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ITES. ITES is defined as outsourcing of processes that can be enabled with IT and covers diverse areas like Finance, HR, Administration, health care and telecommunication etc. ITES. “ Out sourcing in the broadest sense of a term

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ITES is defined as outsourcing of processes that can be enabled with IT and covers diverse areas like Finance, HR, Administration, health care and

telecommunication etc

  • “ Out sourcing in the broadest sense of a term
  • ITES is model growing leaps and bound globally and transparently assuring max money-value.
  • The growth of IT enabled Services (ITES) has opened windows for job opportunities, service offerings and foreign investments in India.
  • Nasscom says that India is well positioned to derive benefits from the ITES market and become a key hub for these services.
nasscom has identified the spectrum
Nasscom has identified the spectrum
  • Customer Interaction services including call centers,
  • Back office operations/revenue accounting, data entry, data conversion including finance and accounting and HR services,
  • Transcription/Translation services
nasscom has identified the spectrum5
Nasscom has identified the spectrum
  • Content development/animation/engineering and


  • Other services including remote education, data search, market research, network consultancy and management as IT enabled services.
customer interaction services
Customer Interaction Services
  • Contact center that are service facilities with adequate telecom infrastructure,
  • trained consultants,
  • access to requisite databases,
  • Internet and other online information infrastructure to provide information
  • support to customers round the clock, year round.
customer related support
  • Customer related support in areas such as marketing,
  • selling, information dispensing,
  • advice, technical, etc. is provided.
ites include the following
ITES include the following
  • Back office operations
  • Call Centers
  • Content Development / Animation
  • Data Processing
  • Engineering and Design
  • Geographic Information System Services
  • Human Resource Services
  • Insurance Claim Processing
ites include the following9
ITES include the following
  • Legal Databases
  • Medical Transcription
  • Payroll
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Support Centers
  • Web site services
challenges in ites business
Challenges in ITES business
  • Qualified manpower
  • Quality manpower
  • Trained manpower
  • Man power retention- biggest challenge
ites resource challenge
ITES Resource Challenge
  • Mind set about the industry
  • Mind set about the work culture
  • Mind set about the career prospects
ites challenge
ITES Challenge
  • Voice based outbound caliber required soft skills
  • Required volumes to cater college focus on soft skills/ personality development
  • Growing IT flavor among students
ites career opportunity
ITES career opportunity
  • No barriers of any technical (subject) skills
  • No barrier of any prior experience
  • Job immediately on completion of degree
  • General soft skills is only the requisite
  • General advantage of being in ITES job including smart start up pay packs
advantage of ites career
Advantage of ITES career
  • All rounder develop of personality
  • Transformation from ability to speak in English to Ability to think in English
  • Good work culture, good climate
  • Fast track movements in career ladder or longevity of stay in ITES jobs
advantage of ites career15
Advantage of ITES career
  • Prospects of switching over to day-shifts
  • Careers switch- over to IT not possible
  • Career growth to blue-chip
  • Global reach, relation ship
  • Global standard of functioning
  • Unlimited prospects of domain knowledge in a variety of verticals