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AIA Mission Briefing. Col Fred Witter Director, Financial Management & Comptroller . This Briefing is:. UNCLASSIFIED. AIA Resources. Cryptologic capability is funded primarily through two programs: Program Objective Memorandum (POM - Air Force)

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Aia mission briefing

AIA Mission Briefing

Col Fred Witter

Director, Financial Management & Comptroller

This Briefing is:


Aia resources
AIA Resources

  • Cryptologic capability is funded primarily through

  • two programs:

    • Program Objective Memorandum (POM - Air Force)

    • Consolidated Cryptologic Program (CCP - NSA)

  • AIA also executes General Defense Intelligence

  • Program (GDIP) from DIA

AIA FY04 Money

AIA FY04 Manpower




How and why aia is different money


How and Why AIA is Different: Money

  • Most Air Force organizations are funded exclusively by money appropriated for the the US Air Force by Congress

  • Two-thirds of our finding comes from non-Air Force Congressional appropriations; this includes money from three National Foreign Intelligence Programs

    • Consolidated Cryptologic Program (National Security Agency)

    • General Defense Intelligence Program (Defense Intelligence Agency)

    • National Imagery and Mapping Program (National Imagery and Mapping Agency)

  • Money in each program is “fenced” – it cannot be used except to support that program


    Colors of money
    Colors of Money

    As of 27 Feb 04

    Air Force (POM)

    National Foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP)

    Joint Military

    Intelligence Program (JMIP)

    Tactical Intelligence and

    Related Activities (TIARA)


    Consolidated Cryptologic

    Program (CCP)

    Defense Cryptologic

    Program (AFCO)

    Director, NSA

    General Defense Intel

    Program (GDIP)

    Director, DIA

    HQ AIA Staff

    AF $ 14,058K

    CCP 18,815K

    GDIP 1,885K


    **AIA provides administrative support to AFTAC

    Patrick AFB, FL

    Col Guy Turner


    Deborah Ward


    DSN 854-2324

    Offut AFB, NE

    Brig Gen Craig Koziol

    55th WG/CC

    Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

    Col Joseph Pridotkas


    55th OG

    AF $ 3,527K

    CCP 251K

    GDIP 283K


    AF $ 9,046K

    CCP ----GDIP 180,390K

    Lackland AFB, TX

    Col Larry Thompson


    Lackland AFB, TX

    Col Kathryn Gauthier

    67th IOW/CC


    AF $ 69,337K

    CCP 602K

    GDIP 72K

    Ft. Meade, MD

    Col Fred Gortler

    70th IW/CC

    Ft. Meade, MD

    BGen Neal Robinson

    AFCO Director

    67th IOW

    AF $ 20,510K

    CCP 20,535K

    GDIP 1,237K

    70th IW

    AF $ 4,273K

    CCP 13,825K

    GDIP ----


    AF $ 575K

    CCP 3,155K

    GDIP 92K

    Dave Sembach

    Acting, Comptroller

    DSN 787-2347

    Lt Col Randy White


    DSN 271-5474

    Anthony Coulston


    DSN 969-4735

    James S. Hamilton


    DSN 969-2212

    Lucille Brooks


    DSN 622-0342

    TSgt Emory Hill


    DSN 644-6934


    FY 04 Funding Authority

    National foreign intelligence program nfip
    National Foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP)

    “National” Intelligence



    • Community mgt. structure

    • Nat’l level activities of the military services

    • Elements of Depts. of Defense, State, Justice, Treasury, and Energy

    • Activities

    • National-level IMINT, SIGINT, HUMINT, MASINT

    • National-level reconnaissance, counterdrug intel, intel production

    • Counterintelligence, counterterrorism, security countermeasures

    • Scientific & Technical Intelligence analysis and production

    • SCI and other security policy & management

    • Intel Community Management

    • Open source intelligence collection and exploitation

    General defense intelligence program gdip

    Provides funds for collecting, processing, analyzing, producing, and disseminating military intelligence for the following:

    Support to national policy makers

    Equipping and training intelligence forces

    National-level support to warfighters

    Program Manager - Director, Defense Intelligence Agency (Dir, DIA)

    Major Participants:

    Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

    Service Intelligence Elements

    General Defense Intelligence Program (GDIP)

    Consolidated cryptologic program ccp
    Consolidated Cryptologic Program (CCP) producing, and disseminating military intelligence for the following:

    • Provides funds for exploitation of foreign communications and non-communications signals to satisfy national-level SIGINT requirements for the U.S. Government

    • Program Manager - Director, National Security Agency (DIRNSA)

    • Major participants:

      • NSA

      • The Service Cryptologic elements (SCEs) through the Central Security Service (CSS)

    Joint military intelligence program jmip

    Activities producing, and disseminating military intelligence for the following:

    Defense-wide/joint imagery, cryptology, counterdrug, recon activities

    Defense-wide mapping, charting, geodesy

    Joint research and development

    Joint reserve intelligence management


    DIA, NSA, DSPO, OSD elements, and NIMA

    Service Cryptologic Elements

    Service Intelligence Elements

    Joint Military Intelligence Program (JMIP)

    “Defense-wide” Intelligence

    Tactical intelligence and related activities tiara

    Activities producing, and disseminating military intelligence for the following:

    Intelligence Support Systems

    Tactical-level Training

    Tactical Recon/Ocean Surveillance

    Tactical-level Support


    Tactical Intel/crypto/recon elements of:

    Active military forces

    Reserves, Nat’l Guard

    Miscellaneous activities in Defense Agencies

    Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities (TIARA)

    “Tactical” Intelligence