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Text Structure ( Text Organization)

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Text Structure ( Text Organization) . Chronological Order (Time Order, Sequential Order) . Characteristics Used in fiction, history, biography, autobiography, and news stories Tells “what happened when”

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chronological order time order sequential order
Chronological Order(Time Order, Sequential Order)


  • Used in fiction, history, biography, autobiography, and news stories
  • Tells “what happened when”
  • May include “flashbacks” to tell about past events, or “flash-forwards” to show the results of present events in the future

Key Words

  • During
  • Eventually
  • First/Last
  • Later
  • Meanwhile
spatial order refers to space
Spatial Order(refers to space)


  • Used for descriptive writing
  • Writer states details as they are seen
  • May move from left-to-right, top-to-bottom, front-to-back, or inner-to-outer

Key Words

  • Around
  • Center
  • In front/back of
  • Below
  • To the left/right
cause and effect one event or condition leads to another
Cause and Effect(one event or condition leads to another)


  • Used in persuasive speeches and essays
  • A cause is an event that makes another event occur
  • An effect is the result
  • shows how one thing leads to another (example: Because of the drought, the risk of a forest fire is very high.)

Key Words

  • As a result
  • So
  • Thus
  • For this reason
  • Consequently
comparison and contrast draws attention to similarities and differences
Comparison and Contrast(draws attention to similarities and differences)


  • Used for explaining, defining, and directing
  • A comparison shows how things are alike
  • A contrast shows how things are different
  • Example: a writer could explain Mars by comparing and contrasting it to Earth

Key Words

Compare Contrast

  • Also ● Instead
  • Either ... Or ● Nevertheless
  • By comparison ●On the contrary
  • The same as ● Unlike

What structure would the following texts most likely be written in?

  • A biography about Martin Luther King Jr.
  • An essay about the different cultures in Asia
  • A description of the setting in a novel
  • A written explanation of what you did this morning
  • An editorial about what happens to the environment when you mine for diamonds in the Sierra Leone
  • An explanation of a character’s physical appearance
  • A letter to Santa explaining what gifts you want for Christmas and why