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COMMUNITY. . . ?. Is There Community Without Church?. COMMUNITY. Where authentic community exists those involved are committed to, responsible for, and accountable to each other. Community existed in the Christian context before God made mankind. God’s desire for mankind:

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Where authentic community exists those

involved are committed to, responsible for,

and accountable to each other.

Community existed in the Christian context

before God made mankind.

God’s desire for mankind:

To live in communities of faith

that demonstrate God’s unconditional love for the


We want you to know who we are
We Want You To Know Who We Are: Common? . . . Community.

  • We are local church(es) that voluntarily cooperate with each other, knowing that we can do more together than we can individually. As part of the the larger community we acknowledge our responsibility to partner with others, such as multihousing owners and managers to live out our common goal of creating strong local communities.

We want you to know we understand
We Want You To Know We Understand: Common? . . . Community.

  • The definition of the word community.

  • The priority of community to you.

  • That each multihousing community is unique.

  • That community does not happen by coincidence.

  • That some activities do more to build a sense of community than others.

  • The value of genuine “community” relationships.

What a challenge manufactured housing community
What a Challenge: Creating Community.Manufactured Housing . . . Community

What our churches might do
What Our Churches Might Do: Creating Community.

  • Encourage and affirm the work of managers and other staff.

  • Establish a multihousing community church.

  • Distribute welcome baskets for new residents.

  • Assist with resident appreciation days.

  • Provide individual and family counsel.

  • Facilitate community activities for children and youth.

  • Facilitate community activities for adults.

  • Hold seasonal and special events for the entire multihousing community that help build a sense of community pride among residents.

Who underwrites the costs
Who Underwrites the Costs? Creating Community.

  • We offer our ministries, programs, and services FREE of charge. Some events or activities may require a small fee or material charge.

  • We welcome any and all opportunities to partner with owners, managers, and others in the local community.

  • The activities we carry out will be covered additionally by the local church insurance policy.

Who benefits
Who Benefits? Creating Community.

  • Owners/Managers

    Increased efficiency in offering community building activities.

  • Residents

    Benefits of authentic community….

  • Local Churches

    Avenues to carry out mission of church.

How long will these activities last
How Long Will These Activities Last? Creating Community.

  • These activities will last indefinitely. Some special events and seasonal activities may be of a set duration but the central or core activities will be ongoing.

  • Initial times and types of activities, including worship and Bible study are determined by various surveys of community residents.

What we will not do
What We Will Not Do? Creating Community.

  • Promise instant results or success.

  • Get in the way or cause trouble.

  • Disrespect management rules.

  • Break local, state, federal laws.

  • Disturb the privacy of residents.

  • Make promises we cannot keep.

What we are requesting of you
What We Are Requesting of You? Creating Community.

  • Permission to carry out agreed upon activities.

  • A permanent place to carry out agreed upon activities.

  • Cooperation in promoting the agreed upon activities.

  • Honest and timely input concerning agreed upon activities.

Learning and loving that s community
Learning and Loving . . . Creating Community.That’s Community.

Fun and fellowship that s community
Fun and Fellowship . . . Creating Community.That’s Community.

Indigenous worship and prayer that s community
Indigenous Worship and Prayer Creating Community.. . . That’s Community.

Let s do this create community

Let’s Creating Community. Do This !Create Community.