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Sermons From Science -- Sept 2012 科学布道 -- 2012 年 9 月 PowerPoint Presentation
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Sermons From Science -- Sept 2012 科学布道 -- 2012 年 9 月

Sermons From Science -- Sept 2012 科学布道 -- 2012 年 9 月

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Sermons From Science -- Sept 2012 科学布道 -- 2012 年 9 月

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  1. Sermons From Science -- Sept 2012科学布道-- 2012年9月 My Sermons from Science is now published in both YouTube under the name “Pastor Chui” and also in PowerPoint slides in the website The contents of this presentation were taken from Dave Coppedge’s website May God have all the glory. Pastor Chui 10/27/2014 1

  2. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • In a video clip seen by over a million, Bill Nye the Science Guy slammed creationism with a series of logical fallacies. • The 2.5-minute video, “Creationism is not appropriate for children,” was posted on YouTube on August 23.  It was reported by CNN Belief Blog and The Examiner among other news media sites.  On Live Science, Stephanie Pappas gave an uncritical write-up, but at least distinguished between creationism and intelligent design, unlike Bill Nye.  Transcript and analysis is provided here in the commentary below.  See also the critical analyses on Darwin’s God and Evolution News & Views. 10/27/2014 2

  3. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • Bill Nye the Scientism Guy does not know what he is talking about.  If he ever learned philosophy of science or even elemental logic, he forgot it in this simplistic screed.  He should stick to cute children’s experiments that are observable, testable, and repeatable, where his TV programs shine.  (Note: we mean “Bill Nye fails baloney detector” in the sense of failing a drug test—lots of baloney was detected!)  Here’s what he said about creationism, with fallacies flying like rotten baloney in all directions: 10/27/2014 3

  4. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “Denial of evolution is unique to the United States.”Big Lie.  Bandwagon. People around the world doubt evolution.  South Korea has a strong anti-evolution movement.  There are Darwin skeptics in England, Spain and other parts of Europe.  One of the largest creation organizations is in Australia.  Nye is sadly misinformed.  He states no facts about Russia, the Middle East, Africa, or South America, but expects readers to just accept his sweeping Generality.  Even if it were true, would he really want America to imitate the rest of the world?  Lots of things about the United States are unique – thank God! 10/27/2014 4

  5. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “I mean, we are the world’s most advanced technological… I mean you could say Japan, but generally the United States is where most of the innovation still happens.” Non-sequitur.  How does this support Nye’s contention?  If anything logical can be inferred, it’s a correlation between technological innovation and denial of evolution.  The rest of the world should follow the USA’s example! 10/27/2014 5

  6. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “People still move to the United States.  And that’s largely because of the intellectual capital we have, the general understanding of science.”Non-sequitur.  And his point is?  If the USA already has the best intellectual capital that is the envy of the world, what’s the problem?  Could it be that people move to the United States because they are running away from the Darwin totalitarianism in their home countries? 10/27/2014 6

  7. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “When you have a portion of the population that doesn’t believe in it, it holds everybody back; really.”Big Lie, Non-sequitur.  This sentence is a Sidestep wrapped in a Generality, seasoned with Equivocation and Fear-mongering.  What does “it” refer to?  He has apparently just shifted the topic from denial of evolution to denial of science.  Is Nye unaware that creationist leaders have PhD’s in a wide field of scientific disciplines?  Denial of evolution has nothing to do with denial of science.  Creationists love science!  If anyone is holding anyone back, it is the Darwin Party holding back academic freedom. 10/27/2014 7

  8. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology…”Big Lie.  Saying something doesn’t make it so.  Cell theory, genetics, or even intelligent design could easily qualify for the most fundamental idea – intelligent design, because biology is focused on genetic and epigenetic codes, functional information, and functional design, as evidenced in the biomimetics revolution.  Darwinists add their just-so stories as a narrative gloss to the observations of biology, as often shown in these pages.  Wherever evolution is treated as a fundamental idea or heuristic, it fails.  The “tree of life” is a good example.  Biologists now consider it a network, not a branching tree as Darwin envisaged; Darwin’s imaginary tree misled biologists for over a century.  Other examples: junk DNA, vestigial organs, evolutionary psychology, social Darwinism. 10/27/2014 8

