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  2. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Purpose of Brief Not to discuss whether or not to furlough only how we plan to implement a furlough Provide answers to most commonly asked questions concerning furlough Be available to Technicians onsite for additional questions/concerns Future training – Defense Connect On-line

  3. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Team • Brigadier General Dold – Chief of Staff • CSM Haworth – State CSM - Army • CMSgt Brown – State CMSgt - Air • LTC Krull - HRO • LTC Stinson - Labor Relations • Bobbi Harvey - Retirement/Benefits • CPT McElwee – JAG - outside employment

  4. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Travel Dates/Locations • Proposed furlough notices issued 30 May - 5 June • Furlough Briefings and Locations • 6 June - Hutchinson - 635th RSG - Armory – 1000 • 7 June - Topeka - 190th ARW - 0900 & 1400 - Wing Aud. • 11-12 June - Wichita - 184th IW - Bldg. 49 - McConnell • (1300, 1530 & 0830) • 13 June - Topeka - Nickell Armory - Drill Floor – 0900 • 13 June - Kansas City, Ks 18th Street Armory – 1400 • 18 June - Salina - Bldg. 365 Auditorium -  1030 • 19 June - Fort Riley - MATES - Bldg. 1460 - 0730 & 1000 • 19 June - Fort Riley - ATEAM – 1330

  5. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Topics/Agenda • Designation of Furlough Days • Working During Furlough • Pay and Compensation • Leave and Other Time Off • Holidays • Benefits • Thrift Savings Plan • Unemployment Compensation • Benefits under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA)

  6. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Topics/Agenda • Technicians on Military Duty Miscellaneous • Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

  7. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Work Schedule • 5/8 Work schedule (30 June – 30 September 2013) • - Applies to AGRs and Technicians • Until furlough requirements are satisfied • Compressed work schedules – return after furlough • Furlough days - designated and published • Work hours established and published – HRO Policy • Lunch period 30/45/60 minutes off the clock. i.e. work schedule 0730-1600 with minimum 30 minute lunch

  8. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE FY 13 Pay Periods Start Date End Date 30-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 14-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 28-Jul-13 10-Aug-13 1-Aug-13 24-Aug-13 25-Aug-13 7-Sep-13 8-Sep-13 21-Sep-13 ***22-Sep-13 5-Oct-13 ***Furlough 6.5 Pay Periods between 30 June – 30 September. Total furlough days = 11 days/88 hours and can be satisfied by 20 Sep 2013.

  9. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Indefinites/Reimbursable • Indefinite Technicians will continue to be employed • Indefinites and Permanents will be furloughed • Indefinites who are part of a reimbursable program will be furloughed i.e. ATEAM/RESET

  10. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Frequently Asked Questions

  11. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Why does everyone have to take the same day off? • National level guidance – limit furlough days to 1 day per week NTE 16 hours per pay period – total 11 days (88 hours) • At one day per week this minimizes impact to employees • Ease of day to day management • Bi-weekly reporting is required by HRO back to NGB to track the furlough days and hours executed • A fixed furlough day - minimizes errors by timekeepers – timecard code is “KE” • With all employees on the same work schedule, this assists management in maintaining day to day operations

  12. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Why do we still have Indefinite Technicians when a Permanent Technician is required to furlough? • We have areas that we do not get fulltime manning authorizations to support i.e. • Backfill deployed personnel • Pre-mobilization requirements • Reimbursable programs (ATEAM & RESET) • Backfill of Technicians hired into the AGR program • Backfill personnel on STAT tours • Temporary employees • Occasionally used to backfill mobilized personnel • Short term mission requirements

  13. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Why are we hiring personnel during a furlough? • We are scrutinizing request for fill very closely • We have not instituted a hiring freeze • Some areas/sections have jobs or a skill set that is only one deep and it is a critical position to be filled • Positions such as those in the ATEAM are needed to meet production requirements • Still expected by NGB to execute the fulltime manning program • TAG REFRAD program (temp jobs) for personnel returning from deployment who lost a job due to a title 10 overseas deployment

