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Assessment Update 2014-2017

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Assessment Update 2014-2017 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assessment Update 2014-2017. Kansas State Department of Education June 23, 2014. But how much is changing, really?. The transition assessment for ELA and mathematics in Spring 2014 was the same as we have always planned.

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assessment update 2014 2017

Assessment Update2014-2017

Kansas State Department of Education

June 23, 2014

but how much is changing really
But how much is changing, really?
  • The transition assessment for ELA and mathematics in Spring 2014 was the same as we have always planned.
  • Spring of 2015, when we would have had SBAC for the first time, we will have an enhanced Kansas assessment.
  • By Spring of 2016, we will be very close to where we would have been with SBAC with difference due to choices made in Kansas.
spring 2014
Spring 2014
  • Transition Assessment
    • Delivered on KITE
    • Aligned with Kansas College and Career Ready Standards for math, reading, and writing conventions
    • Follows similar blueprint to SBAC
    • Machine-scorable items only
      • No performance tasks
      • No writing prompt
      • No listening items
  • Reporting
    • No student, building, or district level data for ELA and


spring 2014 continued
Spring 2014 (continued)
  • DLM Field Test for ELA and mathematics alternate
  • Old science assessment modified to include only items aligned to NGSS
  • Alternate science portfolio
  • cPass
new development in 2014 2015
New Development in 2014–2015
  • The transitional test will serve as the backbone for the new Kansas College and Career Ready Assessment
  • Enhancements
    • Listening section
    • Writing prompt
    • Math performance tasks
  • The core machine-scorable part of the test will be parallel to what was administered in 2014, but we will refresh the item pool.
  • We will field test the enhancements.
  • Accountability for 2015 will be based on the core portion of the test.
  • Schools and districts will receive feedback on the field test portions to help gauge student readiness on the full

set of standards.

spring 2015
Spring 2015
  • Items added to science assessment aligned to NGSS; grades 4, 7, and 11. Alternate science is DLM pilot.
  • Field test writing performance items in ELA, science, and history/government at selected grade levels.
  • Field test history/government assessment; grades 6, 8, and high school.
  • KELPA-P administered for ELL students. 10% will participate in field test for ELPA 21.
  • DLM fully operational for ELA and mathematics alternate.
  • cPass
summer 2015
Summer 2015
  • After analyzing the field-test items, we will create the best form possible that includes all features of our future assessment.
  • We will set new achievement standards (cut scores and performance level descriptors) based on that form.
  • Using those new cut scores, we will set new AMOs and communicate the new targets to schools and districts.
spring 2016
Spring 2016
  • Now we have a fully enhanced test that covers all of the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards.
  • ELA and mathematics will have adaptive features included.
  • DLM for ELA and mathematics alternate
  • ELPA 21 operational for ELL students
  • History/government operational in even years
  • Portfolio for history/government alternate
  • Science field test; change to grades 5, 8, and 11
  • DLM field test for science alternate.
  • cPass
2016 2017
  • Summative assessment
    • ELA (complete in 2016)
    • Mathematics (complete in 2016)
    • History/government (complete in 2016); alternate portfolio.
    • Science (complete in 2017)
    • DLM for ELA, mathematics, science
    • ELPA 21
  • Formative tools are developed for all subject areas with item banks for teachers to use to build their own test forms.
things to consider
Things to Consider
  • Writing Performance Task
    • Grades 3-8 and high school
    • Covers both ELA and Science or History/Government standards
    • Students in grades 6, 8, and 11 would only need to write one essay aligned to both History/government and literacy standards
    • Two rubrics provide two scores—one for each test
    • Same idea for science
  • Mathematics Performance Task
    • Grades 3-8 and high school
things to consider 2
Things to consider (2)
  • Scoring
    • With a writing prompt and math performance task, we will have student responses that need to be scored by hand.

Scoring models

  • Fully distributed scoring
    • Teachers score on the computer using KITE. An independent activity.
  • School or regional based scoring
    • Teachers score as a group and enter scores later
  • Scoring center
    • Only a few teachers come to Lawrence for several

days to score all student papers.

things to consider 3
Things to consider (3)
  • Listening requires headphones and additional caching
  • Districts and schools will need to purchase headphones for every student or ask students to bring in their own (think ear buds)
  • Streaming audio will put a huge load on the system, so you will need to work with IT to prepare for that in 2014–2015.