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Foundation Degree Students’ Careers Needs

Foundation Degree Students’ Careers Needs. An Overview of the Foundation Degree Futures Project - funded by CCMS & Progress South Central Rosie Andrew – Project Consultant. Foundation Degree Futures Project. Main Stakeholders

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Foundation Degree Students’ Careers Needs

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  1. Foundation Degree Students’ Careers Needs An Overview of the Foundation Degree Futures Project - funded by CCMS & Progress South Central Rosie Andrew – Project Consultant

  2. Foundation Degree Futures Project Main Stakeholders • University of Reading CCMS – HEFCE funded Centre for Excellence in T&L • Progress South Central – HEFCE funded Lifelong Learning Network for Berks, Bucks, Surrey & Oxon • Partner Colleges and Universities

  3. Foundation Degree Futures Project Project Objectives: (March 2007) • To develop materials for FD students and graduates that allow them to consider the full range of progression opportunities • To allow FD students to develop their career management skills and make appropriate choices, e.g., top-up courses, new employment, career progression and professional development opportunities • To use the CCMS Destinations website as the main vehicle for delivering tailored FD career materials

  4. Foundation Degree Futures Project Revised Planned Outcomes: Nov 2007 (19/25 days remaining) • 8-12 written case studies • Audio reports • Final Project Report – End of Feb 2008

  5. Foundation Degree Futures Project Format of the materials: • Materials will include audio clips and written case studies of FD students and graduates. These will be ‘translated’ by CCMS into web based materials • Materials will be made available to participating institutions via DVD and once placed on Destinations, available at cost on a sliding scale • Materials can be developed and customised within participating institutions

  6. Foundation Degree Futures Project Case Study Content: • The student experience – what’s your story? • Who has helped you along the way? • Challenges and high points • Benefits and value added from FD • Options after FD • Careers & progression advice to other FD students

  7. Foundation Degree Futures Project Progress to date: Summer Term 2007 • Meetings with students and staff from Sports and Leisure Management at BCUC and Complementary Therapies at East Berkshire College • 3 written case studies

  8. Foundation Degree Futures Project Progress to-date: Autumn Term 2007 • Some practical difficulties this term identifying suitable groups and students • Timing issues around Autumn Term • Restructuring of project management arrangements and re-scoping of original project objectives

  9. Foundation Degree Futures Project Case Studies and Emerging Themes… • Increased sector/opportunity awareness • Personal confidence • Networking opportunities • Improved interpersonal skills • Improved practical skills, e.g., business planning, finance, etc.

  10. Foundation Degree Futures Project Planned Work: Spring Term 2008 • Liaison with HE institutions – 3 days • Liaison with CCMS – 1 day • Interviews – 5 days • Analysis and writing-up – 4 days • Presentations to groups – 2 days • Website/materials development – 3 days

  11. Foundation Degree Futures Project For Discussion… • Possible Destinations content for FD students • Presenting the case studies to best effect – ideas on web based approaches and presentation styles

  12. Foundation Degree Futures Project Presenting materials on the Destinations website – initial thoughts… • Using ‘Topics’ on the Destinations website • Student Experiences: case studies • Guidelines: Making Your FD Work for You (covering improved skills, knowledge, etc) • Guidelines: Progression Advice

  13. Foundation Degree Futures Project • Exercises and activities, ‘Capture Your Journey’ – self audit of competencies • Facility for students to add their experiences to the website – ‘What’s Your Story?’ • Other ideas??

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