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S.A.E Project!

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S.A.E Project! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S.A.E Project!. Supervised Agricultural Experience. Horticulture Revision Committee May 2007. Are you ready to hear this?. Your Mission. This is the coolest project ever! Select any area in your community that YOU would like to make a landscape improvement at… that’s pretty cool, eh?

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S.A.E Project!

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s a e project

S.A.E Project!

Supervised Agricultural Experience

Horticulture Revision Committee

May 2007

your mission
Your Mission
  • This is the coolest project ever!
  • Select any area in your community that YOU would like to make a landscape improvement at… that’s pretty cool, eh?
  • Keep accurate records of the expenses for the project. (I love keeping records)
  • When complete, you will present your project in a 5-7 minute presentation… yabba dabba dooba.
your mission accomplishments
Your Mission Accomplishments
  • Must have at least 10 hours spent on the project! Oh boy!
  • You will be given a record sheet to document and keep track of your hours.
  • Get started early 
how your sae project is graded
How Your SAE Project Is Graded
  • 10% of your final grade is here!
  • Must turn in SAE AGREEMENT form before you are approved to begin
  • By turning in this yellow agreement form ON TIME, it will count as a quiz grade. It is due next Tuesday, March 13 … hey that’s my mom’s birthday!
hey i ll score big points with my parents for this project
Hey, I’ll score big points with my parents for this project!

Maybe I’ll be taken off


if I help with the yard!

101 projects ideas
101 projects ideas!

Could we BE any happier?!

See Mr. Green for the BIG LIST

of SAE ideas!

get creative with your plan
Get CREATIVE with your plan!


Changed my life!


Remember: An SAE project is 10 hours. Planting a few flowers around a mailbox is good, but is not considered enough for your whole project. Do more.

keep a record of all costs for your project examples
Keep a record of all Costs for your project. Examples:
  • Azaleas 3 @ $ 3.33 each
  • The Mondo grass 2 @ $ 4.99 each

Total/tax: $ 21.67

keep a good record of all your time spent on the project example my work time table
Keep a good record of all your time spent on the project.Example: My Work Time Table
  • My yard plan .5 hour
  • My yard project 4.5 hours
  • Buying plants 1.5 hours
  • Clean-up .5 hour
  • Mrs. Hersko’s project 2.5 hours
  • Clean-up .5 hour
  • PowerPoint presentation 3.5 hours

Total: 13.5 hours

document your skills used
Document your Skills used…
  • Ability to identify plants, supplies
  • Using the Pick Ax
  • Raking
  • Carrying large numbers of Bricks
  • SAE made me hulk.
  • Here are some more pictures of my yard before I started.
keep a record of tools used
Keep a record of Tools used.
  • Here are pictures of the tools I used.

Hedge Trimmers


Lawn Mower

Pole Pruner


Watering Can


home landscaping ideas
Home landscaping ideas
  • Build a fence, a gold fish pond, deck or walkway somewhere at home.
  • Plant shrubs, trees or flowers on a weekend day.
  • Improve the entrance of your subdivison.
  • Build wooden window boxes and plant flowers in them.
  • Is anybody listening to this part?
other ideas


I am so JAZZED

about this!

Coolest project


Other ideas…
  • Make an educational video on some aspect of horticulture.
  • Conduct some type of plant experiment and record your results.
  • Build a compost bin for recycling organic materials.



and others
… and others….


  • Develop an herb garden at home.
  • Install nightscaping lights around a walkway at home.
  • The possibilities are endless dude!
  • Hey, I’m getting hungry…
ways to document the 10 hours for the project
Ways to document the 10 hours for the project…
  • Planning
  • Make a sketch of your plans.
  • Getting materials.
  • Ground Preparation before planting.
  • Planting, mulching and maintenance.
  • A Written report is due as part of the project. Oh BOY! A written report!!
  • Researching your crops.
  • See other student projects posted on our web site.
  • www.popehorticulture.com
  • 101 SAE Ideas – handout on website
  • www.ffa.org see project ideas from all over the country!
are u ready for lift off
Are U Ready For Lift Off?!
  • Discuss this and project with your parents
  • Take before after photos
  • Ask Mr. Green for help if you need it
when is it due
When is it due?
  • Yellow Agreement form (your idea) is due in one week : Tuesday, March 13!
  • Final Project/presentations will be due on Monday, April 23!
  • New moon! New month! New you!
  • Get started early!

For National Info on SAE,

go to www.ffa.org or


Click on SAE and see what kids

all across the country are doing!

one more time how much does the sae project count
One more time… how much does the SAE Project count?

10 % of your grade!!!

Same as the Final!

this is like way cool man
This is like way cool man!

This is my big chance to…

(everybody all at once!....)


Make A Difference!!


The power is within you.

pope sae
Pope SAE

Due April 23!!!!