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fan and parental behavior in the athletic arena n.
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Fan and Parental Behavior in the Athletic Arena PowerPoint Presentation
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Fan and Parental Behavior in the Athletic Arena

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Fan and Parental Behavior in the Athletic Arena
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Fan and Parental Behavior in the Athletic Arena

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  1. Fan and Parental Behavior in the Athletic Arena By: Jenny McCourtie

  2. Presentation Overview: • Discuss sportsmanship • Review articles/mini discussion • Interview questions with Athletic Directors • Code of Conduct and Parent Guide • Pre-season parent/athlete softball meeting • Ways to promote positive sportsmanship • Act of good sportsmanship-video clip • Conclusion/thoughts/questions

  3. What is Positive Sportsmanship? • Webster’s describes sportsmanship as, “fairness, courtesy, being a cheerful loser, etc.” • National Sportsmanship Day -First Tuesday in March -Organizer: Institute for International Sports -Athletes, Parents, Coaches, Administrators, etc.

  4. How to Improve Sportsmanship? Know your Role! • Athletes: 1. Just play the game! 2. Be a good role model • Coaches Roles 1. Hold players accountable 2. Never abuse opponents/officials under any circumstance • Administrator Roles 1. Good sportsmanship is expected 2. Zero tolerance for negative sportsmanship • Fan Roles 1. Attending a game is a privilege 2. Positively encourage team

  5. Severe Case with Fan Behavior in Athletics: • Article: “San Francisco Giants Fan Beaten at Dodger Game May Have Brain Damage.” Stadium Assault Victim's Family Speaks Discussion Questions: • What was your first impression when you heard of this incident? • How could this tragedy been prevented?

  6. Severe Issues with Behavior in Athletics: • Article: “Car fires in chaotic Vancouver after loss” NHL Vancouver Canucks Fans Riot After Losing Stanley Cup Discussion Questions: • Initial thoughts on this story? • Describe factors that led to this mob scene?

  7. Interview with North Franklin School District Athletic Director: • What is your philosophy on the subject of Fan/Parent Control? • Fully communicate code of conduct with all parties involved • Re-communicate sportsmanship expectations at start of event • Communicate with local police authority for a visual presence • Position staff at event to maximize control areas 2. Is your philosophy in tune with district policies? • Absolutely at all times! • Revisits working procedure to ensure compliance 3. What type of additional staff do you employ at large events? • CHS vs. OHS- budget constraints • Limit area accessible for crowd control

  8. Interview with Othello School District Athletic Director: 1. In your experiences, which situations are the most difficult to deal with? • Fans harassing officiating staff • Students exchanging unacceptable verbalization 2. What are the best ways you have found to control a rising situation? • Show of presence with staff- proximity • Address situation proactively instead of reactively

  9. Supervision is Important! Review documents: • Event Supervisor responsibilities • Example: Football game supervision

  10. Othello School District- Code of Conduct and Parent Guide Main Points: • In line with district policies • Firm, fair, and consistent • Easily understood

  11. Pre-Season Meeting with Parents and Athletes: Connell High School Fast Pitch Positives from Meeting: 1. Open discussion time allowed 2. Expectation were clearly understood 3. Aware of potential consequences for misbehavior Outcome of Season: State 1A Fast Pitch Champs!! In honor of our #1 Fan- A.W.S.

  12. Promoting Positive Sportsmanship: • Develop a Sportsmanship Awards Program • Hold pre-season meetings and assemblies before contests to encourage students to exhibit proper conduct. • Character Education. • Display messages on good sportsmanship throughout school hallways and gymnasium/playing field.

  13. Always be a good sport, be a good sport always!! • Use physical education classes to promote and practice sportsmanship. • Promote good sportsmanship before and throughout contests with P.A. announcements. • Give certificates to individuals or groups of individuals that display sportsmanship at athletic events. • Meet with coaching staff to discuss positive approach to good sportsmanship.

  14. Character Education at Lutacaga Elementary School: • Student Climate Committee • Pride Paws- drawing • Monthly Assemblies to Promote Character • Other: • -Jerseys in Physical Education • “Character Counts!”

  15. Summary: • Video clip on CWU Women’s Fast Pitch Team: (YouTube) “Softball Teammates Carry Opponent Around the Base.” CWU- Positive Sportsmanship • Final Thought: Sportsmanship is foundation of a successful program. • Comments or questions?