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Paul Zindel. Hannah, Ryan. Paul Zindel’s Biographical Information.

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Paul zindel

Paul Zindel

Hannah, Ryan

Paul zindel s biographical information
Paul Zindel’s Biographical Information

Paul Zindel was born on March 15th 1936 in Staten Island, New York. He really didn’t know his father, his father abandoned him and left him with just his mother and sister. He attended Wagner College majoring in Chemistry. His awards included an Honorary Doctorate, Book of the Year in 1968, Boston Globe- Horn Book in 1969. He moved to Broadway in 1971. Paul was married to Bonnie Hildebrand in 1973 and had two children, David and Elizabeth. He wrote books about adventure and horror.

List of books
List of Books

  • The Pigman

  • My Darling, My Hamburger

  • I Never Loved Your Mind

  • The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

  • I Love My Mother

  • Pardon Me, Your Stepping on my Eyeball

  • Confessions of a Teenage Baboon

  • The Undertakers Gone Banannas

  • The Pigman’s Legacy

  • A Star For the Late Comer

  • The Girl Who Wanted a Boy

  • Night of the Bat

  • 5th Grade Safari

  • The Surfing Corpse

  • The Scream Museum

  • The Gadget

  • Miss Peardon Drinks a Little

  • The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild

  • Let Me Hear You Whisper

  • The Ladies Should Be In Bed

The scream museum
The Scream Museum

The Scream Museum is realistic fiction. The setting is mostly in a Museum. The main characters are Makenzie, Jesus, P.C., Tom, Dr. Farr, Dr. Speigelmanand, Dr. Gardner. The problem is Tom is accused of killing Dr. Farr. The conclusion is Tom was hypnotized by Dr.Speigelman, but Dr. Speigelman is an imposter and killed Dr. Farr.


I thought the story was boring in the beginning but towards the end it got good. I think kids that like mystery’s will like this book.

Fifth grade safari
Fifth Grade Safari

The Wacky Facts Lunch Bunch (Dave, Max, Liz, Johnyand Jennifer) have gone on a school field trip too the newly renovated zoo. As the W.F.L.B. try to learn about the animals there, the school bullies Nat and Rado try to terrorize an innocent turtle.


In my personal opinion, I think the book could have been better but, I really liked the main climax point (where Nat and Rado try to kill the turtle) Overall the book is interesting in most part and gives facts about animals. I think that someone who likes animals a lot would love this book.

Compare and contrast
Compare and Contrast

Compare (Same)

Contrast (Differences)

The Scream Museum is at a museum where as Fifth Grade Safari is at a zoo

The Scream Museum has 7 main characters While Fifth Grade Safari only has 8

The Scream Museum has a more frightful genre where as Fifth Grade Safari is more fun and child friendly

  • The Scream Museum and Fifth Grade Safari are both realistic fiction

  • The stories both have small creatures such as a tarantula

  • In Fifth Grade Safari and The Scream Museum have characters under the age of 18.

What is the genre of the scream museum
What is the genre of The Scream Museum?

The genre of The Scream Museum is Realistic Fiction.

Where is the setting of the scream museum
Where is the setting of The Scream Museum?

The setting of The Scream Museum is mostly in a museum.

How many main c haracters are there in the scream museum
How many main characters are there in The Scream Museum?

There are at least 7 main characters in The Scream Museum.

What s the plot of fifth grade safari
What’s the plot of Fifth Grade Safari?

The plot is that school bullies (Nat and Rado) are trying to prevent class education.

What s the genre of fifth grade safari
What’s the genre of Fifth Grade Safari?

The genre of Fifth Grade Safari is realistic fiction.

Where is the setting of fifth grade safari
Where is the setting of Fifth Grade Safari?

The setting of Fifth Grade Safari is a zoo.