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Human Energy Renewable Measure

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Human Energy Renewable Measure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Energy Renewable Measure. Authors and Presenters:. Jeff Beller Susan Caumont. Thesis:.

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Renewable Measure

  • The energy for human thought and human efforts derives directly from renewable solar energy. Just as energy units can be standardized, human energy can be standardized and used as a renewable energy basis for considering values in a human economy. Human renewable energy is the basis for all economies.

Creating an equitable economic system for human energy (physical and mental) requires a base equation for the value of human energy.

  • This base equation can be used as a peg for the currency of any country.
  • The human energy renewable measure guarantees four rights to each person for their approximately 20-hour work week. These rights are education, healthcare, food and shelter.

Why do we need a base measure for human renewable energy?

  • There has never been a base measure for human energy.
  • Human effort is what runs economies and is its source of value.
  • The present valuations of human accomplishment (physical and intellectual) are subjective—whatever your employer will pay.

The proposed equation is:

20 human energy hours = 7.2 mega Joules

  • A reasonable estimate for human renewable energy can be expressed in terms of human propelled bicycle-like devices generating electricity.
  • Other examples of measures and equations in constant use are: inches in foot centimeters, ounces, liters, horsepower, time, etc.
  • This measure gives people a way to compare human effort fairly, worldwide.
the gross domestic product gdp needs to include the activities of the human existence economy
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) needs to include the activities of the human existence economy.
  • The GDP cannot exist without the nonwage paid essential social activities of the overall population.
  • Examples of these essential activities would be: child care, elder care, independent research, volunteer work, etc. These activities all represent qualifying hours of work toward a 20-hour work week and its HERM guarantees.
  • The human existence economy provides essential support activities and structure for the “wage pay” workers.
the renewable energy generation output rego currency helps the free market work
The Renewable Energy Generation Output (REGO), currency helps the free market work.
  • A decimal value of 100 is applied to whatever currency is used.
  • The REGO shows the quality of individual effort, more education, better personality, special traits and talents, etc.
  • Individuals who use more resources, pay more back to the economy.
  • The debt to inherited human knowledge needs to be recognized.


  • A fair economic system can be created when the value of human thoughts and physical effort is based on a standardized base measure.
  • The HERM measure guarantees four basic rights for an approximately 20-hour work week - education, healthcare, food and shelter.