d istrict e ight p lanning a nd r esponse t eam n.
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D istrict E ight P lanning A nd R esponse T eam PowerPoint Presentation
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D istrict E ight P lanning A nd R esponse T eam

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D istrict E ight P lanning A nd R esponse T eam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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D istrict E ight P lanning A nd R esponse T eam
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  1. District Eight Planning And Response Team 8 DEPART DistrictEightPlanningAndResponseTeam Strategic Plan

  2. Summary • The “District Eight Planning and Response Team” (DEPART) is the direct result of a multi-discipline member exercise committee that is now working collectivelyto provide a district planning team resource to respond to emergencies, as requested. Committee members saw the need to organize personnel and resources to respond to and assist in disasters. As a result of Hurricane Katrina, and the tornadoes in southern Indiana, it has been recognized that organized teams are needed to assist in many different areas during an event. The committee sees the DEPART resource as another step toward the development of the District 8 Planning Council. • This document is a summary of committee discussion conclusions, sets the direction for the continued growth and development of District Eight, and addresses all aspects of the DEPART functions.

  3. DEPART Vision The District Eight Planning And Response Team will be a district and statewide resource that will respond for the safety of citizens and protection of property. It will be viewed as a vital asset to our district and other districts statewide for logistical, planning, and resource assistance.

  4. DEPART Mission To save lives, protect property, and provide a support network of various disciplines to District 8 and surrounding Districts during emergencies and disasters when requested.

  5. DEPART Scope • During emergencies, the scope of the DEPART Team is to assist local jurisdictional agencies with logistics, resources, and planning support using the National Incident Management System. The team is made up of volunteers. No request for reimbursement will be requested for the first 48 hours, reimbursement may be requested after that time depending on availability of volunteer resources. The team will support, not direct, local authorities in their decision making process. In non-emergency settings the team will plan, train, and exercise. DEPART will create and update a district resource list for local agency assistance.

  6. DEPART Strengths • Buy in from various support functions • Support of other local and state organizations • Diverse membership across emergency responders • Action oriented • Pro- NIMS

  7. DEPART Challenges • Possible funding difficulties • Overcome mind sets • availability schedules • employer issues • response time

  8. Answer phone in EOC Documentation Log information Complete status boards Track resources Assist with preparing briefings Message organization Assist with press release creation and organization Assist with first aid stations Develop task specific plans Assist with donation and volunteer management Technical Advice Help to set work schedules Victim tracking assistance Answer public inquiries Pass along safety information Ex.: drinking water safety, debris removal plans, etc. Assist IC with logging, documenting, etc. Assist in coordination of lab sampling and delivery, and other public health services needed. Provide available resources within District 8 Facilitating additional medical resources.  IE:  credentialed personnel and supplies. Facilitating transferring of victims to alternate facilities for treatment. Other as requested  DEPART Types of Assistance

  9. DEPART alignment within the District Planning Council District Planning Council DEPART VOLUNTEERS FROM AGENCIES BELOW EMA Fire Law Enf. Health Medical-EMS Education Red Cross Other

  10. DEPART Chart of Operations Education Coordinator Training Training Coordinator Exercise Committee

  11. DEPART Chart of Operations cont. DEPART ADVISORY BOARD IC –Valerie Luchauer Safety – Michelle Dotts McCool PIO/Como– Perry Hurst Liaison-Mary Ellen Anable Logistics- Jeff Barlow Greg Duke T.A. Smith Planning – Shane Modglin Duane Davis John Hooker Jessica Renn Finance – Dennis Moats Technical assistance Haz Mat Response Teams Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security IU – Ken Long Additional volunteers to be added from all these agencies Fire, Law Enforcement, EMA, Public Health, Hospital, EMS, Volunteer Organizations, Education, Public Works

  12. DEPART Goals • Membership • Resource Database • Education/Training • Exercise • Response Plan • NIMS Implementation

  13. District Eight Planning And Response Team 8 DEPART DEPART Questions and answers