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What is visual literacy?. We live in a world where visual images are becoming increasingly important as most information is presented as a combination of words and images. If you can read a map, draw a diagram or interpret symbols then you are visually literate.

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What is visual literacy
What is visual literacy?

  • We live in a world where visual images are becoming increasingly important as most information is presented as a combination of words and images.

What is seen with the then you are visually literate.

eye and what is “seen”

with the mind.

PERIODIC TABLE OF VISUALISATION METHODS then you are visually literate.



Hover over the elements on this table to see a de range of ways to display thinking visually using charts, graphs, symbols, maps etc. This is a great resource to introduce new visualization methods and to ensure you aren’t always relying on the same old ones.

TEACHING IDEAS BLOG then you are visually literate.

This blog is full of animations and examples of visual literacy that can be used by teachers. It comes with the full animations AND ideas on what to do with each animation. It even includes ideas for writing that may be inspired by each video. Well worth a look at this blog. (Follow @redgierob on twitter for updates.)

BUBBLR then you are visually literate.

Search for images using tags. Find an appropriate photo and add thought bubbles and speech bubbles. Use a single photo or create a series of photos. Students can show what people in photos may be thinking or saying based on what they see in the image. Give the photos a name and share the unique URL. (No login required)

PHRASR then you are visually literate.

Type in a sentence and click ‘Start.’ This site will find an image for each of your words to create a visual representation of your words. You can change the image for each word until you find an image you are satisfied with. When you are finished you can watch a mini cycle of your images and words. You can easily share the unique web address of your finished piece. (No login required)

Storybird www storybird com

STORYBIRD then you are visually

Storybird 'reverses the process of visual storytelling by starting with the image and "unlocking" the story inside. Choose an artist or a theme, get inspired, and start writing.' This website provides you with a range of beautiful illustrations that require an author to turn them into a story. The end product is an online picture book that can be shared with anyone. Another great aspect of this site is the ability to collaborate on a story- invite someone else to make the book with you.

Voice thread www voicethread com

VOICE THREAD then you are visually

A VoiceThread is a collaborative slide show that can hold images, documents and/or videos and lets people interact and comment on the content in 5 ways; using voice with either a microphone or telephone, text, audio file or video. The people's comments appear around the edges of the image/document/video.

Acmi 15 second place http 15secondplace acmi net au

ACMI- 15 SECOND PLACE then you are visually literate.

Fifteen second films capture the mood of a location in a short 15 second video. Students can upload their videos. These videos can be geolocated. There are very helpful prompts and tips included at the site. Big bonus: It is an Australian site!

Searching for images
Searching for images then you are visually literate.

Toondoo www toondoo com

TOONDOO then you are visually

Toondoo provides you with everything you need to make a comic strip- the layout, the images and the speech bubbles. Just select your background and your characters and add text! You can also make online books. Share them online or embed them in a blog once completed.

Wordle www wordle net

WORDLE then you are visually

Paste your text into this website and have it transformed into a colourful word cloud. Words that are repeated more often will be larger in size.

You can type a list of words in manually or copy and paste an entire word document in here. This is useful to demonstrate keywords.

Timerime www timerime com

TIMERIME then you are visually

Are you looking to create a timeline on any subject? Create as many timelines as you want and add maps, images, video and sound. You can even set up an account just for your class.