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Eagle Butte School Takini School Tiospa Topa PowerPoint Presentation
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Eagle Butte School Takini School Tiospa Topa

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Eagle Butte School Takini School Tiospa Topa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crazy Horse Little Wound School American Horse Porcupine Wounded Knee Isna Wica Owaya Pine Ridge Shannon County. Eagle Butte School Takini School Tiospa Topa . Crow Creek School Crow Creek Early Childhood. St. Francis Todd County. Lower Brule LB Early Childhood.

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Presentation Transcript

Crazy Horse

Little Wound School

American Horse


Wounded Knee

Isna Wica Owaya

Pine Ridge

Shannon County

Eagle Butte School

Takini School

Tiospa Topa

Crow Creek School

Crow Creek Early Childhood

St. Francis

Todd County

Lower Brule

LB Early Childhood

Flandreau Indian School

Smee Schools

Sitting Bull

Tiospa Zina

Enemy Swim Day School

Italicized Schools Paid Members

tribal college partners
Tribal College Partners

Oglala Lakota College

Lower Brule



Sinte Gleska University

osec governance
OSEC Governance
  • 3 Membership meetings per year
  • 7 person board elected from membership serving staggard 2 year terms
  • Board meetings once a month (usually 2nd Monday of the month)
  • Executive Director Manages Daily Operations

OSEC Organization Chart

(Currently 20 Employees)

alternative definition of adequate yearly progress
Alternative Definition of Adequate Yearly Progress
  • Determines what is taught in the schools (Standards)
  • Determines how students are assessed (Testing)
  • Determines if schools are making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
bie directs schools to follow state ayp determination
BIE Directs Schools to Follow State AYP Determination
  • Must follow State Standards (No tribal input into State Standards.
  • Must use State Assessment (Tests are developed and “normed” on off-reservation communities.
  • Must use State AYP cut-off scores established by Non-Native “experts”
nclb provides for tribes or groups of tribal schools to define their own accountability workbook
NCLB Provides for Tribes or groups of tribal schools to Define their own Accountability Workbook
  • March: Initial Meeting Pierre Indian Learning Center
  • June 28: Video Conference, Standards Planning
  • July: Initial Math and Reading Standards Drafted
    • Math: Dr. Eastman, Dr. Johnson
    • Reading; Chris McCoy, Rebecca Williams
  • October: School boards approved OSEC AYP definition plans and authorize OSEC to negotiate with OIEP regarding adoption of alternative definition
  • January; 1st Draft Standards aligned and presented to OSEC membership
  • January, Alert Pine Ridge Line Office of Alternative AYP definition activity
  • February: Contract with Dr. Zalud and Reins from USD to provide external review of standards and to align to State and National Standards
  • April Uploaded first draft to OSEC website
  • May 9 Initial letter requesting technical support from OIEP
  • June 27, Letter to Sharon Wells responding to letter regarding requirement for school board approval with board resolutions
  • August 10 Letter to Ed Parisian
  • October Ted Hamilton and Roger Bordeaux Travel to New Mexico
  • November, Pat Abeyta contacts Wounded Knee District School to provide TA for alternative AYP without contacting other schools and ignoring OSEC.
  • December Pat Abeyta scheduled to attend TA Meeting at LNI, does not make it to meeting. No reasons given.

January 23,Congressional Delegation Letter

March 16 OIEP Reply to Congress indicating funds spent on NASIS system rather than assessment development

March 28 Conference Call considering brining suit to OIEP over Safe harbor issues and discussed alternative AYP

May School Boards send letters requesting waiver to OEIP.

November 13, Correspondence with Pat Abeyta regarding alternative AYP thanks to interest from Tom Dowd

  • February 27 met with Pat Abeyta on AYP process
  • May 7 Met with Tom Dowd regarding AYP
  • June Submitted Part 1 AYP TA Request
  • June 25-27 Wrote new accountability workbook with Pat Abeyta
  • November 29 met with DOE/DPA/BIE staff regarding alternative AYP and was assigned JP Boudine as consultant. Requested development of a plan and budget for development of assessment
  • March Submitted AYP Assessment Development Request
  • April 8 Met with Stan Holder
  • April 9 Committee rejects first BIE offer
  • June Submit 4th Draft AYP Accountability Workbook through JP Beaudoin
  • September 5 Stand Holder Letter asking for letter to BIE outlining statutory reasons for BIE to approve Accountability Workbook and indicating pending FDD for Language Assessment Development
  • November 18 Letter to Keven Skennadore from Blue Dog and Associates responding to September 5th letter
  • November, Language Summit Meeting 3 days to develop standards/assessment development work-plan
  • LNI Meeting to review AYP activities.
  • Hired Miranda Eastman to direct assessment development activities
  • Implement Standards/Assessment Development plan
  • February 27 Steering Committee Meeting to discuss BIE Response to November letter.
what we need
What we Need
  • Direction from Tribal Chariman’s Organization to Mr. Artman that BIE fully fund the assessment evelopment and accept the alternative AYP workbook in the next week.
  • Consider holding next GPTCA meeting to focus on education issues.


(605) 455-2678