bill of rights n.
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Bill of rights PowerPoint Presentation
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Bill of rights

Bill of rights

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Bill of rights

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  1. Bill of rights The Hand Game…

  2. Protect yourself against the central government! Hold up all ten fingers in front of you, push your hands outward like you are pushing someone away.

  3. The Freedoms • Freedom of Speech • Freedom of Religion • Freedom of the Press • Freedom to Assemble • Freedom to Petition Holdup five fingers, then use your pointer finger to represent each of the following rights. 1

  4. Bare Arms • Right to Bare Arms Take your pointer finger and thumb to represent a “gun” 2

  5. Quartering of Soldiers • Quartering of Soldiers Make the “ok” symbol and then take your other hand and cover your three fingers. 3

  6. Privacy • Right to Privacy Tuck your thumb into your palm and then take your remaining four fingers and make it look like you would be knocking on the door. 4

  7. Miranda Rights • Right to remain silent. Take your hand and place it over your mouth. 5

  8. Speedy Trial • Right to a speedy trial. • Take one finger on one hand and your other hand and make it appear like you checking the time. 6

  9. Trial by Jury • Right to a Trial by Jury Take two fingers on one hand and shake them in front of your other hand. 7

  10. Cruel and Unusual Punishment • Right to not have cruel or unusual punishment. Take for fingers on each hand and pretend to be “chopping” the air with each hand. 8

  11. Personal Rights • Not all individual rights are laid out in the constitution. Take one hand and place it over your heart and use the other hand to salute. 9

  12. States Rights • Any rights not listed in the Constitution are decided by the States. Take one hand and make a fist and pound it on the other hand. 10

  13. SCENARIO 1 Sara, an eighteen-year old college student, is arrested for stealing a classmate’s term paper and selling it on the Internet. When she appears before the judge, she asks for a lawyer to help defend her. The judge tells her if she is smart enough to be in college, she is smart enough to defend herself. Besides, she is not being charged with a felony, so the stakes are not very high


  15. Scenario 2 A neighbor is suing the Joneses because a tree in the Joneses’ yard fell on their roof during a hurricane. The neighbors want the Jones family to pay $850 to have their roof repaired. Mr. Jones requests that a jury be present to hear this case. The judge says it is not necessary since the amount of the repairs is is so small. The Jones family lives in Washington D.C.

  16. Verdict VIOLATION of the 7th AMENDMENT Guarantee of right to a jury trial in civil cases in federal court (and the District of Columbia is under the jurisdiction of a federal court).

  17. SCENARIO 3 Carolyn is arrested for shoplifting a candy bar from a neighborhood convenience store. At trial, she is found guilty. The judge decides that the appropriate punishment is to cut off Carolyn’s hands so that she will not be able to shoplift again.

  18. VERDICT VIOLATION of the 8th Amendment Guarantee of freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.

  19. Scenario 4 Mr. Reynolds, an avid hunter, opens the door of his home one day to find agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms outside. They inform him that certain provisions of a new federal law allow them to confiscate his rifles so that he may not engage in terrorist activities or plot against the United States government. They have no evidence that he is connected to any such activities.

  20. VERDICT VIOLATION OF THE 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments Guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms, illegal search and seizure, and a violation of the guarantee of due process.