teacher principal evaluation pilot k 20 n.
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Teacher-Principal Evaluation Pilot K-20 PowerPoint Presentation
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Teacher-Principal Evaluation Pilot K-20

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Teacher-Principal Evaluation Pilot K-20 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TPEP K-20 November 18th, 2010. Teacher-Principal Evaluation Pilot K-20. Presented by: Jim Koval and Michaela Miller Teacher-Principal Evaluation Project Manager Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. K-20 Agenda. 1. Report from Districts- Districts/Consortium

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teacher principal evaluation pilot k 20


November 18th, 2010

Teacher-Principal EvaluationPilot K-20

Presented by:

Jim Koval and Michaela Miller

Teacher-Principal Evaluation Project Manager

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

k 20 agenda
K-20 Agenda
  • 1. Report from Districts- Districts/Consortium
  • 2. TPEP Overview and Update- Jim & Michaela
    • RFP Update (multiple student growth measures & educator forums)
    • Practitioner Workgroup Update
    • Summative Evaluation Rubric Review
  • 3. Planning for January- Michaela & Jim
  • 4. Report from MERIT Districts- Leslie
part 1

Part 1

Report from TPEP Districts/Consortium

tpep november report
TPEP November Report
  • What follow-up district/consortium meetings have taken place since the October f-2-f event? Discuss the development of your district’s rubrics related to the new teacher and principal criteria.
  • In planning for our January meeting, we are hoping districts will have rough drafts of their rubrics (At least a fairly solid draft of a “4” and a “1”). We would like to have a discussion and suggestions for sharing with the other districts about accomplishing this task.
  • Other suggestions for district development and any feedback for the steering committee on supporting the work of the pilot sites.
part 2

Part 2

TPEP Overview and Update

identification of multiple measures of student growth
Identification of multiple measures of student growth
  • Charges of E2SSB 6696 is the examine and report to the legislature the use of student data in evaluations. (7(c))
  • OSPI contracting with American Institutes for Research (AIR) to assist districts with student growth analysis. AIR (Learning Point Associates) has worked with hundreds of districts around the country and have been following/involved in the work of WA State.
identification of multiple measures of student growth1
Identification of multiple measures of student growth
  • As required by the legislation, OSPI is charged with analyzing the “use of student data in evaluations.”
  • AIR was chosen (in final negotiation) by the steering committee and has the capacity and knowledge to assist the whole project with this task in the spring.
  • Commitment to work with individual districts and provide feedback.
educator forums
Educator Forums
  • Information and updates regarding the new evaluation system to the wider stakeholders (179 other districts, higher education, community members)
  • Feedback from those stakeholders for the pilot sites, steering committee and legislature.
  • Create a “evaluation development resource toolkit”
educator forums details
Educator Forums Details
  • OSPI will work with AIR, ESD 113, 121 and 101 to plan and coordinate forums starting January-June.
  • 10 forums (1 in each ESD with 2 in 121)
  • Create a toolkit that other districts wanting to start the discussion in their own district can use to facilitate discussion, guide bargaining and ultimately prepare for full state-wide implementation in 2013-14
practitioner workgroup
Practitioner Workgroup
  • Practitioners with specific expertise in instruction, leadership, data, finance, human resource and professional development that will support the project, give feedback on development and be able to provide specific technical support around that area of expertise.
  • Practitioners chosen by the steering committee organizations to compliment the expertise of the pilot districts.
updates final thoughts
Updates: Final Thoughts
  • OSPI and the Steering Committee are finalizing documents around the following and will send out a final document when completed:
      • RFP- multiple student growth measures & educator forums
      • Practitioner Workgroups
      • TPEP Glossary (models, rubrics etc)
part 4

Part 4

Planning for January

e2ssb 6696 description of model
E2SSB 6696 Description of “Model”

You are here

  • Collaborative district development workgroup
  • Rubric development for evaluation criteria and ratings
  • Identification of multiple measures of student growth
  • Development of professional development for principals and classroom teachers regarding content of new evaluation system
  • Participation in evaluator training
  • Evaluation and feedback on new system effectiveness
january planning
January Planning

In order to accommodate district travel etc:

Thursday, January 20th- Eastside (Spokane)

Friday, January 21st – Westside (TBD)

  • Charlotte Danielson- both days
  • Whole group and individual district work
  • More details to follow in homework…
homework other items
Homework & Other Items

December Homework

  • Summative Evaluation Rubric Language
  • Attached are the report out documents from October
  • Revised versions due Tuesday, December 7th (5pm)

January Homework

  • In order to get the most out of the January f-2-f day we are asking districts to have rubric documents prepared for feedback from Danielson (if desired) by Thursday, January 13th.
  • We will be providing more information on January’s meeting in early December.

Budgets (TPEP District Leads)

  • New district budgets will be provided along with a budget survey by Tuesday, November 23rd.
part 6

Part 6

MERIT Report



Nov. 18, 2010

evaluation requirements for sig merit schools teachers and leaders
Evaluation Requirements for SIG/MERIT Schools’ Teachers and Leaders
  • Implement rigorous, transparent and equitable evaluation systems for teachers and principals which are:
    • Developed with staff; and
    • Use student growth as a significant factor.
  • Identify and reward school leaders and teachers who have increased student achievement and graduation rates;
  • Identify and remove those who, after ample opportunities to improve professional practice, have not done so.
  • Implement such strategies as financial incentives and career ladders for recruiting, placing and retaining effective teachers.
turnaround model overview
Turnaround Model Overview

May also implement any of the required or permissible strategies under the Transformation Model

transformation model overview

An LEA with nine or more Tier I and Tier II schools may not implement the Transformation Model in more than 50% of those schools.

Transformation Model Overview
cross merit meetings
Cross MERIT Meetings
  • Took place this past summer – additional meetings may take place
  • Hosted by Seattle
  • Optional
  • Focus on Student Growth Issues
    • Ran district data (value added and Colorado Growth Model)
    • Discussions around multiple measures
    • Current thinking around attribution

BERC Group HR Training Outcomes

Increase awareness of research-based framework for teacher recruitment, development, evaluation, and retention

Reflect on how the framework impacts the quality of teachers and the leadership role of administrators

current status
Current Status
  • Implementing new system including student growth factors
  • Just starting -
  • Plan to use current model – add student growth
  • All schools
  • Only MERIT schools



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