  14. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Can I perform military duty (AT) during a furlough day/period? • Yes – only on scheduled furlough day • This is not a dual compensation situation because furloughed Technicians are not in a pay status • Technicians can’t be in a paid leave status on a furlough day • May be placed on a military order and receive military pay (only) during a furlough day • Technicians may use paid leave on non-furlough days • Military duty must be on or after 8 July – 30 September for it to count towards the number of required furlough days

  15. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Pay related topics and considerations • Routine within grade / step increases continue • Pay calculator – HRO website – general estimate of net pay during furlough (not all inclusive – individual situations will vary) • Deductions - child support, allotments, military deposit – check with tech pay • Military deposits – can the amount be reduced? Contact DFAS • Awards • Time off awards and quality step increases allowed – highly limited and controlled within the state • Student loan repayment • Not allowed – performance awards, group awards, special act awards, during sequestration / furlough period

  16. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE During the furlough will I accrue annual leave, sick leave? • Yes • 80 hours of furlough time or LWOP no leave will be earned • Will happen once during the furlough • Next pay period you go back to earning leave • LWOP taken earlier this year - once you hit 80 hours LWOP leave is not earned for 1 pay period. Earning of leave begins the next pay period. • Some employees due to the furlough may have more than one pay period that they do not earn leave

  17. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Can I attend a military school during a furlough day/period? • Yes Do I have to make up the furlough days? • If a Technician returns to duty and the period of Absent US (deployment or military schools) covers the required furlough time (11 days), no days will need to be scheduled • If a Technician returns to duty and the period of Absent US does not cover the required furlough time (11 days), then the remaining days will need to be scheduled • Supervisors will need to work closely with HRO for determinations

  18. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Will I be able to file for unemployment? • Yes • Kansas has a “Shared Work Program” – unemployment • Available for use by government agencies and civilian employers when work hours have/are reduced • Agency decision that we will participate • Available for all employees regardless of technician pay grade • Agency takes care of the processing • Employees acknowledge that they want to receive the benefit

  19. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Will I be able to file for unemployment? • 1st week no payment from shared work program • Citibank debit card issued – takes 5-10 days to process • Money loaded to debit card • Employee names and SSAN’s provided to Kansas Department of Labor – info is not distributed to anyone else • Following every two week pay period we certify employee “Shared Work” benefits

  20. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Conditions of Shared Work Program • To receive weekly benefits; • Must physically work 8 hours per week • After every two week payroll HRO certifies reduction in work week (furlough/32 work hours per week) and that those receiving benefits worked 8 hours during that week. • Not eligible for the weekly benefit if; • Leave is taken in conjunction with a furlough day i.e. Monday furlough day with annual or military leave Tuesday-Friday

  21. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Will the furlough affect my “High 3” for retirement? • No • Based on annual salary • No impact if less than 6 months without pay

  22. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE How will the furlough affect my Federal Employee Health Benefit insurance? • FHEB coverage will continue if the Technician’s salary is sufficient to pay the premiums and it is not prorated • Insufficient pay to cover the FHEB premiums; a debt will be created. When sufficient pay to cover premiums exists DFAS will recover amount owed • If a technician’s coverage terminates, due to lack of pay; re-enroll when sufficient pay returns to cover premiums (NLT 60 days) and there is not waiting for “open season” • If you miss the 60 day window you will wait for “open season” or a qualifying life event (QLE)

  23. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE How will the furlough affect my Federal Employee Health Benefit insurance? • FEHB coverage into retirement and the 5 year participation rule when pay is insufficient to cover premiums • 60 day re-enrollment period is critical in this situation • If within this 60 day window the 5 year clock does not start over • The period when an insufficient pay situation exists employee and family do not have FEHB coverage • For purposes of the 5 year continuous coverage/participation rule for use in retirement; not held against the employee • An employee who failed to re-enroll within 60 days and postpones re-enrollment until the next open season will start a new 5-year participation period in order to carry FEHB into retirement

  24. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE How will the furlough affect my federal employees government life insurance (FEGLI)? • FEGLI – coverage continues and under a discontinuous furlough: • Premium payments will be withheld • Not prorated

