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Biodiversity Integration Groups PowerPoint Presentation
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Biodiversity Integration Groups

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Biodiversity Integration Groups
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Biodiversity Integration Groups

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    1. Biodiversity Integration Groups David Appleton Biodiversity Integration Leader (BIL from the BIG)

    2. What are the BIGs New approach to delivery of BAP Targets: Drive the delivery of habitat and species targets: These 9 groups will bring together habitat and associated species interests at England level. They will set the standards for habitat-based working, agree targets, and identify (and carry out) priority projects for delivery. These groups will need to be innovative and dynamic in their approach to delivery. They will have a core membership that represent habitat and species interests they are not NE groups!

    4. What will they be doing Drive the delivery of habitat and species targets: Agree the most urgent and important actions to meet the collective needs of the habitats and species within the overall group Set objectives/targets (incorporating existing SMART targets). Identify priority areas (e.g. within regional vision maps) for delivering biodiversity enhancements at a landscape scale. Engage appropriately with regional/local partnerships to align delivery. Agree and implement a three-year work programme for relevant England-level action, with agreed accountabilities for delivery. Identify opportunities for levering resources

    5. BIG Region - Local It is expected that all groups will have a regional representative to facilitate links to regional/ local partnerships. Agree or confirm regional and local targets for delivering priority habitats and species, actively seeking and taking account of advice from the biodiversity integration groups and species lead partners, where appropriate. Show a clear accountability between National Targets and Delivery.

    7. To achieve our collective aspirations, we need to be clear about which organisations or partnerships will deliver what, and where they will do it.