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Les Saisons de la France

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Les Saisons de la France - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Les Saisons de la France. Winter.

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France’s winter is when we have our summer because it is on the other side of the world. Winter in France has snow like many places in the northern hemisphere. Winter in France is on December, January and February. This is the time of year Christmas is on their Santa is called Pere Noel. Other Festivals they have are Mardi Gras, Valentines day and New Years day.


Summer in France is when we have our Winter in June, July and August. Bastille day is a festival it celebrates the beginning of the French revolution. La Fête de L'Assomption another religious holiday where it celebrates the ascension of the virgin Mary.


The French have their Autumn when we have our spring on the months of September, October, November. Toussaint is the name of a holiday which is called all saints day which is celebrated on November the 1st. Another holiday is where the French celebrate the end of the first world war. they gather around the monument aux morts to listen to speeches and to lay reefs to commerate those who died.


Spring is a beautiful time of year in France flowers grow and people are happy. Spring for the French is on March, April, May, when we have our Autumn. les poissons d'avril is kind of like April fools but is where kids cut out fish made of paper and try to stick them on unsuspecting teachers, friends or parents. Easter is a major holiday all over the world, but instead of a rabbit it is a winged bell, who delivers baskets of goodies to children.

Other Festivals/Holidays

Annency - International Animation Film Festival



Bordeaux WineFestival

Brest European Short Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival

French Formula 1 Grand Prix

French Open Tennis

And many manymany more.


In conclusion France is a great place to go if you want to see or be in an awesome festival. There is so much to do in France there is Visiting landmarks and just exploring the vast and wonderful Festival full France.


And That is officially the end.