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Spiritual Advisor - Private Reading PowerPoint Presentation
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Spiritual Advisor - Private Reading

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Spiritual Advisor - Private Reading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spiritual Advisor - Private Reading

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  1. Spiritual Advisor—Everything You Need to Know Life is not easy and that is the true essence of life. Many a times we feel lost and depressed and wish someone from outside with a magic wand to come and make our lives better! This is what a spiritual advisor does, while they do not exactly create magic and simply eliminate all problems from life but teach how to deal with the problems of the life in a more positive (and better) way. They stay by the side as a friend, philosopher, and guide and help take the right decisions too. Importance of a Spiritual Advisor The phrase ‘spiritual advisor’ has no single definition and can only be described. Even the word ‘spiritual’ is kind of abstract and has different meanings. Generally, a spiritual advisor can be thought of as a mentor, coach, friend, and someone who lends an ear and addresses life problems. They intend to make life easier and inflict some sort of positivity into life and also make life easier. They should not be mistaken to be psychologists who deal with special medical problems. Also, they should not be mistaken for a life coach who tells how to dress right and talk right or stay fit in life. A spiritual advisor offer guidance and help in making the right decision. They help make the right judgments and offer insight from a spiritual perspective. Work of a Spiritual Advisor

  2. A spiritual advisor is not someone who predicts the future accurately and never influences your beliefs and ideas. They offer healing and private reading seasons, and a lot more for a better life and a better living. They offer spiritual candles to help deal with the many concerns of a life. They inspire and aspire for a happier and purposeful life. They help find a balance between heart and soul.