  9. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “…analogous to trying to do geology without believing in tectonic plates. .…”  Argument from Analogy.  Creationists believe in tectonic plates.  Tectonic plate theory, not involving life and reproduction, is not comparable to evolutionary theory. 10/27/2014 9

  10. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “You’re just not going to get the right answer.  Your world is just going to be a mystery, rather than an exciting place.”Non-sequitur, Sidestep, Big Lie.  Being “exciting” may have a role in sociology of science, but is not a necessary or sufficient condition for doing science itself.  Nye’s sophomoric statement also presumes that science is capable of getting one and only one “right” answer, a philosophically vexed notion.  Science provides tentative explanations that seem to work for the present; if even Newtonian physics succumbed to Einstein’s relativity, no scientific theory is beyond criticism.  Nye also assumes that Darwinism has produced a “right answer” – name one!  This is a claim so lame it mandates penance.  Re-reading every evolution story in our pages for the last 12 years is a start. 10/27/2014 10

  11. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “As my old professor Carl Sagan said, ‘When you’re in love, you want to tell the world.’”Argument from Authority.  Nye reveals his philosophical roots here: the materialist, positivist, Darwin-saturated world of the world’s most famous atheist, with whom he is in love.  Are you surprised he wants to attack creation?  He should listen to his mentor’s advice about Baloney Detecting, and his idol’s advice about academic freedom. 10/27/2014 11

  12. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “Once in awhile I get people that really… that claim they don’t believe in evolution.”Ridicule, Straw Man.  Nye’s sneering demeanor here contributes to his emotional effect of portraying Darwin skeptics as stupid, misguided bigots.  Rhetorically, nothing prevents a person of equal status turning that statement right back at him: “Once in awhile I get people who claim they don’t believe in creation” or “who claim they believe in evolution.”  Sneer and shake your head for added effect. 10/27/2014 12

  13. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “Any my response generally is [shrugs shoulders], why not; really [silly grin], why not?”Bandwagon, Ridicule.  Hey, just leave your brain at the gate and jump on the Darwinmobile; it’s fun! • “Your world just becomes fantastically complicated when you don’t believe in evolution.”Half truth, Non-Sequitur.  The world just is fantastically complicated by every biologist’s account, evolutionist or not.   Read one week’s worth of biochemistry papers for proof.  One thing Nye gets right: everything is so much simpler when you just throw up your hands like Darwin and say, “Stuff Happens” (9/22/2009,9/15/2008).   Now the whole world makes sense! No more need to buckle down and explain the complexity of life.  Just say, “It evolved!” and make up a just-so story. 10/27/2014 13

  14. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “Here are these ancient dinosaur bones, or fossils…”Circular Reasoning, Card Stacking.  First in his list of items too complicated for creationists to deal with, Nye embeds his beliefs into the language by calling the bones “ancient.”  Let’s get him to explain how blood cells and proteins in dinosaur bone pulled up from the ground survived for over 65 million Darwin Years.  Does Nye really think that creationists ignore dinosaur bones?  Good grief, the creation sites are filled with discussions about dinosaurs.  And they don’t fret over how complicated it makes creationism; on the contrary, they show that the evolutionists are the ones challenged to explain these large, complex, diverse beings by an unguided process.  As for other fossils, has Nye ever heard of the Cambrian explosion?  Let’s get him to watch Darwin’s Dilemma to learn not to state misrepresentations on YouTube. 10/27/2014 14

  15. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “Here is radioactivity, here are distant stars that are just like ours but at different states in their life cycles.…”  Sidestep, Non-Sequitur, Card Stacking.  What on earth do these have to do with the evolution as a “fundamental idea of biology”?  If he is trying to attack young-earth creationism, then he is displaying his ignorance of PhD-level creationist literature on radioactivity (e.g., the RATE books), and on cosmology.  He is also completely ignoring the many and deep difficulties in evolutionary cosmology, not the least of which is getting everything out of nothing.  Search the Cosmology links for many examples. 10/27/2014 15

