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MOTHER n CHILD …an eternal bond PowerPoint Presentation
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MOTHER n CHILD …an eternal bond

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MOTHER n CHILD …an eternal bond - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MOTHER n CHILD …an eternal bond . MOTHER n CHILD – The EVENT - A trend that started almost 10 years ago - Getting bigger and better with time - Arriving this year with a bang!. The unbeatable team The unbreakable bond The unconquerable spirit The unconditional love.

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Presentation Transcript
mother n child an eternal bond
MOTHER n CHILD …an eternal bond

MOTHER n CHILD – The EVENT - A trend that started almost 10 years ago - Getting bigger and better with time - Arriving this year with a bang!

The unbeatable team

The unbreakable bond

The unconquerable spirit

The unconditional love

mother n child back again
Mother n Child – Back Again

The bond between a mother & child is the strongest

Mom is the first word that children say when they learn to speak

She remains the core source of attention and respect for a child which is eternal

A mother is also the one who identifies and nurtures the talent in a child

mother n child back again1
Mother n Child – Back Again
  • Keeping this in mind, Multimedia Informatics came up with a unique event called Mother n Child, a chance for an early headstart in life and to hone the talent in your child
  • With Mother n Child you get an opportunity to perform on stage along with your child, be it TV advertisements, enacting fables, Bollywood theme songs, shlokas, poems, song and dance, mimicry or perhaps any creative item that you wish to
previous event mother n child
Previous Event - Mother n Child

More than 400 schools- SEC A & SEC B

More than 7.5K entries - 12 auditions


Explores the Child’s hidden TALENT

  • Unleashes a new face of MOTHERHOOD
  • Enhances the relationship between Mother & Child
why mother n child
Why Mother n Child ?
  • Nuclear families have grown big time
  • Working parents - is becoming a common scenario
  • Children are left to be taken care of by the maid or on their own
  • Work pressure has resulted in lack of time spent between a mother and her child
what it does to a mother
What it does to a Mother
  • Unleashes the artist within her
  • She puts in an extra effort for her child
  • Amplifies her love & endevour to win for the kid
  • Personifies her creativity, affection
  • Unifies her spirit, enthusiasm and attitude
what it does to a child
What it does to a Child
  • Imbibes in a child, confidence, poise, stage presence
  • Takes them a step ahead in today’s competition
  • Blends innocence, creativity, and ability to innovate in them
  • Instills team spirit and also grooms their basic personality
why this age group
Why this age-group?
  • The age bracket of 2 ½ - 7 years is the most crucial between the two
  • Mother becomes the learning source of everything for the child
  • Only a mother can identify the best in the child and structure it accordingly
  • The child develops confidence, gains knowledge that becomes a stepping stone for his future achievements




target audience reach
Target Audience Reach

Ground Benefits

No. of Schools, Nurseries & Playgroups to be tapped across India – Approx 400+

No. of Auditions – 12+

No of Entries expected – 7500+

No. of Audiences expected at each Audition – 350+

No. of Invitation cards to be sent – 1500+

Number of Audiences expected at the Grand Finale – 1000+

flow chart
Flow Chart

Distribution of Enrollment forms

Steps of the event

merits of the show
Merits of the Show
  • Original concept
  • First of its kind show
  • Reflects Indianess in the relationship of a Mother & Child
  • No one loses as the presence of little ones itself grabs all the attention
  • Is neither fussy nor time consuming
  • A platform that showcases performances delivered by a Mother and her child
  • The duo can perform a dance, singing, mimicry, skit, satire or any other creative item of their choice
  • Each performance is of 3 minutes
  • Selection of the participants is done through auditions conducted at various schools and auditoriums
  • The Grand Finale will be held in Mumbai
  • Logo on our website,

Event Flow

Response Module

Participative Age-Group

  • 400+Schools, Nurseries, Playschools & Toddlers
  • Over 1,00,000 forms
  • 12 auditions
  • 0ver 1000audience

Group A { 2 ½ – 4 yrs }

Group B { 4 – 5 ½ yrs }

Group C { 5 ½ – 7 yrs }


Participation avenues

Singing, Dancing, Mimicry, Recitation, Satire or Comic Skit or any creative item

  • Entry forms
  • SMS facility
  • E-mail
  • Website entry forms

6 steps of the event

Judgment Criteria

1.Call For Entries

2. Screening of Entries

3. Audition / Elimination

5. Grooming Session

6. Mega Final

Expert panel will judge on the basis of Coordination and performance of the participants


Ground Activation Schedule

City :Mumbai

Final event: 1st May 2013

Venue : TBC

  • Distribution of Enrollment Form
  • (1 LakhForms)
    • Schools
    • Playgroups& Nurseries
    • Dancing Classes
    • Hobby Classes
    • Malls
    • Children Food Joints

Audition Schedule

Mumbai - [May]

Final Grooming :

18th& 19st April’13 in the respective zones.

Grooming will be done simultaneously

Audition Zone :

Selected Schools & Auditoriums of the respective zone.

our assocites and media coverage over the years



Print Partners

Broadcast Partner & Coverage


Telecasted on Hungama TV

  • Hungama enjoyed the 2nd
  • highest TRP

360o Publicity & Promotional Blitz

Electronic Media



Promotion & Registration Touch Points


project conceptualized and executed by multimedia informatics pvt ltd
Project conceptualized and executed by

Multimedia Informatics Pvt. Ltd.