vintage jewellery is more modern than ever l.
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Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

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Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lily Blanche brings for you the enticing collections of designer jewellery that includes exquisite pendants, bracelets, lockets etc. Visit us to get your collection!

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Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • The market for vintage jewellery is thriving like never before. Although the fashion world is notorious for its ever changing tastes, the flighty nature of the industry doesn’t appear to apply when it comes to vintage items.


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • The internet age has bought with it numerous ways of viewing and buying vintage pieces without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home, and has driven up demand for vintage jewellery like never before.


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • Although you would expect this increased demand to produce increased prices, in actual fact the opposite is true. The rise in demand for vintage pieces has meant that jewellers have had to become increasingly competitive with their pricing – they know that if buyers can find the same item more cheaply elsewhere, it’s now easy for buyers to take advantage of the price discrepancies.


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • But the good news for jewellers is that the boom in online jewellery shopping has actually allowed them to increase their profit margins even as they lower their prices. It’s now possible to run a successful jewellery business solely online, meaning jewellers now no longer have to pay expensive overheads on things like renting shops or stalls, whilst the globalisation that the internet.


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • While this is good news for the jewellers themselves, it’s also good news for buyers – never before have they been able to have such choice or get such value for money.


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • Vintage jewellery is so attractive because it’s so timeless, and because there’s so much of it to choose from. Whether you’re looking to recreate a look of old Hollywood style glamour or go for something a bit quirkier, you can be sure that there’s a piece out there that will enable you to achieve your goal.


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • One of the best collections of vintage style jewellery currently online is offered by an Edinburgh-based company called Lily Blanche. Named after the owner’s grandmother, and dedicated to her unique style, they’ve got an array of beautiful vintage pieces available on their website (


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • Of particular interest to buyers will be their collection of vintage lockets – they’ve got a fantastic range of lockets of various designs and functions, from classic heart shapes to modern, jewel decorated pieces. These lockets make great gifts, and they’re all the more personal because you can decide what to put inside them, be it a photo, a jewel or something else with sentimental value.


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • Whatever design of locket you opt for, you’ll find that a vintage locket is the perfect piece of jewellery for any occasion, be it relaxing with friends or attending a black tie soiree. A vintage locket also makes a great conversation piece, and because what you store in your locket is up to you.


Vintage jewellery is more modern than ever

  • You get a much greater sense of personal connection with a locket than with any other piece of jewellery (save perhaps a wedding ring). It is truly a wonderful feeling knowing that you have a sentimental trinket so close to your heart (both figuratively and literally) and you’ll find the sense of wellbeing you get, like the locket itself, is timeless.