Web based survey tools and ideas
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Web-Based Survey Tools and Ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web-Based Survey Tools and Ideas Dr. Curtis J. Bonk Professor, Indiana University President, CourseShare http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk cjbonk@indiana.edu Sample Survey Tools Zoomerang (http://www.zoomerang.com) IOTA Solutions (http://www.iotasolutions.com)

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Web based survey tools and ideas l.jpg
Web-Based Survey Tools and Ideas

  • Dr. Curtis J. Bonk

  • Professor, Indiana University

  • President, CourseShare

  • http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk

  • cjbonk@indiana.edu

Sample survey tools l.jpg
Sample Survey Tools

  • Zoomerang (http://www.zoomerang.com)

  • IOTA Solutions (http://www.iotasolutions.com)

  • QuestionMark(http://www.questionmark.com/home.html)

  • Survey Solutions from Perseus (http://www.perseusdevelopment.com/fromsurv.htm)

  • Infopoll (http://www.infopoll.com)

Sample survey tools3 l.jpg
Sample Survey Tools

  • Active Feedback

  • (http://www.activefeedback.com/af)

  • SurveyKey

  • (http://www.surveykey.com)

  • EZSurvey from Raosoft

  • (http://www.raosoft.com/)

  • SurveyShare (http://SurveyShare.com; from Courseshare.com)

Survey tool features l.jpg
Survey Tool Features

  • Maintain email lists and email invitations

  • Conduct polls

  • Adaptive branching and cross tabulations

  • Modifiable templates

  • Maintain library of past surveys

  • Publish reports

  • Different types of accounts—hosted, corporate, professional, etc.

Still more online survey features l.jpg
Still More Online Survey Features

  • Online help, FAQs, demos, tutorials, white papers, glossaries, site maps, tips, overviews

  • Technical support, chat advice

  • Supports different types of items (Likert, multiple choice, forced ranking, paired comparisons, etc.)

  • Customizable audience lists

  • Launch and close surveys

More online survey features l.jpg
More Online Survey Features

  • Online viewing of assessment results and question analysis (including various graphical displays)

  • Easy to author surveys

  • Instant feedback to participants

  • Custom reporting, editable images and background, personalized greetings

  • Storage of results in Access or SQL

Still more features l.jpg
Still More Features

  • Ability to start and stop a survey

  • Reports on subgroups

  • Randomize q’s to reduce bias

  • Easy email reminders

  • Personalized banner or logo

  • Expanded question options

  • Ability to copy surveys

Still more features10 l.jpg
Still More Features

  • Form pausing

  • Spell checking and thesaurus

  • Multi-page forums

  • Email notification when completed

  • Session timeouts for security

  • Special export formats

Pricing options l.jpg
Pricing Options

  • By # of Respondents, Survey Invitees, Questions, Days Collecting Data

  • By # of Surveys Created

  • Hosted or Intranet

  • Sample Pricing Policies

    • $19.95/month for 1,000 respondents from SurveyMonkey

    • $1.25/completed Survey from SurveyWriter

    • $449/Survey for 3 months or $1,500 unlimited from WebSurveyor

Web based survey advantages l.jpg
Web-Based Survey Advantages

  • Faster collection of data

  • Standardized collection format

  • Computer graphics may reduce fatigue

  • Computer controlled branching and skip sections

  • Easy to answer clicking

  • Wider distribution of respondents

Why conduct online surveys l.jpg
Why Conduct Online Surveys

  • Formative assessment of training, ideas, or new policies (e.g., how is virtual class going?)

  • Poll opinions on products

  • Increase employee, customer, or learner voice and ownership

  • Involve people from multiple locations, pool ideas

  • Quickly gather answers to questions or updated info

E learning survey techniques electronic voting and polling l.jpg
E-Learning Survey Techniques: Electronic Voting and Polling

1. Ask students to vote on issue before class (anonymously or send directly to the instructor)

2. Instructor pulls our minority pt of view

3. Discuss with majority pt of view

4. Repoll students after class

(Note: Delphi or Timed Disclosure Technique: anomymous input till a due date

and then post results and

reconsider until consensus

Rick Kulp, IBM, 1999)

Web based survey problems why lower response rates l.jpg
Web-Based Survey Problems: Why Lower Response Rates?

