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Professional Software Engineering: Fact or Fiction -Steve McConnell and Leonard Tripp Reprinted: IEEE Software, Novemb PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Software Engineering: Fact or Fiction -Steve McConnell and Leonard Tripp Reprinted: IEEE Software, Novemb

Professional Software Engineering: Fact or Fiction -Steve McConnell and Leonard Tripp Reprinted: IEEE Software, Novemb

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Professional Software Engineering: Fact or Fiction -Steve McConnell and Leonard Tripp Reprinted: IEEE Software, Novemb

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  1. Professional Software Engineering: Fact or Fiction-Steve McConnell and Leonard TrippReprinted: IEEE Software, November/December 1999 Software Engineering: The Development Process, Vol 1, Chapter 2 Presented By: Andrew Diemer Software Engineering II – EEL 6883

  2. Aim of article Authors address two items: What has been done in software engineering What still needs to be done in software engineering

  3. Aim Answered Most common software development cycle Code and fix is the most common General idea of what they want to build Use combinations of informal design, debugging, testing methodologies, etc. that suits their needs Programmers write code, run it. If it does not work fix it until it does It is a bad approach because it takes longer, it’s a lower quality of software and it costs more

  4. Aim Answered (Cont.) Benefits are that it is requires little or no managerial or technical training So the gap between the average practice and best practice of software engineering is wide.

  5. Aim Answered (Cont.) Higher Standards Focuses on recent developments that support a true profession of software engineering Gary Ford and Norman wrote a report and found key elements that particular professions had in common

  6. Elements The elements are: Initial professional education Undergraduate degree from a university. Accreditation ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology) Skills Development Specific training Certificates Exams

  7. Elements (Cont.) Licensing similar to certificates but a little different Professional development continuing professional education while having a professional career Professional societies IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers) ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Code of Ethics what is right or good with respect to what society thinks

  8. Initial Professional Education Pick a university or community college Have a particular track Until the date of this publication, Computer Science was the dominating form of education Currently Software Engineering has become more dominate

  9. Accreditation These are overseeing bodies (group of bodies) that ensure sufficient education is given This gives the person and company assurance that the individual can perform their discipline effectively In 1996, Rochester Institute of Technology initiated it’s first software engineering undergraduate program in the US United Kingdom and six more in Australia of undergraduate programs

  10. Accreditation (Cont.) UCF Engineering – ABET is the recognized accreditor for the university ABET consist of programs in applied science, engineering, technology and computing ABET is a federation of 28 professional societies that represent their particular field Active for over 70+ years

  11. Accreditation (Cont.) Consists of 2700 programs at over 550 colleges ABET provides workshops and other means for leadership ABET is recognized by the Council for Higher Education ABET started in 1932

  12. Skill Development Education is not enough to show full development capabilities Germinal professionals need to practice before taking primary responsibility for their work Physicals have three years of residency Certified Public Accountants must work one full year for a board approved organization before they can receive their license

  13. Skill Development (Cont.) Professional Engineers must work for four years before taking their PE Body of Knowledge affects university’s curricula

  14. Certificates Goes with skill development Different fields take particular exams For the medical profession – board exams Accountants take the CPA exam Engineers take the FE and the PE

  15. Certificates (Cont.) This verifies with the public that “hey I am fully qualified” in my particular field Australia, British Computer Society offer certifications in I.T. Companies themselves offer certificates Microsoft MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

  16. Licensing Strong bond between you and the client Speed is the leader in license promoting of professional engineers The specialty of Speed is in the area of software engineering

  17. Professional Development Continuing of education really enhances a persons understanding of their particular skill after they begin their practice Swift change in technology demands the strongest requirements Example would be drug improvements for the medical field Learning the standards of practice

  18. Professional Development (Cont.) For over 20 years IEEE have been developing standards of practice ISO – International Standards Organization

  19. Professional Societies Being apart of a professional society almost expects that you put your professional standards before your own interests They define a particular knowledge Professional societies functions include: certification criteria manage the functions of those certified programs standards of accreditation code of ethics along with the disciplining of those violate those codes

  20. Code of Ethics What is good or right according to society These ensure that the professionals act responsibly It states two things What they do What they should do Violators lose license of practice removed from their particular society

  21. Code of Ethics (Cont.) IEEE is involved in this process IEEE has adopted a software engineering code of ethics

  22. Thoughts I agree with this article I wish at the beginning they would have elaborated more on what has been done I like the way they presented what needs to happen now It was a simple and straight forward paper

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