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SATS update 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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SATS update 2012

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SATS update 2012

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SATS update 2012

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  1. SATS update 2012 • Sats week begins on Monday 14th May 2012

  2. The children are very well prepared for their tests as we have worked towards them steadily throughout the year. • We hope that you have an understanding of what the SATS are and feel advised from your parent meetings regarding sats and your child’s progress. • In case you have any questions, please read on to find out about the tests, timetable for 2012 and breakfast club.

  3. Year 6 SATs update • What are the SATs? • English and Maths tests • Structure of the tests • How you can help? • Coming prepared • Breakfast club

  4. Statutory Assessment Tests • Nationally administered and moderated tests. • Measuring progress children have made in Key Stage Two. • Reported nationally and passed on to Secondary Schools along with teacher assessment data. • Results returned to schools in July.

  5. Reading Test • Focus on skills involved in reading, understanding and responding to texts across a range of genres. • 15 minutes reading time • 45 minutes writing time

  6. Reading Test question types Retrieval of information Understanding of presentational features Understanding the effect of language choices and authorial technique Understanding structure of a text Simple and complex inference Comparing and contrasting Personal response to text

  7. Writing Tests • Changes this year to the testing procedure means that writing will no longer be externally marked. • The children will still take a writing test during SATs week, but it will be marked by school teachers and leaders. • Our teacher assessments will then be used, alongside the reading score, to give an overall English level.

  8. Writing Tests • Children required to complete two pieces • 45 Minute Task • 20 Minute Task • No choice of prompts. • Handwriting will be assessed as part of the longer task.

  9. Spelling Test • Spelling Test • Spelling is assessed as a separate test. • Dictation activity comprising of 20 words in a cloze procedure format.

  10. The English TestsHow can you help? • Listening to your child read. • Support your child’s understanding by asking questions about text content, style and layout. • Supporting your child with their homework. • Encourage your child to prepare writing using VCOP: Vocabulary, Connectives,Openings,Punctuation, • Practising spellings with your child. • Supporting your child with their handwriting – fluent and legible.

  11. The Maths Tests • Maths Test A (non-calculator) 45 minutes. • Maths Test B (calculator) 45 minutes. • 40 marks available for each paper. • Focus on maths concepts covered throughout school: Number and the number system, calculating, algebra, shape, space and measure. • Children are also tested on ‘Using and Applying’ maths. This includes problem solving, communicating and reasoning.

  12. The Maths Tests • Mental Mathematics Test • 20 questions lasting approximately 20 minutes • Each question read twice then thinking time given • Children can make jottings • 3 sections: • 5 questions with 5 seconds thinking time • 10 questions with 10 seconds thinking time • 5 questions with 15 seconds thinking time

  13. The Maths TestsHow can you help? • Supporting your child with their homework. • Look at the revision questions with your child.. • Practising times tables and number bonds with your child. • Asking your child questions in context e.g. when out shopping, when cooking, using the TV guide. • Asking your child to explain their answer. • Helping them with the written methods and thinking of word problems for them to answer.


  15. Useful Revision Websites • • • • • • • •

  16. Timetable for the week Monday 14th May Reading test. Tuesday 15th May Short and long writing tests. Spelling test. Wednesday 16th May Mental maths. Maths Paper A Thursday 17th May Maths Paper B (Calculator)

  17. SATs Week • Make sure all children are present every day for SATs week and are in school on time. • Make sure children are fully rested! • Children will benefit from having a good breakfast at home or at breakfast club. • Ensure that children have a drink of water in school. • Make sure that children bring any essentials( eg: glasses for reading) We want children to do their best and if they’ve done this we can all be extremely proud of them.

  18. Breakfast Club In recent years, we have run a breakfast club for SATS days. As this has been so successful, we will continue to run it this year to benefit our Year 6 children. The experience has seemed to help the children relax with friends before their tests and take time to eat a healthy breakfast. We will open for breakfast at 8.15 am on test days in wenlock building. Breakfast will consist of toast, fruit and squash. Following breakfast and registration , we will run a short warm up activity to stimulate the brain before we begin our tests for the day. It is not necessary to book Breakfast club.