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China Study Tour Pre-Departure Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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China Study Tour Pre-Departure Meeting

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China Study Tour Pre-Departure Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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China Study Tour Pre-Departure Meeting. February 21, 2007. Tour Leaders: Leong (Rex) Tsui, Yue (Molly) Tu, Yijun (Tracy) Zhang Faculty Participant: Professor Ronald M. Schramm Administration Participant: Phoebe Johnson. Flight Information (Group):. Carrier: Air China

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Tour Leaders: Leong (Rex) Tsui, Yue (Molly) Tu,

Yijun (Tracy) Zhang

Faculty Participant: Professor Ronald M. Schramm

Administration Participant: Phoebe Johnson

flight information group
Flight Information (Group):

Carrier: Air China

Saturday, March 3 – Arrive JFK at 12:00PM – check in on your own

Saturday, March 3 – 3:00PM- CA982 Flight Leaves JFK

Sunday, March 4 – 6:00PM – Arrive in Beijing

Sunday, March 4 – 8:40PM – Leave Beijing for Shanghai – CA1589

Sunday, March 4 – 10:40PM – Arrive in Shanghai

Carrier: Air China

Thursday, March 8 – 9:00AM - Leave Shanghai - TBA

Thursday, March 8 – 12:00PM - Arrive in Guangzhou

Carrier: Air China

Sunday, March 11 – Depart for airport at 5:30am

Sunday, March 11 – 8:05AM – Flight Leaves Guangzhou CA1310

Sunday, March 11 – 11:00AM - Arrive Beijing and depart for NY – CA981

Sunday, March 11 – 2:00PM – Arrive in New York

china things to keep in mind
China - things to keep in mind:


  • You are required to attend all meetingsas part of the Chazen Study Trip guidelines.
  • Formal Business attire is required for March 5th Company visits!
  • Business casual is required for all other company visits.
  • Please be sensitive to language barriers – speak clearly and concisely when asking questions.
  • Have a few intelligent questions prepared for each meeting.

Other Information

  • Organizer Contact information is in your agenda packet
  • Weather:
    • Shanghai: 54-41F on average
    • Guangzhou: 70-58F on average
  • Currency can be exchanged at Airports; most hotels; ATM’s are widely available;
    • 1 US$ = 7.74 Chinese Yuen (as of February 16, 2007)
  • Tipping:
    • Tipping is not expected in China.
    • The usual tip amount is around ¥10.
    • Tip for the travel guide and bus drivers are included in your overall package, which will be handled by Tour leaders
  • Electricity:
    • Electricity in China is 220V, 50 cycles, AC. An adaptor is needed.
health food issues
Health/Food Issues:
  • Always drink bottled water; Be careful about eating food sold on the street
  • Hand Sanitizers like Purell are a good idea
  • Fruit – don’t eat fruit unless it has thick skin that must be peeled (bananas, melons, oranges – not apples, pears etc.)
  • All meals are included
  • For those who take special medicine on a regular basis, make sure that you carry an adequate supply. Bring enough to last throughout your trip. Carry them in the original containers to identify them as legally obtained drugs and pack them in your carry-on bag.
  • Also needed are some useful medicines, such as those for colds, diarrhoea and constipation.