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City of Atlanta – Organization Structure

City of Atlanta – Organization Structure. Atlanta Citizens. City Council. Judicial Agencies. Mayor. Municipal Court. Public Defender. Solicitor. Office of the Chief of Staff. Office of the Chief Operating Officer. Corrections. Aviation. Human Resources. Information Technology.

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City of Atlanta – Organization Structure

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  1. City of Atlanta – Organization Structure Atlanta Citizens City Council Judicial Agencies Mayor Municipal Court Public Defender Solicitor Office of the Chief of Staff Office of the Chief Operating Officer Corrections Aviation Human Resources Information Technology Procure-ment Planning & Comm. Develop. Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Public Works Watershed Management Fire & Rescue Police Finance Law Administra-tion Office of the Chief Office of Legislation and Administra-tive Services Buildings Field Operations Office of Administra-tion Manage-ment Fire Services Admin Office of the Commis-sioner Office of the Chief Procure-ment Officer General Manager Office of Departmental Support Office of the CIO/ Administra-tion Litigation and Employ-ment Criminal Investiga-tions Office of the Controller Code Compliance Office of Parks Office of Transporta-tion Waste-water Treatment & Collection Support Services Office of Detention Facilities Office of Contracts Administra-tion Mainframe Operations Office of Employee Benefits Finance Systems and Program-ming Commercial Transac-tions Drinking Water Housing Office of Recreation Office of Solid Waste Services Office of Budget & Fiscal Policy Support Services Office of Administra-tion Field Operations Office of Purchasing Office of Psychological Services Operations, Maintenance & Security IT Business Strategic Service Government Counsel Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire Planning Office of Cultural Affairs Office of the Commis-sioner . Airport Admin Office of Revenue Commercial Development Office of Diversity Management Office of Fleet Services IT End User Support Office of Parks Design Performance Manage-ment Office of Debt and Investments Office of the Chief Aviation Planning & Development Office of Policy & Planning Airport Field Operations IT Server/ Network Manage-ment Safety & Security Civic Center Compliance Information Services Office of Grant Services Office of Business Support Mayor/ City Council IT Security Engineering Services H-JAIA Development Program Office of Organization & Employee Development Audit Committee Atlanta Citizens Review Board (ACRB) Board of Ethics IT Telecom Protection Enterprise Resource Planning Office of the ACRB Office of the Auditor Ethics Office Financial Administra-tion

  2. COO’s Transitional Organizational Chart Mayor’s Office - City of Atlanta Note: This org chart represents the reporting relationships for the COO as of January 14th 2010. It accounts for current fulltime staff.

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