  • Low response rate

  • Lack of time

  • Unclear instructions

  • Too lengthy

  • Too many steps

  • Can’t find URL

Web based survey solutions some tips l.jpg
Web-Based Survey Solutions: Some Tips…

  • Send second request

  • Make URL link prominent

  • Offer incentives near top of request

  • Shorten survey, make attractive, easy to read

  • Credible sponsorship—e.g., university

  • Disclose purpose, use, and privacy

  • E-mail cover letters

  • Prenotify of intent to survey

8 sample survey tools the first 4 include a step by step guide l.jpg
8 Sample Survey Tools (the first 4 include a step-by-step guide)

  • SurveyKey

  • SurveyShare

  • Zoomerang

  • SurveyMonkey


  • Blackboard

  • EZSurvey

  • Questionmark

  • WebSurveyor

Survey tool 1 go to surveykey com l.jpg
Survey Tool #1: guide)Go to SurveyKey.com

Surveykey steps l.jpg
SurveyKey Steps guide)

  • Go to SurveyKey.com; http://surveykey.com/

  • Click to get started (first time users click box)

  • Select Username and Password

  • Click Create Survey

  • Enter Survey title and press continue

  • Click Add Question

Surveykey steps20 l.jpg
SurveyKey Steps guide)

  • Type in question and question type and press continue

  • Go to question options and select

  • Enter items till done

  • Preview and launch survey

  • Explore examples, pricing, and features

Survey tool 2 go to surveyshare com l.jpg
Survey Tool #2: guide)Go to SurveyShare.com

Surveyshare steps l.jpg
SurveyShare Steps guide)

  • Register: Sign Up (perhaps take Quick Tour later, Flash version)

  • Login

  • Click on Create Survey

  • Check out existing templates

  • Select one of the templates

  • Add one item, delete one item, modify one item

Surveyshare steps31 l.jpg
SurveyShare Steps guide)

  • Edit Survey Introduction and Title

  • Edit Closing and Submit

  • Select Survey Invitation Via Email (i.e., a private survey)

  • Type emails to complete the survey

  • Click add (to move emails to right)

  • Give email subject and message

Surveyshare steps32 l.jpg
SurveyShare Steps guide)

  • Enter email subject line and text

  • Preview survey

  • Activate survey

Choose template option l.jpg
Choose Template Option Surveys, or Item Bank)

Add modify delete items l.jpg
Add, Modify, Delete Items Surveys, or Item Bank)

Edit item page l.jpg
Edit Item Page Surveys, or Item Bank)

Move an item up or down l.jpg
Move an Item Up or Down Surveys, or Item Bank)

Submit surveyshare survey l.jpg
Submit SurveyShare Survey Surveys, or Item Bank)

Select expiration date l.jpg
Select Expiration Date Survey Option

Review survey and options l.jpg
Review Survey and Options Distribution List

Activate survey l.jpg
Activate Survey Distribution List

Additional surveyshare features l.jpg
Additional SurveyShare Features Distribution List

  • Go to Surveys

  • Click on Survey Options and Explore

  • Go to mailing lists

  • Add a person

  • Add a list

  • Check out resources (books)

Additional surveyshare features58 l.jpg
Additional SurveyShare Features Distribution List

  • Check out help, quick tour, and sitemap

  • Perhaps create a survey from scratch

  • Perhaps create a survey from “My Previous Surveys”

  • Explore pricing and features

Sample results l.jpg
Sample Results Distribution List

Address management page l.jpg
Address Management Page Distribution List

Adding new addresses l.jpg
Adding New Addresses Distribution List

Survey resources page l.jpg
Survey Resources Page Distribution List

Decide who to share with l.jpg
Decide Who to Share With Distribution List

Sharing success l.jpg
Sharing Success!!! Distribution List

Survey tool 3 go to zoomerang com l.jpg
Survey Tool #3: Distribution ListGo to Zoomerang.com

Zoomerang steps l.jpg
Zoomerang Steps Distribution List

  • Register: Sign Up for Basic Membership

  • Click on new survey.

