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Tarea 5.1

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Tarea 5.1

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  1. Tarea 5.1

    Estar con los adjetivos
  2. Página 51 Ejercicio 1 1. José Miguel is tired because (a) he works a lot. The travelers are worried because (b) the hurricane is going to come. Maribel and Claudia are sad because (a) it is snowing a lot and they can’t go out.
  3. 4. The students are wrong because (c) their answer is incorrect. 5. Laura is in love because (b) her boyfriend is nice, intelligent, and handsome. 6. My grandparents are happy because (a) we are going to spend the summer with them.
  4. Ejercicio 2 (Some answers may vary) 1. We have nothing to do; We are very bored. (estamos, aburridos) 2. Humberto is very comfortable in his great new bed. ( está, cómodo) 3. The philosophy students are not wrong; they are right. (estánequivocados) 4. When Estela arrives home at 3:00 a.m., she is very tired. (estácansada) 5. The hotel room is messy because I don’t have time to organize the books and papers. (estádesordenada) 6. It is 11:00 p.m.; I can’t go to the library now because it is closed. (estácerrada) 7. My uncle’s car is very dirty because of this week’s snow and mud. (estásucio) 8. My father sings in the house when he is happy. (estáalegre/contento/feliz) 9. Albert is sad because his friends are very far away. (estátriste) 10. The windows are open because it is hot. (estánabiertas)
  5. Página 52 Ejercicio 3: (Words not used; avergonzado; confundido; enojado) 1. estoycontento/feliz 2. estástriste 3. estoyseguro 4. estamoscómodos 5. estánabiertas 6. estádesordenado 7. estamosocupados 8. estoycansado 9. estoyaburrido 10. estoynervioso 11. estoyenamorado 12. estoyfeliz/contento See the next slide for translation.
  6. Dear Marta: How are you? I am happy because tomorrow I return to Puerto Rico and I am going to see you. I know that you are sad because we have to be separated ruing the semester, but I am sure that they are going to accept you into the university and that you are going to come in September. The room in the dormitory is not big, but my roommate and I are comfortable here. The windows are big, and they are open because the weather is very nice in California. The room is not messy because my roommate is very orderly. During the week, my friends and I are very busy because we work and study many hours per day. When I arrive at the dorm at night, I am tired and I go to sleep. On the weekends, I am not bored because there are many things to do in San Diego. Now I am nervous because tomorrow I have to arrive at the airport at 5:00 a.m. and it is far from the university. But, I feel like being with you because I am in love with you and I am happy because I am going to see you tomorrow. I love you a lot, Juan
  7. Ejercicio 4 Answers may vary. 1. Vincente and Mónica are sleepy. They are tired. (Estáncansados.= They are tired.) 2. We are wrong. (Estamosequivocados.= We are mistaken/wrong.) 3. The passenger is afraid. (Estánervioso.= He is nervous.) 4. Paloma wants to marry her boyfriend. (Estáenamorada. = She is in love.) 5. Irene’s grandparents are going on vacation to Puerto Rico. ( Estánalegres/contentos, felices. = They are happy/content.) 6. I don’t know if the test is going to be easy or hard. (Estoypreocupado. = I am worried.)