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Interesting and Unusual. The Devil’s Face at Tandapi in Ecuador. Monuments at Afara in Algeria. Rice Fields at Ubud in Indonesia. The Lion of Waterloo in Belgium. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. 6000 square miles of salt . The Highest Flag Mast in the World in North Korea.

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Cascades NationalPark at Krka in Croatia

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Perito Moreno Iceberg in Argentine

15 km long and 5 km wide

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MonsantoVillage in Portugal (Built under rocks)

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The famous Water Towers in Kuwait City Greenland

(waterstorage containers)

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Memnon GreenlandColossusinEgypt

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Dining on Water at GreenlandTahiti

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Heathrow Airport at London in England Greenland

Schwechat Airport at Vienna in Autria

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Toonworld at Universal Studio Greenlandat Osaka in Japan

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Buddhist GreenlandTempleat Borobudur in Indonesia

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Nest of the Swallow Castle Greenlandat Yalta in Ukraine

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Ramses II GreenlandTemple at Abou Simbel in Egypt

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This tree at Greenland

Tana Toraja in Indonesia


Babies’ tombs

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One can swim in Pink Lake in Senegal. Greenland

One does not drown here because the salt water supports one’s body