gatekeeper Newsletter • Nominating Gatekeeper champion organizations or individual Gatekeepers for community awards • Doing press releases for “earned media” news stories • The power of saying “THANK YOU”

  8. News story from the Oregonian

  9. Example of how Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services has recognized the referrals made by Gatekeepers in our community. Outstanding Gatekeepers (accessible transportation providers) receiving an award from Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services

  10. Taking the time to say “thank you” to your Gatekeepers

  11. Mail-merge post card sent out to thank Gatekeepers.

  12. Example of a proclamation from the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners for Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Month

  13. Example of a press release highlighting the great work of APS and the Gatekeeper Program

  14. Postman saves Portland woman after fall… event in the community that got Gatekeeper some great buzz! • Example of a story on the news about an alert Gatekeeper!

  15. Gatekeepers in action are great human interest stories!

  16. Celebrate your successes and milestones!

  17. Fundraising and Supporting the work of your Agency • A key priority for a socially responsible business is to develop and maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with its community. • Gatekeeper Businesses in your community may be in a good position to support your agency in the work you are doing • Clearly define how the project benefits each supporter and champion • Create ways in which Gatekeeper businesses can donate their money, time and resources to support the work you do in your department/agency.

  18. Holiday Elves from various Gatekeeper businesses “adopt” clients of the Public Guardian office each December and provide gifts and donations • Via the United Way Workplace Giving Campaign, several Gatekeepers have directed their donation to the “Risk Fund” (see next slide for explanation of the Risk Fund) • A Gatekeeper Champion organization has paid for the cost of printing Gatekeeper brochures and other materials • Gatekeeper businesses have written letters of support for grants Examples of how Gatekeeper businesses have supported the work of Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services

  19. Elves from Portland General Electric drop off gifts for Public Guardian clients

  20. Celebrating the bounty of gifts for Public Guardian clients!

  21. Letters of support from Gatekeeper businesses for grant funding

  22. The Risk Fund was created in 1992 with a one-time donation. The fund was designated to purchase goods and services for clients who were at immediate risk and who had no other resources available to them. Since then, Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services (ADS) has maintained the fund through room rentals, speaker fees and community donations. There are no general funds to replace the Risk Fund once it is gone. Multnomah County’s Risk Fund

  23. Many clients are low income but are over the income or resource guidelines for Medicaid services. Often they have no family or they may be the victims of abuse at the hands of these relatives. The Risk Fund is used when there are no other resources available to pay for needed medications or emergency supplies. Use of these funds are for one time only urgent need. Multnomah County’s Risk Fund

  24. Volunteers There are several different ways that volunteers can be utilized in the Gatekeeper Program. • Serving on your Advisory Council • Providing Gatekeeper training at their place of work • Serving on a speaker’s bureau • Serving as a mentor to another Gatekeeper business • Volunteering at community events for your department/agency

  25. Next Steps… • Plan Do Study Act --roll out of the Gatekeeper Program in your community

  26. Q & A • What questions do you have for Multnomah County? • Paul Iarrobino 503-988-6941 • Lynn Schemmer-Valleau 503-988-4833