  16. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “… the idea of this deep time, of billions of years explains so much of the world around us.  If you try to ignore that, your worldview just becomes crazy – it becomes, uh, untenable; it’s self-inconsistent.”Big Lie, Ridicule, Sidestep.  Creation scientists do not “ignore” questions of time.  There are creationist cosmologies that allow for billions of years (example).  Certainly intelligent design theory is disinterested about deep time.  What is Nye ridiculing?  Deep time has nothing to do with biological evolution, except as a convenient closet in which to stuff their skeletons.  We’ll grant evolutionists ten or hundred times the billions of years they believe in: the mathematical probability will still rule evolution “untenable” (see online book).  Nye tosses out the adjectives “untenable” and “self-inconsistent” as unargued conclusions, offering no support.  Who is calling whose worldview “crazy”?  Just the facts, Nye. 10/27/2014 16

  17. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “And I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution, and live in your [waves hands around] world that is inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine.” Generality, Big Lie, Ridicule.  Such folly is not worthy of repetition, let alone refutation. • “But don’t make your kids do it, because we need them.”Non-Sequitur, Bandwagon.  Who is “we”?  The scientific oligarchy?  The Darwin Party?  The mandarins and elitists of Darwin indoctrination?  Or does Nye have a frog in his pocket?  Bill Nye, kids belong to their parents, not you. 10/27/2014 17

  18. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future.  We need people that, uh– we need engineers! People who can build stuff, solve problems.”Non-Sequitur, Bandwagon.  It just gets worse.  Nye has now equated belief in evolution with engineering!  This is funny.  Is he that clueless? Some of the hottest jobs in science right now involve biomimetics, the imitation of nature’s designs.  As we have reported for years, Darwinism has nothing to do with the cutting-edge sciences of biochemistry and biomimetics.  Did the Curiosity rover land on Mars by evolution?  Has it found evidence of evolution?  Neither.  Engineers build things using intelligent design.  Nye is right about one thing: we need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future, so that they can kick the Darwin Party usurpers out and end the totalitarian reign of the Emperor with No Clothes. 10/27/2014 18

  19. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • “It’s just really a hard thing.  It’s a hard thing.”Non-Sequitur.  Nye can’t think of anything intelligent to say, so he just gestures and fills up time with irrelevant emotional expressions. • “You know, in another couple of centuries, that worldview will be [shakes head] just won’t exist.  I mean, it’s [shrugs] … there’s no evidence for it.”Big Lie, Sidestep, Ridicule, Argument from Authority.  More vacuous emotional opinions.  How can he know what the next two centuries will bring?  He could well find his peers digging through the garbage heap of discarded ideas for their long-lost statue of Darwin. • This is why Bill Nye is not called the Logic Guy or Bill Nye the Philosopher.  Chances are good (since he lives and breathes scientism) that he could not even define science in a way that could keep evolution in and creation out. 10/27/2014 19

  20. Bill Nye Fails Baloney Detector 比尔·奈伊失败胡扯探测器 • Bill Nye’s 2.5-minute emotional rant, unfortunately, shows the power of an authority figure who can garner over a million viewers to listen to his empty rhetoric and influence the culture.  Two minutes of lies and distortions, spoken off the cuff with no support, take paragraphs to refute.  Don’t despair: if one boy calling out “The Emperor is naked!” can turn the tide, a few of us with our heads still screwed on, not influenced by the aura of the elitist Bandwagon, can make a difference.  Get your megaphone and shout the truth. 10/27/2014 20

  21. Gloria Deo 愿荣耀归上帝 10/27/2014 21

  22. Sermons From Science -- Sept 2012科学布道-- 2012年9月 My Sermons from Science is now published in both YouTube under the name “Pastor Chui” and also in PowerPoint slides in the website The contents of this presentation were taken from Dave Coppedge’s website May God have all the glory. Pastor Chui 10/27/2014 22

  23. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • The phrase “building blocks of life” is pregnant with misinformation. • Starry eyed:  Many organic molecules have been found in space by their spectra.  New ones are added to the collection from time to time.  The latest is glycolaldehyde, a simple sugar, found by astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter Array in Chile around a young star.  No planets were found, because according to theory, they come later in the star’s evolution.  10/27/2014 23

  24. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • A press release from the University of Copenhagen, “Sweet building blocks of life found around young star,” sent reporters into lockstep confirmation mode.  Science Daily reposted the press release verbatim even though it was primarily promoting the university’s homeboy, Jes Jørgensen, and didn’t explain whether the simple carbohydrate, containing only common carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, would survive any planet’s fiery formation without turning into tar. PhysOrg dropped the “sweet” word, but reprinted the press release uncritically.   Live Science called this a “space sugar” and stated the phrase “building blocks of life” twice.  10/27/2014 24

