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OFSL-CI 101 Greek Leadership A cademy January 12, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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OFSL-CI 101 Greek Leadership A cademy January 12, 2014

OFSL-CI 101 Greek Leadership A cademy January 12, 2014

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OFSL-CI 101 Greek Leadership A cademy January 12, 2014

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  1. OFSL-CI 101 • Greek Leadership Academy • January 12, 2014

  2. OFSL-CI Staff Student Staff: Jessica Boone, Erin Tatum, Madison Williams, Kelsey Miller, Chelsea Leighton, Elizabeth Stegall Graduate staff:Kerry Rigley Full-time staff: Brittney Bahlman, Ion Outterbridge, Aaron Bachenheimer

  3. OFSL-CI Basics Granville Towers South, 1st floor, Suite 2100 • 2- 12 to 15 person conference rooms • 4 council offices • Chapter mailboxes • Scanner / @UNCGreeks (Twitter) / UNC Greeks (fbook) 919-962-8298

  4. OFSL-CI Mission, Vision & Core Values • What is a Mission? • A mission statement is a statement of the purpose of a company or organization. The mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. It provides "the framework or context within which the company's strategies are formulated.” • Hill, Ch., Jones, G. Strategic Management. Houghton Mifflin Company: New York, 2008.

  5. Our Mission(s) The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement enhances the academic experience, holistic development, and civic contribution of students by providing effective services and developmental opportunities that enrich the Carolina experience. OFSL-CI advocates for the fraternal movement by educating, advising, and empowering fraternities and sororities and their members to live according to their organizational values and contribute to the University and greater community. OFSL-CI provides resources and coordinates services to assist students in transitioning to off-campus living. We promote authentic relationships between students and their neighbors by encouraging them to be active and responsible members of the communities in which they live.

  6. OFSL-CI Mission, Vision & Core Values • What is a Vision? • A vision statement outlines what the organization wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be (an "idealized" view of the world). It is a long-term view and concentrates on the future. • J. Scott Armstrong (1986). "The Value of Formal Planning for Strategic Decisions: A Reply". pp. 183–185.

  7. Our Vision The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement will help students achieve excellence through both interfraternal and off-campus-living experiences.

  8. OFSL-CI Mission, Vision & Core Values • What are Core Values? • The core values of an organization are those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. •

  9. Our Core Values We believe in students. We value their ideals, goals, aspirations, and challenges as they make meaning and find their voice within the college experience. We foster shared accountability and opportunities for recognition and distinction. We believe in holistic development and personal leadership. We value the acquisition of knowledge and developing intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal skills to further individual growth. We encourage the potential in students to impact the world around them in transformative ways. We provide opportunities for learning through practical application within successful and challenging experiences.

  10. Our Core Values We believe in a supportive and inclusive community. We provide a safe, welcoming, accessible, and compassionate environment that promotes the overall health and wellbeing of our students. We respect and appreciate the unique qualities, characteristics, and perspectives that comprise our campus and extended community. We engage in collaboration with campus, local, and national partners as well as constituent groups as an essential component of our work.

  11. Our Core Values We believe in service and civic responsibility. We assist our students and organizations in developing meaningful opportunities for hands-on service and philanthropic endeavors. We help educate and empower students to become socially responsible, active, and contributing members of society both locally and globally. We believe in pursuing professional excellence. We encourage integrity and ethical conduct of our staff and students. We challenge ourselves to life-long learning, moving beyond the status quo, and demonstrating innovation to adapt to changing conditions. We take enjoyment from what we do and strive to model that behavior for our students.

