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ISRAEL IRAN SAUDI ARABIA. Comparing & Contrasting SW Asian Governments. ISRAEL. Unitary: Central Government makes all the decisions!. System of Government. Parliamentary Democracy: Citizens vote for members of the Knesset. Legislative Branch…UNICAMERAL Holds most power in government

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  • IRAN

Comparing & Contrasting SW Asian Governments

type of democracy

Parliamentary Democracy: Citizens vote for members of the Knesset.

    • Legislative Branch…UNICAMERAL
    • Holds most power in government
    • 120 members who serve 4-year terms

Type of Democracy


President: Reuven Rivlin (2014)

    • Head of Country
    • Ceremonial role, not much power
  • Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu
    • Head of Government
  • Knesset
    • Legislative Branch
    • (US: Congress:: Israel: Knesset)





Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu

becoming a leader


    • Elected by Knesset for a 7-year term
  • Prime Minister:
    • Chosen by Knesset
    • Head of largest political party in Knesset
  • Knesset:
    • Elected by popular vote by citizens.

Becoming A Leader

citizen rights

All citizens 18 years & older can vote for Knesset.

  • Can travel in & out of Israel freely, but citizens must carry a blue ID card when traveling across West Bank.
  • Basic freedom of speech & press.

Citizen Rights

type of democracy1

No Democracy

  • They are an AUTOCRACY!
  • Absolute Monarchy
  • Governed by Sharia law!

Type of Democracy

becoming a leader1

You have to be born in the family in order be king!

    • Heir: Half-brother Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud
    • In 2006 a decree was made that created a committee of Saudi princes that will play a role in selecting future Saudi kings, but this new system will not go into effect until after Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud becomes king.

Becoming A Leader

citizen rights1

Must be Muslim to be citizen.

  • Public practice of any other religion other than Islam is against the law.
  • Men: 21 & older can vote in local elections.
  • Women:
    • Very little freedom
    • Can vote in local elections
    • Cannot drive & must dress modestly.
  • Limited freedom of press & speech.

Citizen Rights

type of democracy2

Presidential Democracy

  • Theocracy
  • Governed by Sharia law.

Type of Democracy


Supreme (Religious) Leader:

    • Known as the AYATOLLAH
    • Ali Hoseini-Khameni (1989)
    • Head of the State
  • President:
    • Head of Government
    • Hassan Rouhani (2013)


becoming a leader2

Ayatollah (Supreme Leader):

    • Appointed for life by the Assembly of Experts, a group of religious leaders.
  • President:
    • Elected by popular vote to a 4-year term

Becoming A Leader

citizen rights2

All citizens 18 & older can vote.

  • No freedom of press or speech.
  • Must obey strict Sharia law.
  • Women: little freedom.

Citizen Rights