spiritual testament n.
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  2. Thisday, the 23rd of April, 1853, oncompleting my 40th year, in greatphysicalsicknessbutsound in mind, I expresshere in a fewwords my lastwishes, intendingto set themforth more fullywhen I shallhave more strength.

  3. I commit my soultoJesusChrist, my Saviour, frightened at my sins, buttrusting in Hisinfinitemercy.

  4. I die in theHoly, Catholic, Apostolic, and RomanChurch. I haveknownthedifficulties of belief of thepresentage, but my wholelife has convinced me thatthereisneitherrestforthemindnorpeacefortheheartsave in theChurch and in obediencetoherauthority. If I set anyvalueon my research, itisthatitgives me therighttoentreatallwhom I love, toremainfaithfultothereligion in which I found light and peace

  5. My supremeprayerfor my family, my wife, my child, and grandchildren, isthattheywill persevere in theFaith, despiteanyhumiliation, scandalsordesertionswhichmay come totheirknowledge.

  6. I bidfarewellto my dearAmelie, who has beenthejoy and thecharm of my life, and whose tender care has softenedall my painfor more than a year. I thankher, I blessher, I awaither in heaven. There, and onlythre, can I givehersuchlove as shedeserves.

  7. I give my daughtertheblessing of thePatriarchs, in thename of theFather and of the Son and of theHolySpirit. I am sadthat I cannotlabourlonger at thewonderfultask of hereducation, but I entrustthisworktohergood and belovedmother.

  8. I givethanksforallthosepersonswho in anywayhaveserved me and I askforgivenessfor my badexample and my impulsiveness.

  9. I askyoutoprayforthemembers of the Saint Vincnt de Paul Society in Lyon.

  10. Do notallowyourselvestobestoppedbythosewhowillsaytoyou, “He is in heaven.” Prayalwaysforhimwholovesyoudearly, forhimwho has greatlysinned. If I am assured of thoseprayers, I quitthisearthwithlessfear.

  11. I hope firmlythatwe are notbeingseparated and that I mayremainwithyouuntilyou come to me. Maytheblessing of theFather and the Son and theHolySpiritdescenduponyou. Amen