  • Click on survey template (e.g., “Education” and Professor)

  • Delete, modify, or add 1-2 items.

  • Submit survey.

Zoomerang steps74 l.jpg
Zoomerang Steps Distribution List

  • Modify Web greeting and submit.

  • Pick option #1 for submission.

  • Type Survey invitation & email message

  • Enter email addresses for potential survey respondents

  • Decide on how share results

Zoomerang steps75 l.jpg
Zoomerang Steps Distribution List

  • Launch survey

  • Click on “My Surveys” and browse

  • Click on “Email List” and browse

  • Click on “Account Info”

  • Other explorations…

Zoomerang log in l.jpg
Zoomerang Log in Distribution List

Zoomerang templates l.jpg
Zoomerang Templates Distribution List

Select a template l.jpg
Select a Template Distribution List

Sample layout l.jpg
Sample Layout Distribution List

Edit add or delete items l.jpg
Edit, Add, or Delete Items Distribution List

Add web greeting l.jpg
Add Web Greeting Distribution List

Create survey invitation l.jpg
Create Survey Invitation Distribution List

Survey address management l.jpg
Survey Address Management Distribution List

Customize thank you l.jpg
Customize Thank You Distribution List

Launch survey l.jpg
Launch Survey Restricted, or Private)

Email list manager l.jpg
Email List Manager Restricted, or Private)

Sample survey invitation page l.jpg
Sample Survey Invitation Page Restricted, or Private)

Sample survey appearance l.jpg
Sample Survey Appearance Restricted, or Private)

Surveymonkey steps l.jpg
SurveyMonkey Steps Restricted, or Private)

  • Register: Sign Up

  • Login

  • Click on New Survey

  • Create one from scratch or from existing and click next

  • Add one item, delete one item, modify one item

Surveymonkey steps94 l.jpg
SurveyMonkey Steps Restricted, or Private)

  • Go to My Surveys and click on collect

  • Click send link to email list perhaps

  • Click done

  • Find survey options and select one response per respondent perhaps

  • Add email names and addresses

Surveymonkey steps95 l.jpg
SurveyMonkey Steps Restricted, or Private)

  • Click on My Surveys and select survey options

  • Edit Survey Introduction and Title

  • Edit Closing date and comment

  • Edit max # of respondents

  • Preview survey

Create account l.jpg
Create Account Restricted, or Private)

Manage email lists l.jpg
Manage Email Lists Restricted, or Private)

Import email names or lists l.jpg
Import Email Names or Lists Restricted, or Private)

View sent messages l.jpg
View Sent Messages Restricted, or Private)

View status of surveys created l.jpg
View Status of Surveys Created Restricted, or Private)

Decide how to collect responses l.jpg
Decide How to Collect Responses Restricted, or Private)

Create new survey l.jpg
Create New Survey Restricted, or Private)

Select survey design l.jpg
Select Survey Design Restricted, or Private)

Decide on item types l.jpg
Decide on Item Types Restricted, or Private)

Sample survey item l.jpg
Sample Survey Item Restricted, or Private)

Sample web link survey l.jpg
Sample Web Link Survey Restricted, or Private)

Options on collection of data l.jpg
Options on Collection of Data Restricted, or Private)

Decisions on security levels l.jpg
Decisions on Security Levels Restricted, or Private)

Sample survey in surveymonkey l.jpg
Sample Survey in SurveyMonkey Restricted, or Private)

Sample survey l.jpg
Sample Survey Restricted, or Private)

Websurveyor l.jpg
WebSurveyor Blackboard