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( France ). ( Spain ). (Belgium). ( Belgium ). ( Portugal ). (Denmark) . (Netherlands). The network was officially created on September 16 th 2010 during the Music Market in Vic (Spain)

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( France )

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    1. (France) (Spain) (Belgium) (Belgium) (Portugal) (Denmark) (Netherlands)

    2. The network was officially created on September 16th 2010 during the Music Market in Vic (Spain) It was founded by the gathering of 7 national organisations of live music venues, covering 6 european countries : > ACCES in Spain > d’Orfeu in Portugal > Club Circuit in Belgium (flamisch community) > Club Plasma in Belgium (french community) > [] in Denmark > Fédurok in France > VNPF in the Netherlands

    3. ETHICS • LIVE DMA is under construction / it’s a work in progress : > Open to new partners & persons agreeing with our philosophy of collective actions > Thess common values are written in an ethical charter divided into 3 main aims : • 1 – Political • 2 – Artistic, cultural & social • 3 – Economical

    4. ETHICS 1 – Artistic, cultural & social We and the venues we represent, are deeply involved in the active sustainability of artistic discovery and innovation, in the promotion of cultural diversity and are conscious of the social impacts of the venues. The venues are major contributors to the dynamic of artistic renewal on local, regional, national or international scales.

    5. ETHICS 2 – Political We want to be active to defend collectively the importance of live & music venues acting in the sense of general interest, and with public partnerships. We collectively subscribe to cultural development and general interest, and will act together so as to gain legitimacy on the European political level.

    6. ETHICS 3 – Economical LIVE DMA partners represent initiatives (venues, clubs, festivals…) of different sizes, implementing different activities with different economical and governance models. Our members are based on a hybrid economy : own resources and public financing are mixed, and they work in a non-profit logic. However, these initiatives are endangered by concentration phenomenons. In this view the LIVE (DMA) partners appeal once again to cooperation processes between the public sector, the private sector and citizens to defend cultural diversity.

    7. ACTIVITIES • Annual cycle of LIVE-DMA meetings • Consultation on the future Culture Programme (2014-2020) • Mobility & cooperation : • > MUSICATION (Lifelong learning program Leonardo Da Vinci) 2011-2013 • > Popular music venues & sustainable development (Grundtvig) • 2010 • > Application on EU’s Culture program’s 2011 call for proposals

    8. ACTIONS MUSICATION MUSIC & EDUCATION In 2011, 5 LIVE DMA have been granted by the EU on the Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships program. The Musication project consists in : - Developing educative activities in music venues and festivals on the European territory - Organising professional information meetings to help each country’s professionals to learn from each other and experiment an innovative training course.

    9. MEMBERS La Fédurok (France) Fédurok is a national network of music venues whose current projects concern the distribution and support of artistic practices in the area of live music. It is now gathering over 95 venues spread across the French territory. The network pilots surveys, analysis and support tools to help the operators to professionnalise and to grow in partnership with their political, economical and civil environment. Fédurok is also professional training operator.

    10. MEMBERS ACCES (Spain) ACCESS was founded late 2004 to gather the modern music scene in Spain. It intends to help to structure the sector reflecting the specific national identities that coexist within the Spanish State, to establish associations and regional authorities in the Autonomous Communities, to represent places with public partners, including the State and civil society, promote the dissemination of new directories and / or minorities, to work for the sustainability of venues and support the creation of suitable venues. ACCESS today represents almost 161 places in Spain

    11. MEMBERS Club Circuit (Belgium) Clubcircuit is a federation of music venues whose projects are focused on the organisation of concerts (pop - rock - dance - world). Founded in 1996, it now gathers 11 agencies spread throughout Flanders and defends the interests of its members, takes care of raising funds and implementing communication campaigns and joint movement of artists within this network.

    12. MEMBERS Club Plasma (Belgium) Club Plasma Platform Sound of Modern Music, is a network of concert organizers located in Wallonia and Brussels. Created in 1995 and coordinated by the Association Court Circuit, it aims to professionalize the activities specifically focused on contemporary music, promote joint promotion and improving the infrastructure of existing sites. These venues, which represent the major cities of the French-speaking Belgium, also offer artist residencies, training and rehearsal.

    13. MEMBERS D’ORFEU (Portugal) d’ORFEU is a cultural association founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting and fostering the musical practices in a transdisciplinary logic. d’ORFEU outlined its plans for promoting education, research, creation and dissemination of music, in an ongoing exchange with other disciplines. d’ORFEU gradually extended by supporting initiatives such as festivals and educational programs.

    14. MEMBERS Dansk Live (Denmark) Dansk Live is a federation created in 1972, representing 100 venues and festivals. The purpose of the network is to promote and improve the economic sector of live music in Denmark. Dansk Live coordinates and ensures cooperation between venues, in order to improve working conditions. Most places are private places, but some of them are places that are managed by a municipal corporation or a private association. These places of "mixed" economy are generally in rural areas. The structure began 36 years ago as a network of jazz clubs, then it expanded and has a paid professional team.

    15. MEMBERS VNPF is an organization serving an established venue and festival community, focused on creating and driving platforms that service fundamental industry needs. VNPF is an association of 82 popular music venues and festivals. VNPF unites almost all (small and big) more important venues and festivals in the Netherlands. Objectives of VNPF are serving the common interests of the venues towards government (cities, provinces and state), audiences and performing artists, serving its members and promoting their professionalism, promoting pop culture as a performing arts in general, organising network meetings. VNPF (Netherlands)