e governance initiative of cpwd l.
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e-Governance Initiative of CPWD

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e-Governance Initiative of CPWD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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e-Governance Initiative of CPWD. Computer Cell, Central Designs Organisation. e-Governance Initiative of CPWD An Awareness Programme for Northern Region. Draft Address of Sh : B K Chugh , DG, CPWD At Hall No. 6, Vigyan Bhawan. Change means ‘Life’ Unable to Change means ‘Death’.

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e governance initiative of cpwd

e-Governance Initiative of CPWD

Computer Cell,

Central Designs Organisation

e governance initiative of cpwd an awareness programme for northern region

e-Governance Initiative of CPWDAn Awareness Programmefor Northern Region

Draft Address of

Sh: B K Chugh, DG, CPWD


Hall No. 6, VigyanBhawan

change means life unable to change means death
Change means ‘Life’ Unable to Change means ‘Death’

We on this earth have day and night, summer and winter, dry and wet season.

Life exists on earth solely due to continuously changing environment.

Had the environment been stationary, there would not have been any life on this earth.

Life is the name of change.

Only those living beings, who are able to adept themselves to changed environment, are able to survive.

Only those, unable to change or who are dead, get perished.

communication past and present
Communication ‘Past’ and ‘Present’

We, as CPWD have lived for over 156 yrs.

We have been able to survive so far, when the pace of technological development was relatively slow.

Means of communication have changed over these 156 yrs.

We have witnessed in our life communication through messenger, Railway Mail Service, Air Mail, telegram, telephones, telex, Fax and latest being Internet, E-mail, Video conferencing etc.

The institutional mechanisms were earlier evolved to have an assured communication. These included Registered AD, Speed Post, Under Certificate of Posting, etc, etc.

Communication thru Internet, E-mail, Video conferencing etc is by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is instant and assured and has in-built checks for assured communication.

information communication technology ict
Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • It is this ICT, which has empowered a remotely located citizen to the latest happenings in any part of globe.
  • It is this ICT, which is bringing revolution in
    • Businesses & trade,
    • Industrial / Agricultural production
    • Remote sensing to monitor inaccessible glaciers, forest, etc
    • Governance of a district/ state/country,
    • Rail , water & air navigation and transport,
    • Audio- Video and Message communication
    • Judicial System, Criminal records and Investigation methods and
    • Life style of a common citizen.
information communication technology ict6
Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Confidence in ICT is reflected from:
    • Financial transactions
      • Cheque images sent electronically for interbank clearing
      • RTGS/ NEFT IFSC codes made mandatory for electronic clearance
    • Safe air/rail traffic control
      • Despite increased traffic
    • Efficiency of Railway Ticketing and Information system
      • Related to reservation, late running of trains, efficient utilisation of rolling stock, etc
    • Judicial trial of criminals through video conferencing
      • To save on elaborate security needed in transportation
    • And many more examples could be cited
we as cpwd
We, as CPWD
  • Can we remain insulated from ICT?
  • Can we, survive in future without ICT?
  • Can we sustain with paper communication?
  • Can we sustain traditional data update and record keeping
    • Presently, we have human factor involved at each stage
      • From thought process to translation on paper,
      • Movement of paper from offices of initiator to that of receiver
      • From paper to brain of receiver/ decision taker and recording decision
      • Data transfer from one paper to another paper/ register
      • Communication of decision again thru same route.

and could be responsible for inaccuracies , wrong decisions

and delayed actions

  • Shall we be able to survive in this competitive world with delayed actions, inaccuracies and wrong decisions.
i as an official of cpwd
I, as an official of CPWD?

Have I changed my attitude to adopt ICT?

Have I ever used e-mail communication?

Do I have an e-mail account for office?

Do I use PIMS mail/ e-mail for communication?

Do I surf internet for news update?

Do I check CPWD Website for latest update?

i as an administrator in cpwd
I as an administrator in CPWD?
  • Employee empowerment:
    • Do I empower them to be able to view and download
      • Salary details of any month or for any year?
      • Leave balance and accept online Leave Application and convey sanction?
    • Do I upload details of training courses, seminars, conferences for online view by employees
    • Do I receive/ recommend/ accept online nominations for training/ seminars
i as an administrator in cpwd10
I as an administrator in CPWD?
  • Updation of online Database
    • Do I draw salary of my subordinates using Web-based Salary Module?
    • Do I issue orders of Transfer/ Relieve/ Joining for my subordinates using PIMS?
    • Do I monitor the complaints disposal in CPWD Sewa and take appropriate actions thereon?
    • Do I update project status in WBPMS every month?
    • Do I monitor my subordinates in updation of WBPMS?
i as an administrator in cpwd11
I as an administrator in CPWD?
  • HQ website or Regional Website:
    • Am I posted at CPWD HQ or Regional HQ?
    • If yes, am I responsible for generation and issue of information of interest to masses?
    • If, yes, do I have a User Id/ Password to upload such information on HQ or regional website?
    • If yes, do I regularly upload such information on HQ or regional website?
i as an administrator in cpwd12
I as an administrator in CPWD?
  • Communication:
    • Do I regularly visit CPWD Website for update?
    • Have I ever attempted to use CPWD Mail?
    • Do I encourage communication between me and my subordinates using CPWD mail or E-Mail?
  • Promotion of Business:
    • Do I encourage enough publicity of tenders including through web-site?
    • Have I started using e-tender mode of receipt and processing of tenders?
  • We cannot remain insulated from ICT.
  • We as CPWD cannot survive without ICT.
  • Only when ICT is impregnated in
    • All processes of CPWD and
    • All processes are integrated through ICT

Right governance and institutional mechanism within the organisation can be created.

  • The citizen-centric and business-centric environment with efficient and transparent organisation would offer more challenging opportunities and act as catalyst for its accelerated growth
8 step process of successful change
8-Step Process of Successful Change
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Pull together the guiding team.
  • Develop the change vision and strategy.
  • Communicate for understanding and buy-in.
  • Empower others to act.
  • Produce short-term wins.
  • Don’t let up.
  • Create a new culture.
current scenario
Current scenario

Application & Registration of contractors

CPWD Website

Project Monitoring System

Other desktop applications

Vigilance administration




envisaged scenario
Envisaged scenario


Application & Registration of contractors

CPWD Website

Project Monitoring System

Other desktop applications

Vigilance administration





Security Token

Digital Signature

Call Center



Payment Gateway

Disaster Recovery



Data Center


Networking Components

SMS aggregator

Business Intelligence

Biometric/ Smart Card


envisaged solution
Envisaged solution

Computer Networking


Domain Expert Groups – Roles & Responsibilities

To guide the project team from Vayam on all rules, guidelines, functions and processes of the organization

Full time deployment of project team

To identify key points of contacts who will act as Single Point of Contact

To coordinate with specific unit of the department

To ensure that all information pertaining to the project are given to the project team

To ensure for a given functionality, the VayamTech as well as CPWD deploy the most experienced person to share knowledge and experience.