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IM Reference with Trillian 3/20/06

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IM Reference with Trillian 3/20/06. What is IM?. Instant Messaging is similar to e-mail, except conversations happen in real time. If a person is not online they will get your message the next time they open their program. IM has presence awareness - (Buddy List)

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what is im
What is IM?

Instant Messaging is similar to e-mail, except conversations happen in real time. If a person is not online they will get your message the next time they open their program.

IM has presence awareness - (Buddy List)

IM can do file transfers, group chat, voice over IP

IM requires signing up with a network, and choosing a screen name.

Most common networks:

AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, IRC, and Googletalk.

who is iming
Who is IMing?

Among undergrads, almost everybody

July 2005 Pew Report (“Internet and American Life Project”)

  • 42% of adults use IM
  • 75% of teens aged 12-17
  • IM preferred to e-mail


November 2005 cnet poll

  • 66% of 13- to 21-year-olds say they send more IMs than emails


networks must match
Networks must match

AIM accounts can only talk to other AIM accounts.

MSN accounts can only talk to other MSN accounts.

AIM ---------to---------- AIM

Yahoo --------to-------- Yahoo

MSN ----------to---------- MSN

ICQ ----------to----------- ICQ


but my friend is on msn
But my friend is on MSN….

Q: I have an AIM screen name.

How can I talk to someone on MSN?

A: You have to sign up at MSN, get a screen name.

Download their free MSN client (optional) OR log in

through their web interface. OR use the Meebo

all-in one web interface.

Since you now use more than one



Manage multiple networksthrough one program; a multi-network clientlike Trillian, Gaim, or MirandaYou still need to sign upat each network’s web siteif you want a presence on that network


Clients are programs IMers use to communicate.

All the networks, (AIM, MSN, ICQ, etc.) offer a

free client that works only with THEIR network.

Many patrons may have these single network clients.

What they see is entirely dependent on which

client they’re using and how they have it set.

They may be overriding our text styles.

libraries reach out
Libraries Reach Out
  • Most libraries have several network accounts
  • (screen names) and use a multi-network client
  • Why? Greater REACH
  • Most patrons already use IM
  • No popup blockers, no waiting for clunky interfaces to load. They have their familiar IM and just send a message to umdlibaskus, or create a umdlibaskus buddy (optional).

Think of Trillian as a five-in-one program.

AIM ---------to---------- AIM

Yahoo --------to-------- Yahoo

MSN ----------to---------- MSN

ICQ ----------to----------- ICQ




system tray icon
System tray icon

Left click once to bring up Trillian window

Right click / Exit

Make it start automatically:

Trillian /

Trillian Preferences /

Installation and Startup

set up buddies 1 with the lead pc 2 with your partner
Set up buddies1. with the lead PC2. with your partner



Rover Doreen or Aaron

Rover Aaron



Tom Zpatron1111

Tom A












Rover Jim

Rover Sunshine

add contact buddy15
Add Contact (buddy)


Highlight a group

(neater looking if all in one group,

unless you plan to have LOTS

of contacts)

Groups can be used for

group-chat purposes.

Medium is AIM (if the

person you’re adding is

signed up with AIM)



We won’t be adding

patrons as buddies.

They may choose to

add umdlibaskus however.

trillian s buddy list
Trillian’s Buddy List

Buddy names can be renamed to suit you

(only in your list)

Color coded networks

“brb” means “Be Right Back” – they have not touched their keyboard or mouse in 15 minutes.

color coded networks
Color Coded Networks





Trillian Pro only










contact a buddy
Contact a Buddy

Take turns contacting the lead machine

Then, contact your partner

Notice “typing notification”

To stop talking, just “X” out




Resize panes and windows

Switch panels around

File / options / always on top (in chat window)

View / Docking (in contacts window)

There are two Trillian Windows:

“My contacts”, and the chat window

multiple sessions
Multiple Sessions

As new people

IM you, tabs will

start accumulating

across the top.Same is true if youinitiate contact withmore than one person.(Six tabs maximum).

multiple sessions23
Multiple Sessions

“Detach window” will

give that tab its ownnew window.

