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Thread lifting treatment

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Thread lifting treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thread lift, a less invasive procedure that helps in tightening and lifting of the sagged and loose skin. For more details visit

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Thread Lifting Treatment

Are you worried because of the sagging skin on your face? Choosing a perfect treatment for tightening

the sagging skin is the best thing you can do. It is obvious that you will get confused with the wide range

of skin lifting treatments available. There are so many procedures, invasive, non invasive that uplifts the

sagging skin. The rates might vary and it can be one of the reasons that you should choose carefully.

What is thread lifting?

Thread lift is one of the best treatments for lifting the sagging and loose skin. A less invasive procedure

which is performed by certified and experienced dermatologist. It actually gives an amazing lifting of the

skin, making you look young again. It turns back the time. Because of these treatments, it has become

easy for us to believe in reverse of time, youthful look.

How thread lift is performed?

Before starting the procedure, anesthetic cream will be applied for about 20 to 30 minutes to minimize

the pain and you will be able to tolerate the pain. The thread lift is inserted using a fine syringe that

easily gets into the skin. This fine needle prevents the skin from getting swell or prevents any chances of

bleeding. After the threads are inserted, the skin will appear lifted and firm. The soluble threads are

absolutely safe and do not leave any side effects.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Thread lift treatment?

An ideal candidate for thread lift treatment should be in the age between 30 to 60. If the skin is loose or

sagged and you wish to uplift it without surgical procedure you can be an ideal candidate. You should be

aware of the after treatment consequences with realistic expectations.

Does thread lift have immediate effect?

Thread lift shows a good uplift after the procedure. But the best result of thread lift can be seen after

one week. You can find your skin much younger. And the effect of this treatment can last for 6 to 8

months, depending of various factors, including lifestyle.

What is the downtime and precautions?

There is no major downtime of thread lifting treatment. The skin where the threads have been inserted

may look red and swollen, but it gets alright in a day’s time. There are no precautions to be taken

except, rubbing your face vigorously for next one week.

If you are willing to get thread lift treatment and wish to know more about it then visit