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Flash Horror Game

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Flash Horror Game
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Flash Horror Game

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  1. Flash Horror Game Reece Scott

  2. My game • I like seeing the reactions. • Its fun. • Its something I am familiar with after watching markplier play them and playing them myself. • I like the atmosphere. • They interest me.

  3. This is one of the games that influenced me called the house 2. • I like the hanging corpse. • I like the black I white look. • Gave me a idea of a slow moving gurney in a old hospital. And this is from another game called nightmare house 2. • I like the idea od the player being chased by inanimate objects such as manikins. • I like the use of light to make things seem like. more.

  4. type of area I would like my game to consist of . • almost pitch-black area. • small light following the mouse for you to see. • game called fibrillation. • story is explained more by what happens in the game and not as much the character talking. • character will finalize your suspicions of what is going on.

  5. type of look id like my game to have. • really hard to see. areas where your light isn't. • will force the player to aim his mouse to where he wants to look. This is just quick image I put together in Photoshop as a example of what I wanted it to look like.

  6. Example of what type of atmosphere i would like to create is that of the scp-087 game where it forces you to go down the staircase that is really dark.

  7. music Here is some examples of the type of music and sound effects I would like to include. This video is only a example and not the exact song I will have in my game. • Also wanted to include: • Chains dragging. • Mad people screaming. • dripping blood • Small sounds to keep the player tense.

  8. Map lay out • Did want a random level generator but can only do this for now. • Starting room. • Death room. • Player decides where to go but doesn't know what room it is. Starting room. Start screen. Find key to run. 2 min time limit if failed death screen. Death room. Death screen. slowly Moving gurney. Corridor. Puzzle room. Blood room. This is just a example of what my map will be set out like. Children's room. Operation room. Death room. Exit.