  25. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • At National Geographic, Ker Than was ecstatic about the “sweet discovery,” asking in big, bold print, “Sugar Found In Space: A Sign of Life?”  The presence of this molecule floating in gas was enough to suggest “the possibility of life on other planets.”  Later in the article he did admit, “Glycoaldehyde can be found on Earth, usually in the form of an odorless white powder” that is really not used to sweeten foods.  It’s significance derives from some scientists who “think it plays a key role in the chemical reaction that forms ribonucleic acid (RNA), a crucial biomolecule present in all living cells.” 10/27/2014 25

  26. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • Phosphorus for us:  NASA Astrobiology Magazine turned its excitement to phosphorus, a molecule not common on earth but essential to life.  In “Life’s First Taste of Phosphorus,” (an odd title considering the highly-toxic element became essential in compounds long before taste buds evolved in the evolutionary scenario), reporter Michael Scherber provided this summary:  “Phosphorus is vital to life on Earth, even though our planet doesn’t provide life very much phosphorus to work with. Scientists are now studying how phosphorus biochemistry may have originated at the dawn of life.” 10/27/2014 26

  27. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • Phosphorus ranks 17th in abundance on earth, and is generally locked up in inaccessible minerals, the article explained; available forms tend to be deep in earth’s core.  But phosphorus is a vital part of DNA, RNA, and ATP (adenosine triphosphate), and “shows up in a surprisingly wide range of biological molecules.”  So where did life get it?  The article’s best answer: meteorites.  Georgia Tech’s Nicholas Hud became chief storyteller for the scenario of what happened after meteorites provided a veneer of the essential element: 10/27/2014 27

  28. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • Hud thinks phosphorus might have started out as a trace element in a few biological processes, and only later did life realize all the potential that phosphorus has for life. • “Once life developed the molecular machinery that allowed incorporation of phosphorus, and even the ‘harvesting’ of phosphorus, life would have moved to a higher level,” Hud says. “The inclusion of phosphate likely represented a major evolutionary advance in life (if it was not there at the very beginning) and therefore is extremely important for understanding the origin and early evolution of life.” 10/27/2014 28

  29. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • Adventure game:  New Scientist posted a highly speculative article entitled, “DNA could have existed long before life itself.”  The only hint of empirical substance revolved around work by Michael Powner (University College London), who is “trying to make DNA nucleotides through similar methods to those he used to make RNA nucleotides in 2009.  And he’s getting closer.”  Already, though, the speculation is in high gear: “a rethink might be in order,” writer Michael Marshall teased, even though “There is plenty still to do.”  If he succeeds, it “could have important implications for our understanding of life’s origins.”  10/27/2014 29

  30. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • The old RNA World scenario might be replaced by the DNA World or some “bloody mess” of “rich pickings,” according to Matthew Levy (Albert Einstein College of Medicine), who did not explain how life avoided the toxic cross-reactions and tholins likely to form.  Steven Benner (origin-of-life researcher at University of Florida) would really like to get DNA going early: “Benner says it makes more sense for the first life to have used pure DNA and RNA as early as possible,” Marshall wrote without explaining how pre-microbes evolved sense, because “Both work better than the mongrel molecules.”    “Right now, though, there’s nothing to tell us exactly how and when life first used DNA,” Marshall ended, confessing complete ignorance.  Matthew Levy got the last word: “It almost becomes a choose-your-own-adventure game,” he said. 10/27/2014 30

  31. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • The pep tide rises:  PNAS published a paper apparently solving an old conundrum for origin-of-life research: how did amino acids link up in peptide bonds?  “Protein synthesis in aqueous environments, facilitated by sequential amino acid condensation forming peptides, is a ubiquitous process in modern biology, and a fundamental reaction necessary in prebiotic chemistry,” Griffith and Vaida explained in the abstract.  “Such reactions, however, are condensation reactions, requiring the elimination of a water molecule for every peptide bond formed, and are thus unfavorable in aqueous environments both from a thermodynamic and kinetic point of view.”  10/27/2014 31

