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South Dakota

South Dakota . Mrs. Elliott’s 2 nd Grade. Can you find South Dakota on the map? Is South Dakota close or far from Tennessee?. On a map rivers are blue, does South Dakota have a lot of rivers or a little?. Economy & History.

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South Dakota

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  1. South Dakota Mrs. Elliott’s 2nd Grade

  2. Can you find South Dakota on the map? Is South Dakota close or far from Tennessee?

  3. On a map rivers are blue, does South Dakota have a lot of rivers or a little?

  4. Economy & History The settlement into South Dakota started when the railroad came in 1873, and when gold was found in the Black Hills in 1874. Their culture evolves around agriculture, this also helps the economy. What helps boost their economy more than anything is durable good manufacturing and private services. The economy profits most of all through the tourism, which brings in over a billion dollars each year. South Dakota became a state on Nov. 2, 1889. It was either the 39th or 40th state. It became a state on the same day as North Dakota.

  5. Geography • Black Hills is one of the highest Mountains rising 2,500 feet above the plains and is 6,000 square miles wide. The mountain is surrounded by two rivers and it’s Harney Peak is 7,242 feet above sea level and is Black Hills highest point. • Black Hills is also a tourist attraction because on the side of the mountain is the famous Mount Rushmore carving of four US Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and T. Roosevelt. • Mount Rushmore was dedicated in 1927 and lies on 1,278 acres.

  6. South Dakota is bordered by 5 states. On the north is North Dakota, the south is Nebraska, on the east there are Iowa and Minnesota, and on the west is Montana. • The Missouri river runs through South Dakota. On the east side of the river lie low level hills and lakes formed by glaciers. On the west side of the river the land is full of deep canyons and rolling plains. • The soil is very fertile for farming.

  7. South Dakota is made up of four land regions: the Drift Prairie, the Disected Till Plains, the Great Plains, and the Black Hills. • Drift Prairie is on the east side of the state and consists of the low hills and glacial lakes. • Disected Till Plains is located on the southeastern part of the state and consists of rolling hills criss-crossed by streams. • The Great Plains cover 2/3 of the western side of the state and consists of rolling hills, canyons, plains, and steep flat top hills called buttes. • The Black Hills are located in the southwestern part of the country and are rich in minerals such as gold, copper, lead, and silver.

  8. Badlands consists 244,000 acres of sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires blended with the largest protected mixed grass prairie in the United States. It is also full of fossils from when mammals use to roam there. The skeletons of ancient camels, three-toed horses, saber-toothed cats and giant rhinoceros-like creatures are among the many fossilized species found here. You can look for miles and see no sign of civilization because this land is unable to sustain life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpyrQae9kNI&feature=player_detailpage

  9. A video That shows all the tourist attractions and the different regions of South Dakota. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfIictixYMc&feature=player_detailpage

  10. The Sioux Indians were in South Dakota. They still hold festivals to honor the Native America tribes. The Famous India known as Crazy Horse also has a monument engraved out of granite just like the four presidents at Mount Rushmore. He was born in Black Hills. He got his name from his father. He was famous because he led decoy battles and he was supposed to protect his land from the “white” invading. He painted his horse in hailstones every battle and tied his medicine bag in a knot to his hair. They say because of that legend he was never harmed by an enemy.

  11. Second Grade Social Studies Standards • 3.02 Recognize the interaction between human and physical systems around the world. • Describe the importance of physical geographic features on defining communities. • 2.2.02 Give examples of the interaction of individuals, businesses and governments in a market economy. • Give examples of the various institutions that make up economic systems such as families, workers, banks, labor unions, government agencies, small businesses, and large corporations. • 2.1.01 Understand the diversity of human cultures. • Recognize most cultures preserve important personal and public items from the past.

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