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Output System

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Output System. U0366 – Animasi 1. Output | workflow. Rendering. Output | workflow. Time Info. Output | workflow. Preview Windows. Output | workflow. Print Parameter. Output | workflow. Images File format. AVI Files BMP Files CIN (Kodak Cineon) Files

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output system

Output System

U0366 – Animasi 1


Output | workflow

Preview Windows


Output | workflow

Print Parameter


Output | workflow

Images File format

AVI Files

BMP Files

CIN (Kodak Cineon) Files

CWS (Combustion Workspace) Files

DDS Files

EPS and PS (Encapsulated PostScript) Files

FLC Files

GIF Files

HDRI Files

IFL Files

IMSQ Files

JPEG Files

MOV (QuickTime Movie) Files

MPEG Files

PIC Files

PNG Files

PSD Files

RLA Files

RPF Files

RGB (SGI Image) Files

TGA (Targa) Files

TIFF Files

YUV Files


Output | workflow

Geometri File format

Importable file format

Importing 3DS Files

Importing PRJ Files

Importing SHP Files

Importing Adobe Illustrator 88 Files

Importing AutoCAD Drawing Files

Importing DXF Files

Importing FBX Files

Importing Autodesk Inventor Files

Importing IGES Files

Importing LandXML/DEM Models

Importing Lightscape Files

Importing HTR/HTR2 Files

Importing TRC Files

Importing STL Files

Importing VRML Files

Importing Wavefront (OBJ, MTL) Files


Output | workflow

Geometri File format

Exportable file format

Exporting 3D DWF Files

Exporting to 3DS

Exporting to Adobe Illustrator

Exporting to ASCII

Exporting to AutoCAD DWG Files

Exporting to DXF Files

Exporting FBX Files

Exporting IGES Files

Exporting JSR-184 Files

Exporting Lightscape Files

Exporting HTR/HTR2 Files

Exporting to Shockwave 3D

Exporting to STL

Exporting to VRML97

Exporting Wavefront Object (OBJ) Files

Exporting Wavefront Material (MTL) Files