  12. OFSL-CI: What we do • Training and workshops • Advising and support • Advocacy & Promotion • Resources • Mailboxes, copying/printing, supplies • Communication (alumni, parents, national offices) • Meeting space • Ultimately…help you make the most out of your Carolina experience

  13. Standards of Excellence & Performance Based Recruitment

  14. Standards of Excellence The Purpose of the Carolina Fraternity and Sorority Standards of Excellence Program is to establish standards to ensure that every Greek organization at Carolina is well managed and is fully committed to the highest quality of student experience for each of its members, with particular emphasis on academic achievement, social responsibility and campus involvement. -Adopted Fall 2007 by student, parent, UNC staff & alumni Standards of Excellence Development Committee

  15. Standards of Excellence Chapter Plan and Communication Annual Report/Awards and other reporting (i.e. rosters) Academics Advisors Educational Programming Conduct and Risk Management Recruitment and Intake Involvement and Service

  16. Performance Based Recruitment • Ability to recruit 1st year, 1st semester students • Benchmark of 3.0 (new) • 2 consecutive semesters below = default • Comprehensive Academic Plan implementation & support

  17. Greek Member Fee • $12.50 per member per semester • Supports all FSL operations and programming • Students reps from 4 councils will meet annually to review and provide input

  18. New Years Resolutions for Student Leaders: 10. Stop reacting to every nugget of nonsense. I will do my best to discern the difference between big problems and little ones. When unsure, I’ll ask someone I trust to help me decide. Maybe I’ll just think about something for 30 minutes before reacting to it. #stopreacting

  19. 9. Encourage people to solve their own problems. People like to dump their problems on others, and I’ve given a lot of people a convenient place to dump. I can listen, encourage, and be supportive without making their problems my problems. I’ll simply say to people, “What are you going to do about that?” #nodumping

  20. 8. Remove social media apps from my phone. Or, at least, turn off the notifications so that those little numbers aren’t always pulling me in. These apps waste my time and energy, and they keep me plugged into unimportant things. If there is something critical, I’ll get a bunch of texts about it anyway. #deleteFB

  21. 7. Invest time in some different people. Not all the time, but some of the time. I tend to hang out with the same people who validate me. We feed each other’s drama and enable each other’s choices. If I occasionally spend some time with other members, or friends outside of my organization, I will gain some perspective and maybe have more fun. #newpeople

  22. 6. Be a good steward of my organization’s money. It isn’t my money, but I’ve been entrusted with it. The less of it I spend unnecessarily, the more there is to invest back in our members. If it doesn’t serve the mission in some way, it doesn’t get spent. #watchthemoney

  23. 5. Invest in someone younger. Maybe help a committee chair rock her/his assignment. Maybe help a struggling 1st year get a grip on leadership and academics. Maybe actually go and mentor a kid in the community, somehow. However I do it, I’m going to find someone looking for a hand up, and give it to them. #mentoranother

  24. 4. Make our meetings more meaningful. Because, meetings aren’t just about getting things done. They are also about our members spending time together – thinking, sharing, considering. I want our meeting to be the best thing a member did all day. That begins with me constructing a space and time when good things can happen. I will set a better tone. #bettermeetings

  25. 3. Take a break from being a leader, and sometimes just be a participant. I get so wrapped up in all the things I have to do, that I forget how much I’m missing. I’m going to try harder to just go to things, for no particular reason other than to take part. At least one thing a week, just because. It’s good to role model “being a good participant” to my members. #justparticipate

  26. 2. Sleep more. There’s always a reason to stay awake and engaged. But being a well-rested leader in a competitive advantage. I’ll probably eat better, study better, and focus better. Reducing stress and feeling my best begins with giving my body what it needs. #turnmyselfoff

  27. 1. Make this experience count for something, for myself, not just for others. What am I learning? How is this experience making me a better, more capable person? Will this experience lead to some new, cool thing when it’s done? Or, am I just treading water in the here and now, trying to please others? The best leaders serve others, but understand how the experience of leading feeds their own growth, as well. #whylead

  28. Announcements and Opportunities • MLK Day of Service • Brush with Kindness (Habitat) • UNC Men’s Project • Monthly President’s Meetings • Mailboxes • Greek Week • Chapter Excellence Awards/Program Forms for 2014-2015 • Upcoming service/philanthropic events?

  29. Questions, comments, feedback?