Useful for when you

want all your sessionsvisible side-by-side.

The “x” closes thetab (or window).

see your own connections25
See your own connections

YOU Your networks

see your own connections26
See your own connections

Change your avatar (graphic)

see your own connections27
See your own connections

Many settings here.

Each network has it’s own BLOCK list.

Disallow “direct connect”

Turn off Mail notification

global reconnect
Global Reconnect

If not,



Are all





ball is

IRC, just


what s all that noise
What’s all that noise?

Ding-dong means a buddy signed on or off.

___ means a buddy changed status.

Bee-doop means you sent text.

Doo-beep means you received text.

Click Trillian /

Trillian Preferences

and Notifications.

Uncheck things that you

don’t want to hear.

explore preferences31
Explore Preferences

SOME Preferences:

Load trillian on bootup (under “installation & startup”)

Sounds (under “notifications”)

Flash the taskbar x times (under “message windows”)

Display timestamps (under “text conversations”)

Disable emoticons (under “text conversations”)

Fonts (you can’t force them to see your styles, if they override yours)

File transfer folder (under “file transfers”)

Virus scanner (under “file transfers”)

What to log, where to save logs (under “activity history”)

Plugins (turn on after installing them) (under “plugins”)

Shared profiles in one Trillian (under “advanced preferences”)

Toggle WIKIPEDIA hover (under “message windows”)

text formatting on the fly
Text formatting on the fly


Foreground Decrease Normal Increase

Insert URL


Click in the font toolbar and hover over

an emoticon to see

its keyboard shortcut.


Two ways to add them:

1. Pick emoticons from the emoticon panel (just above where u type)

2. Type (pl) you get a plate

Type (book) you get a book

Type (c) you get coffee

Type (brb) you get a “Be Right Back” sign

Type :) you get a smiley

Type :( you get a frown

Unwantedemoticons can appear in pasted text (substitution)


Turn off emoticons:

Click Trillian / Trillian Preferences / Text conversations.

Scroll down to emoticons, uncheck all 3 boxes.

insert urls
Insert URLs

AIM lets you insert CURRENT

URL. Your topmost browser’s current

URL will get pasted in your typing window in a link format:

UMD Library - Indexes and Databases Page.

To just send the


copy and paste it into

your message.

insert urls38
Insert URLs

“Insert URL” lets you type or paste in ANY URL and give it a link-name.

It too will be underlined link, and not a bare naked URL. For transcript purposes, patrons may prefer the

bare URLs (just do CTRL-C / CTRL-V)

forwarding messages
Forwarding Messages

Copy and paste to another IM?

Copy and paste to email?

Highlight text, copy with CTRL-C

Place cursor, paste with CTRL-V

Often right-click/copy and right-click/paste work.

send receive files
Send / Receive Files

Files can be gif, jpg, pdf, doc, txt, html, etc.

Avoid sending large files like tif, psd, mp3, mov, avi.

Browse for the file,

double click it, and click SEND.

send receive files41
Send / Receive Files

You might have to wait for large files. Networks differ in their ability to send files. Our tests showed that all of them could do it, but on some days it took longer or never worked.

Routers and firewalls can sometimes impede file transfers.

You’ll be prompted to save the file once received.

A good security practice is not to accept files from non-staff. (similar to opening attachments).

status messages
Status Messages

“Set all away” shows all your

network connections as “brb”

(be right back)

“Set all back” brings back the round

dots (in Trillian). Other clients may

have different methods to show you’re back.

“Set all invisible” makes you appear

to be offline, even though you can see

everyone else. You can’t converse in

this mode.

“New Away Message” lets you create

your own custom messages. When

someone contacts you while you’re away,

They will be answered by your custom


status messages43
Status Messages

Making a custom “away” message

status messages44
Status Messages

Making a custom

“busy” message using

the advanced option.