  25. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Coverage under the Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) • FEDVIP – Coverage continues • If BENEFEDS is unable to withhold premiums, BENEFEDS collects up to twice the biweekly premium from the next full pay period to make up for the missed premium deduction(s)

  26. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Coverage under the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) • Claims continue to be paid as long as premiums are paid • If premiums are not paid for 2 or less pay periods future payments are adjusted upward NTE $50.00 per pay period to recover missed premiums • Three or more pay periods of missed premiums – employee is billed directly by contractor • Direct billing can be requested or electronic funds transfer

  27. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Coverage under the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) • Final bill – 30 day grace period to pay premiums • 35 days from the date of the letter if premiums have not been paid you are dis-enrolled retroactively back to when the last premium payment was made

  28. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Will I be able to change my TSP contribution? • Yes, all changes must be made through EBIS (Employee Benefit Information System) at • Reminder: • Technician and employer contribution are reduced unless the Technician sets a dollar amount vs. a percentage amount • FERS participants - terminating your thrift savings will cause you to lose out on the matching contributions

  29. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Will I be able to change my TSP contribution? • Terminating TSP may impact you in several ways • TSP is with held before paying taxes • May change your gross income and tax rate • TSP Loan Payments • Payments continue if the technician’s salary is insufficient, the loan may be extended or have a balloon payment at the end

  30. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Can I work a second job on days I’m furloughed? • Yes • During furlough the Technician remains an employee of the federal government • The second job must meet the Standard of Ethical Conduct IAW 5 CFR 2635 • Specific questions and situations should be addressed to the JAG at 785-274-1027

  31. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Working during a furlough • A technician is not permitted to serve as an unpaid volunteer • Technicians will remain away from the work place on the furlough day(s) until recalled • A technicians is not allowed to work any part of a furlough day and earn comp-time • Technicians scheduled for technician training during an administrative furlough • A technician cannot work on any training assignments on a furlough day. Technicians should consult the training provider for other arrangements (e.g. make-up sessions or rescheduling the course.)

  32. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE What happens if the number of furlough days is reduced? • In the event that the number of furlough days is reduced technicians will be notified • Will we be paid later for the days that we were furloughed? • Unlike many years ago where technicians were credited and paid for their furlough days we do not anticipate this happening this time

  33. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE Where do I find official furlough information concerning Kansas Army and Air National Guard • Information concerning furlough can be found on the KS HRO, Federal homepage • The notification letter, Guidance for Administrative Furloughs, EAP info, and Change in Work Schedule memo will all be found in the folder labeled “Furlough Guidance”

  34. HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE HRO Contacts LTC Roger Krull, Human Resources Officer: Comm.: 785-274-1167, DSN 720-8167, e-mail LTC Robert Stinson, Chief of Labor Relations: Comm.: 785-274-1162, DSN 720-8162, e-mail Bobbi Harvey, Supervisor Employee Benefits: Comm.: 785-274-1172, DSN 720-8172, e-mail LTC Matt Oleen, Staff Judge Advocate, Comm.: 785-274-1027, DSN 720-8027, CPT McElwee, Attorney, Comm.: 785-274-1027, DSN 720-8027

  35. SERVICE MEMBER SUPPORT • Topeka Area: • Mary Nesbitt 785-274-1171 • Michelle Whitman 785-806-1751 • Cherie Herlinger 785-806-1761 • Adrienne Dickey 785-806-1252 (190th) • Salina/Manhattan Contact: Tammy Alsup 785-806-9824 • Hutchinson Contact: Cherie Herlinger 785-806-1761 Family Assistance Coordinator

  36. SERVICE MEMBER SUPPORT • Wichita Contacts: • Hilari DeLarosa 316-617-8043 (Air – 184th) • Renee Henry 785-806-1754 • Drielle Welch 785-806-1755 • Kansas City Contacts: • Ivone Meyers: 785-215-1495 Family Readiness Support Assistant • Jason Oesterreich 785-213-3012 Family Assistance Specialist

  37. SERVICE MEMBER SUPPORT • Service Member Support Staff can provide community resources and referrals • Service Member Support Staff cannot provide emergency relief funds that are not directly related to the furlough • Employee Assistance Program is available