  32. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • Excitedly, they announced, “We report unambiguous spectroscopic evidence of peptide bond formation at the air–water interface, yielding a possible mechanism providing insight into the formation of modern ribosomal peptide bonds, and a means for the emergence of peptides on early Earth.”  Great.  Now if they can keep them from dissolving again when they dip below the surface, they might be onto something.  Actually, their experiment required the formation of amino acid esters first, and the cooperation of copper ions. 10/27/2014 32

  33. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • Origin-of-life (OOL) researchers routinely commit a number of fallacies.  First, they are not following evidence where it leads.  Their evolutionary worldview comes first; data are mere props for the worldview.  Second, they commit non-sequiturs.  Just because life requires these molecules now, it does not follow that the appearance of these isolated molecules led to life.  Third, they omit the key ingredient of life: the code.  Scattered amino acids and nucleotides under the best conditions have no connection to the configuration that produces function.  OOL needs an encyclopedia, but generates random alphabet letters scattered over a vast ocean.  Give the materialists whole planets filled with letters combining at fantastic rates without intelligent design; there is zero hope they will ever produce meaning (see online book). 10/27/2014 33

  34. Origin-of-Life Researchers Excited Over Nothing 没有什么激动生命起源的研究 • OOL research does not deserve anyone’s respect.  It deserves their pity, or their laughter.  They are wasting time playing adventure games instead of doing real scientific work that helps humanity.  The misinformation disseminated by the media over this hopeless, misleading research deserves their scorn. 10/27/2014 34

  35. Gloria Deo 愿荣耀归上帝 10/27/2014 35

  36. Sermons From Science -- Sept 2012科学布道-- 2012年9月 My Sermons from Science is now published in both YouTube under the name “Pastor Chui” and also in PowerPoint slides in the website The contents of this presentation were taken from Dave Coppedge’s website May God have all the glory. Pastor Chui 10/27/2014 36

  37. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • The San Diego Zoo has a new Centre for Bioinspiration, promoting invention based on life’s solutions to practical problems. • Radio station KPBS announced, “San Diego Zoo Will Mimic Nature To Create New Products.”  The zoo will use its practical knowledge of plants and animals to excite corporations to apply the knowledge to invention.  By connecting collaborators with sponsors, they hope to bring useful products to the marketplace.  Examples of animals with biomimetic potential listed in the article include the morpho butterfly, whose wing scales led Qualcomm to improve cell phone displays, and sharks, whose skin led to improved ways for shipbuilders to avoid barnacles. 10/27/2014 37

  38. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Reporter Tom Fudge ended with this promising citation: “A study by Point Loma Nazarene University found biomimicry could help the local economy. The study said developing such products had the potential to add 2,100 jobs and $325 million in annual revenues to the San Deigo [sic] region.”  Across the world, the BBC News took notice of this development, headlining, “San Diego Zoo looks to nature to create new gadgets,” noting the design influence of birds, whales and butterflies.  Live Science also reported the news.  “The San Diego Zoo has touted its biomimicry expertise for a few years now,” the article noticed. 10/27/2014 38

  39. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Visitors to San Diego Zoo’s Bioinspiration Website can find news and lists of resources for further information.  The Centre’s summer newsletter announced a Bioinspiration Conference for October 2013 in partnership with the Zurich Zoo.  “Imagine medical transportation simplified by looking to the flight of dragonflies, protective body armor inspired by the armadillo shell, or drug delivery improvements inspired by the mosquito,” the announcement reads.  “The natural world represents a tremendous resource for novel and transformative innovation.” 10/27/2014 39

  40. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • In addition, the Centre is attracting high school students to consider careers in biomimetics by offering a course this fall, “Introduction to Biomimcry,” in collaboration with UC San Diego.  It won’t just be a series of lectures, either: “Students will work in pairs on a Design Challenge, where an adaptation from an animal or plant is used as inspiration for solving an engineering challenge.” • In other biomimetics news: 10/27/2014 40