Note that each network

should be set to the busy

state (if available)

send message to all
Send Message to All

Right-click a GROUP, and

Choose “Send a message to all.”

Everyone in that group should

receive your message.

You can make new groups and

carefully drag people into groups.

Right-click any group name and

“Add Contacts or Groups”

Explore right-clicks.

In just about ANY program,

This Is VERY useful

invite to a chat room
Invite to a chat room

If in conversation, you can

invite others. Click Invite

button and type the screen names

(actual screen names they

signed up with, not names

that you renamed them with)!

e.g., dh2222, not Doreen

invite to a chat room47
Invite to a chat room

Separate names with commas.

The CHAT ROOM gets named

By the system - just leave it.

Each network seems to have a

different naming convention.

block or warn someone
Block or Warn someone

If you are currently

in conversation…

Actions / Block

In Yahoo, this is

called “ignore.”

The ignored party

can still keep harrassing

you, but you won’t see


Only AIM hasWarn.

it’s been out of service,

so could not test it.

block or warn someone49
Block or Warn someone

If the offending party

Is on your buddy list…

Right-click the

buddy then Block

why pro
Why Pro?

- Allows sending more than 5970 characters at a time (sends chunks of text quickly

- Has a history viewer (don’t have to open plain text files)

- Has a spell checker (but unwanted capitalization is a problem)

- Keyboard lights flash one time upon receving a message

- Emoticons categorized by network (smileys aren’t compatible between networks)

- More stable file transfer

- Pro has GoogleTalk /Jabber protocols

- Has plugins for RSS feeds, weather, and much more


When signing up for an IM account, don’t give unnecessary personal information

Like email, IM is as secure as sending a postcard through the mail, so exercise common sense and don’t send anything highly personal or confidential via IM

Transcripts are stored on both your local computers (if configured to do so) and, presumably on the IM network’s servers

chat logs
Chat Logs

The history folder can be changed under Trillian/ Trillian Preferences / Activity History.

Leave it at c:\chatlogs at the desk.

Trillian Pro allows you to view these logs with a fancy interface – Click the

HISTORY button.

Trillian Basic gives you the plain .txt file view.

viruses and spim
Viruses and SPIM

As with email, viruses and junk mail can come through IM.

As with email, antivirus software that is standard on all library PCs protects against most threats.

To get infected through IM, you typically need to either click on a link or accept a file transfer. Avoid accepting those from patrons.

SPIM means “IM spam.” Occasionally a commercial message may pop up. IGNORE these, and don’t click any links.

Also, do not accept “Direct Connections” (?)

other libraries have said
Other Libraries have said…

No need to fear that IM-speak will be indecipherable

Abbreviations and slang are minimal

All-lowercase is typical for speediness

most common abbreviations
Most common abbreviations

afaik (as far as i know)

b4 (before)

brb (be right back)

btw (by the way)

fwiw (for what it's worth)

gl (good luck)

hth (hope this helps)

ic (i see)

imho (in my humble opinion)

imnsho (in my not-so-humble opinion)

k (okay)

l8r (later)

lol (laughing out loud or lots of luck)

otoh (on the other hand)

ru (are you)

tia (thanks in advance)

ttyl (talk to you later)

tx, thx or tnx (thanks)

u (you)

y (yes)

yw (you’re welcome)

n (no)

2 (to)

4 (for)

404 (i don’t know)

don t sweat the lingo
Don’t sweat the lingo

Paraphrased from Librarian Bernie Sloan, U of Illinois, Champaign ILL: (2002)

I searched 444 transcripts for abbreviations, and found just two! Both were "LOL" and appeared to stand for "lots of luck", rather than the more commonly used "laugh out loud".

I searched 877 transcripts three types of emoticons - smiling, winking, and frowning. Combined, they occurred in just 43 of 877 transcripts.

So, less than one half of 1% of 444 transcripts contained chat abbreviations. Less than 5% of 877 transcripts contained emoticons.