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USACE Enterprise GIS and CorpsMap PowerPoint Presentation
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USACE Enterprise GIS and CorpsMap

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USACE Enterprise GIS and CorpsMap - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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USACE Enterprise GIS and CorpsMap . Nancy Blyler U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS CECW-EE Two Key Issues. The US Army Corps of Engineers is a highly Decentralized Organization. The US Army Corps of Engineers has a very limited mapping mission.

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USACE Enterprise GIS and CorpsMap

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usace enterprise gis and corpsmap

USACE Enterprise GISand CorpsMap


two key issues
Two Key Issues
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers is a highly Decentralized Organization.
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers has a very limited mapping mission.
hq enterprise gis effort
HQ Enterprise GIS Effort
  • “National” Coverage
  • Provide standard GIS windows and data for HQ level business applications
  • Primarily, heavily attributed Point Data
  • Geolocating business data
  • Examples
    • National Inventory of Dams, Digital Project Notebook, Real Estate Corporate Information System, Regulatory Permits, Emergency Management Events, Lock Traffic, Stream Gage Information, Formally Used Defense Sites , etc.
district level enterprise gis effort
District Level Enterprise GIS Effort
  • Large Amounts of Spatial Data Collected as a bi-product of Executing USACE mission - Navigation and Flood Control
  • Primary enabler for Enterprise GIS at District Offices is the Spatial Data Standards for Facilites, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE)
corpsmap vision
CorpsMap Vision
  • View Assets (National, Division, District, Congressional District, State) - CorpsMap
    • Projects
    • Infrastructure
  • Provide standard Maps and Map Interface HQ level business applications (Recruitment, Regulatory Permits, FUDS, Digital Project Notebook, EngLnk. Etc.) - Uses CorpsMap Data and Software
  • Link CorpsMap to District/Division Enterprise GIS Efforts through Web Mapping Technology
requirements of corporate corpsmap
Requirements of Corporate CorpsMap
  • Accessing Corps Databases Geospatially
    • Civil, Environmental, Military Projects
    • Dams, Levees, Waterways, etc.
  • Databases would be maintained by organizations
  • USACE Wide .. Keep GUI Simple
  • Take Advantage of Work Already Being Done - Leverage
hq geospatial committee
HQ Geospatial Committee
  • Nancy Blyler (DPN)
  • Eugene Bentz (EngLnk)
  • Fred Lombardo (REMIS, RECIS, Recruitment Centers)
  • Julian Chu (FUDS)
  • Dave Lichy (Waterborne Commerce Data, OMBIL)
  • Bob Bank (NID and CWMS)
  • Rik Wiant (Army Installation Management)
  • Alan Willingham (CI GIS POC)
  • Terry Patton (P2)
corpsmap access
CorpsMap Access
  • Current Access
    • Digital Project Notebook (DPN), EngLNK events, National Inventory of Dams (NID), Navigation Data Center River Tonnage Statistics, FUD Sites, Stream Gage
  • Soon
    • RECIS, Recruitment Centers, Regulatory Module of OMBIL
  • A Little Later
    • P2, Bridge Inventory, Levee Database, Military Projects
gis v phase i
GIS-V: Phase I
  • Identify databases for Corporate Viewer
  • Enable databases to be viewed (web mapping protocols, geocoding, etc.)
  • Identify software and hardware requirements
  • Move whatever data we can to CPC in Oracle
  • “Build” viewer tool
  • Make Accessible throughout USACE
gis v phase ii
GIS-V: Phase II
  • Look at linking to District/Division Enterprise GIS Databases
  • Development of a Public CorpsMap Web Site; Different Levels of Security
  • “Integrating” Project Databases
  • Identify additional GIS functionality
    • Packaging Search Tools for quick Location ID
  • Continue to Identify Databases