  41. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Cucumbers:  Did you ever wonder about those coils on cucumber vines that find poles to climb?  Did you ever stretch them?  Scientists at Harvard did.  They wanted to know how the spring-like tendrils coil tighter when stretched, unlike most springs that unwind.  In “How the Cucumber Tendril Coils and Overwinds” in Science Magazine today (31 August 2012: Vol. 337 no. 6098 pp. 1087–1091, DOI: 10.1126/science.1223304), Gerbode et al. explained the counterintuitive behavior of these natural springs “using physical models of prestrained rubber strips, geometric arguments, and mathematical models of elastic filaments.”  The outcome of their work “suggests designs for biomimetic twistless springs with tunable mechanical responses.”  Their paper threw a cucumber slice to Darwin who had called the tendrils “soft springs” – but that had nothing to do with evolution. 10/27/2014 41

  42. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Their only mention of evolution itself was not helpful to Darwin: “Collectively, our observations raise questions at an evolutionary level about the ubiquity of this mechanism in other tendril-bearing species and at a mechanical level about the functional principles of these soft twistless springs,” they said in the conclusion.  A Harvard press release summarized the research in lay language.  Trying to remain evolutionary about this design, the article claimed, “Nature has solved all kinds of energetic and mechanical problems, doing it very slowly and really getting it right.”  Noting the efficiency of the design, the article ended with a rhetorical question, “The real question remains this: How difficult is it to evolve such tendril-like solutions?” 10/27/2014 42

  43. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Rats:  Engineers at CORDIS are saying “Eureka!” instead of “Rats!” as they work on rat-inspired whiskered robots, reported PhysOrg.  The summary provides glimpses of hope for homemakers, doctors and firefighters: “Inspired by the twitching whiskers of common rats and Etruscan shrews, European researchers have developed rodent-like robots and an innovative tactile sensor system that could be used to help find people in burning buildings, make vacuum cleaners more efficient and eventually improve keyhole surgery.”  Remember–these are the critters you want to trap or poison. 10/27/2014 43

  44. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Bugs:  A short video on Live Science praises “The Master Designer, Nature Herself.”  Shrilk, a cheap new material inspired by bug parts and discarded shrimp shells, is leading to biodegradable sutures, plastics, and containers. • Lastly, Science Daily announced “Evidence That New Biomimetic Controlled-Release Capsules May Help in Gum Disease.” 10/27/2014 44

  45. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Isn’t this great?  This is more evidence that biomimetics is rolling over Darwin.  As expected, the Darwinists are trying to capitalize on this hot new trend with empty speculations, like “Biology has had a much longer time — 3.8 billion years — to address problems, and a lot of the problems are similar to those we face” (BBC News), but in so doing, they are only exhibiting their ignorance of natural selection (an aimless process with no goal or purpose in mind), and the uselessness of their theory. 10/27/2014 45

  46. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Most biomimetics articles don’t even mention evolution, and are better off with the omission.  Who needs a distracting story, when the rush is on to imitate the designs everyone calls masterful?  Darwinism may well be simply drowned out and forgotten in the bioinspiration stampede. 10/27/2014 46

  47. Zoo Celebrates Bio-Inspiration 动物园庆祝生物灵感 • Even worse is calling “Mother Nature” the Master Designer.  The apostle Paul rightly instructed us to give honor to whom honor is due (Romans 13:7), and the only Master Designer around able to create master designs is the all-wise Logos who created all things (John 1:1–3) – including ourselves, who are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and “skilfully wrought” in the womb (Psalm 139:13–16).  Give honor to whom honor is due: be humble, be thankful, and be obedient. 10/27/2014 47

  48. Gloria Deo 愿荣耀归上帝 10/27/2014 48

  49. Sermons From Science -- Sept 2012科学布道-- 2012年9月 My Sermons from Science is now published in both YouTube under the name “Pastor Chui” and also in PowerPoint slides in the website The contents of this presentation were taken from Dave Coppedge’s website May God have all the glory. Pastor Chui 10/27/2014 49

  50. Mt. St. Helens Renewal Slow, Steady 圣海伦火山更新缓慢,稳定的 • This is Dave Coppedge’s eyewitness report of ecological renewal at the volcano that erupted 32 years ago. • On Saturday, August 4, a group of about 60 people hiked the Johnston Ridge trail to view Mt. St. Helens and hear about its geology and ecology.  The event, advertised, was organized with help from members of the Design Science Association of Portland and 7 Wonders Museum on highway 504 west of Mt. St. Helens.  The event featured geologist Dr. Steven A. Austin, who personally researched the volcano in the weeks and years after its May 18, 1980 eruption and has hiked the area numerous times.  10/27/2014 50